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Why in the hallway beautiful interior?

In addition to their main connecting functions, the interiors of the corridors, halls set the style of the whole dwelling and form the first impression of the entire monastery for each person who entered the house. That is why it is so important to organize them according to the principles of orderliness, convenience and conformity with the general style of the dwelling.

Design of the corridor in the apartmentA lot of surprises,but they are all nice

The corridor is often called the hallmark of the house as a whole. And when repairing, selecting ideas for its interior, we find out that the design of this room represents the greatest complexity. I wish the corridor did not look like a narrow long tunnel. However, it is inappropriate to allocate a lot of useful space for it. I would like to give an impression when I get into an apartment, as if you are opening an exciting book, so that you want to carefully read the text, enjoy the charming details of the description and the exciting development of the plot.

Exclusive corridor design

The idea that the design of the corridor in the apartment does not deserve special attention is erroneous. It is in this room that the decorators and architects have to make a lot of effort to create an exclusive design of the corridor or hall in order to prevent one of the mistakes in the repair - not to turn the corridor into a dead space for everyday movement. The project of the future design should be well thought out, it is necessary to use all your imagination, all knowledge about the interesting development trends of the author's design of apartments and houses, and make your dreams come true. The main thing is to choose your own style and a single architectural idea that will help the owner of the house to complement the interior with accessories at his own discretion.

Volume and depthCorridor interiors

A typical problem of corridors is a narrow, darkened space. So that the room does not seem empty and boring, it is necessary to add depth and volume to it, decorating it interestingly and tastefully, without forgetting about functionality. To do this, considering the interiors of the corridors, use the following elements: a mirror decor that will be appropriate in large quantities on the ceiling, walls,on the doors of wardrobes; glossy surfaces of door panels, floor, walls; ceiling lights with mirror inserts; illuminated stained glass; light spots, hidden lights. High doorways, built-in wardrobes with mirrored or glossy facades, add to the volume and depth; glass transparent doors.

Selection of finishing materials

Choosing finishing materials, it is necessary to take into account the color scheme and style in other rooms, the main thing is not to overdo it with experiments. Harmonious space allows you to create the right lighting and a combination of embossed surfaces of the ceiling and walls, which is achieved thanks to a variety of finishing materials: artificial and natural stone, textured wallpaper and others. Not bad, if the building materials will convince their durability. For the flooring, given the functional value of the room, you can choose the material according to personal preferences: parquet, tile, laminate, linoleum. The main thing is to use soundproofing materials with a high level of iznostoykost and strength.As a wall covering, the best option would be cork or vinyl wallpaper, which is easy to care for. Looks great decorative plaster.

Finding the perfect tone

Interior narrow corridorThe color scheme for wall decor is selected depending on the size and shape of the corridor. The play of shades is permissible. Light colors visually increase the space and create a feeling of pleasant relaxation and peace. White is an ideal option for expanding close spaces, but sterile whiteness is not always appropriate in the hallway. It is better to choose any light shades. To visually push the walls, cold tones are recommended (gray, blue, emerald, light lilac), you can narrow the space using warm tones (lime, peach and others). More saturated colors add cheerfulness. People with pronounced leadership qualities can use bright color accents, such as red. By the way, it is believed that the most successful corridor interiors are created with this color. Of course, if it does not cause discomfort. You should also remember: the darker the color of the walls, the more lighting will be needed so that the hall does not look gloomy.


Sophisticated decoration of the corridor walls and good uniform illumination of the whole room, especially dark corners, will create a feeling of comfort and coziness, will add color to the interior. If possible, you must use natural lighting, but not to do without artificial. Common and local light sources are usually involved. Wall lights (spots, sconces) should not have a chaotic arrangement, they are used to highlight the most sophisticated parts of the corridor, such as mirrors, wall panels, paintings, niches. Contrast lighting is ideal.

Solutions found

CreateThe interior of the narrow corridor today is not a problem. It is solved with the help of bright lighting devices, greatly expanding the space. You can visually enlarge the corridor using a mirror decor. For example, to make a wall or its part mirror. The mirror ceiling will give spatiality, ease and height. Two large mirrors placed on different walls will help to expand the space. The interiors of the corridors are very interesting with the use of several mirrors located close at an angle to each other.Such variations can recreate unexpected phantasmagoria.

Just a little imagination

Corridor interiorsSquare is recognized as one of the best forms of the corridor. Even with the small size of the hallway in it you can create a beautiful interior, complementing it with a small sofa, ottoman, armchair, small table, floor lamp, shelving. There will be a peculiar corner for relaxation. Refinements to the corridor will be given by original accessories matched by style: small vases, paintings, soft carpet. Such a corridor will look friendly and comfortable. In the luxurious spacious halls, which can often be seen in private homes or new buildings, there is a place for fantasies. Any style of interior will suit here; design projects in such rooms are usually made by professionals. Just a little imagination - and the most unpretentious and gloomy corridor will turn into a comfortable and creative space.

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