Is it possible to change the fate?

The eternal question over which the best minds of mankind over the centuries and millennia break their heads is the question of predestination of human life. That is why the answer to the question whether it is possible to change the fate will be different for each person, depending on his beliefs. If fate is predetermined, then at best, we can only talk about some minimal adjustments. If everyone is able to create their own destiny, then the question also loses all meaning, because then it simply turns into a statement. Let's see what scientists and thinkers think about this.

Opinions and versions

Most of all, the problem of predestination was developed at all times, of course, by religious figures. Let's see how the question of fatum (fate) is solved from the point of view of various religions.

  • Christianity and Judaism. In these religions, the question of free will is solved in a very original way. The Bible says: "Everything is predetermined, but freedom is given." It turns out that everything that we do, we do exclusively by the Will of God, but also have our own will in some matters.
  • Islam.Muslims are 100% sure of the predestination of the events taking place, and the person is considered only the executor of the will of Allah, which makes them related to the above-mentioned Christianity and Judaism.
  • Taoism and Confucianism. Here the concept of predestination is not considered in itself, but is implied. But management of accidents (by lot) is considered. That is, a person has the opportunity to create in the framework of fate.
  • Buddhism and Hinduism. To simplify the classification, we will not consider individual branches of Hinduism, but express the point of view of the most typical currents. According to these traditions, man himself decides his destiny by the principle that everything is predetermined. Just a man does not know what is predetermined.

As we see, in all religions there is a belief that, in general, destiny cannot be changed, and the will of man is assigned only a supporting role for the fulfillment of God's Will. On the other hand, materialistic scientists believe that there is no destiny, and there can not be, because no one is above the world, no power. However, if this were indeed the case, then there would be no causal links between the actions and their results.

Proof of predestination

In order to understand that everything around is predetermined, it is not necessary to perform complex calculations. Enough simplest logical constructions. I have now opened the chapter of one book, which tells about predestination. Why did I do this? I had the task to write this article for you, right? Guided by this, I took a familiar book from the shelf and opened the corresponding chapter. Was my action predestined? Of course, because it was caused by the above reason. If you think a little, then you will find the reason for any of your actions. And even if for some you will not find, it does not mean that it does not exist. Thus, any of our actions - the result of some reason that caused it. In this regard, I prefer the concept of Advaita Vedanta - the most curious of Hinduism, which gave rise to such eminent thinkers as Raman Maharshi, Nisargadatta Maharaj and others. They said that everything is predetermined, it is total and it is impossible to change fate. But no one knows what is predetermined for him, so at each particular moment we have complete free will.

How can you change the fate

You may have noticed that even in the case of predestination, there is a key to solving this problem. An excellent weapon against fatalism is the awareness of the fact that, on the one hand, we know that everything that happens happens only because it was predetermined, and therefore unnecessary experiences can be discarded. On the other hand, since we have our own will to create every moment of our life, we are full owners of it. Our life is determined by our views and in our will to make the views help us live - just accept the appropriate point of view.

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