Interroom arch. Interior arches do it yourself

The interroom arch is a special design that is installed in the doorway and serves to divide the room into zones, and visually combining them. Due to the diverse design, it can perfectly fit into almost any room interior. Interroom arch can be made of plasterboard, chipboard, MDF, wood or metal. When choosing the appropriate option, take into account the area and purpose of the room where it will be located.

Types of construction

Interior arches are so diverse that they can be an addition to almost any style of room. Depending on the features of the doorways and the shape of the vault, there are several main types of structures (see the article for photos of interior arches):

1. "Classic" - one of the most popular arches, in which the arc is made in the shape of a semicircle. This type is suitable, as a rule, for almost any interior, where the openings are of small width.Such an arch greatly ennobles and softens the doorway. However, she has a flaw. Due to the large radius of rounding, the space at the point of rounding is significantly reduced.

classic arch

2. "Romance" - the ideal solution for wide openings, having the form of a rectangle, which has rounded upper corners. The radius of rounding is different depending on the design decision. The advantage of such an arched opening is that a lot of space is not lost in the place of rounding.

3. "Portal" - the design is made in a strict rectangular shape, due to which the size of the door opening is reduced only slightly. Due to this, there is a feeling of freedom and more space. This is a very good choice for low and narrow openings.

4. "Exclusive" - ​​one of the most non-standard openings. Interroom archmay have the most different forms (in the form of an arc or columns, be curved, like a yoke, or straight).

5. “Modern” - the arch, in which the vault has the form of a gentle arc. It tends to visually lengthen the opening and give the interior a complete look.

arch exclusive

6. "Ellipse" - the arch, the upper part of which looks like a half of the ellipse, which can be of different shapes. This is an original, elite and stylish look.Perfect for registration of the entrance to the living room, dining room, recreation room or other public spaces.

7. “Trapezium” is a non-standard option used in cases where there is a desire to highlight the design of the room. Their feature is the broken form of the vault.

Installation of interior drywall arches

Installation of the arch, as a rule, is carried out on the site of the doorway. After the choice of a suitable option is made, it is necessary to decide on the material from which the structure will be made. Interior arch do it yourself the easiest way to do from drywall. This is a relatively inexpensive and environmentally friendly material, it’s quite simple to work with. To do the work yourself, you can not have special construction skills. First of all, we need tools and skilled hands.

Used materials and tools

For installation you need to purchase:

Preparatory work

1. First of all, it is necessary to determine the height of the arch and the length of the profile. To measure them using a tape measure.

2. Cut the workpiece of the required length.

3. Using scissors, make cuts and bend the profile according to the door aperture.

4.Secure the workpieces on both sides to the wall with self-tapping screws.

5. Cut the arch of plasterboard. It should follow the shape of the frame. To do this, you need to hold the knife several times along the intended line and, turning it over, break it along the cut. The excess part can be trimmed with an electric jigsaw or a simple clerical knife.

DIY arch installation

To the profile that is already attached, it is necessary to fasten drywall with metal screws. To avoid fractures in the end part, it is prepared in advance by wetting it with water. Next on the front of the roll and roll and bend. When the strip dries, it will take the desired shape.

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