Is it possible to wet manta?

Galina Uneasy
Galina Uneasy
December 25, 2012
Is it possible to wet manta?

In children's clinics in our country, the Mantoux test (the second name is the Mantoux reaction, and the unofficial one is “button”), is prescribed by doctors every year to children aged 1 to 14 years old who have been vaccinated against tuberculosis (the BCG vaccine). In this article we will look at how and why this procedure is carried out, and also find out whether it is possible to wet Mantoux.

What is Mantoux?

This medical examination is appointed in order to detect the presence of the body's response to the injected dose of a special drug. This method is used for the early diagnosis of a very dangerous disease - tuberculosis.

A nurse in a vaccination room with an individual syringe having a thin needle with an oblique cut inserts the drug under the skin of the arm (from the inside). The injection is done in the middle part of the forearm, in the upper layer of slightly stretched skin. After the introduction of the drug in this area of ​​the body there is a small seal, which is similar to a small button, because of what it received the unofficial name "button".

After 72 hours (or 3 days) after the Mantoux test, the size of the reaction is measured with a ruler, the data are entered into the child’s medical card and evaluated by the doctor. If the measurement result exceeds the standard value (more than 5 mm.), Then there is a possibility that the patient studied had contact with the causative agent of tuberculosis. In this case, the child is sent for a consultation to the TB doctor.

Influence of water on Mantu

Parents often ask questions to experts about how much you can not soak Mantoux. Doctors respond that the results of the study does not affect contact with water. Consequently, you can wet Mantoux, as well as bathe and wash your hands. An increase in the size of the "buttons" is caused only by allergens, and the TB doctor will understand the reasons for this.

But many parents do not believe doctors, believe that Mantoux can not be wet. Therefore, they try not to let the injection site get wet, restrict the child in bathing, rub hands with napkins, but they themselves cannot clearly explain why Mantoux shouldn't be soaked.

Where the prejudices come from

Probably, this belief is related to the experience transmitted by previous generations of parents.In previous years, similar samples (for example, the Koch test) were applied to the skin surface (in the previously made notches), and therefore there was a ban on contact with water.

Modern diagnostic methods do not depend on the influence of the aquatic environment, but nevertheless it is necessary to carefully treat the surface of the skin, it is not necessary to rub it with a washcloth, treat with alcohol solutions, seal it with a plaster or tie it with a bandage. You can not also allow the child to comb the injection site, as this can all lead to irritation of the study site, which will entail additional examinations by specialists.

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