Is tea useful?

The most famous drink in the world is, of course, tea. Not one dining table is complete without it! Tea is a different species, but more often everyone (not the Chinese!) It is divided into two types - it is black and green. Tea is a tree with a very long history, and some 300 years ago it was used as a cure for many diseases. Is tea useful? See, it contains a huge amount of vitamins, macro and micro elements, it has antioxidant properties and many others. Is green tea good for you? Many articles have been written about the benefits of green tea, for example, here - “How is green tea useful?”.

Oh, this aroma of black tea and the color of the sunset, so warming us, you think, in cool weather! And do it right! This is a feature of black tea - to warm! He certainly warms not just like that, but in the enzymes contained in it, which are metabolism accelerators, that is, cell renewal! That is, in addition to the warming effect, tea has anti-aging properties!

Is it good to drink tea

Judge for yourself! One effect we have already revealed is rejuvenating. Black tea has a considerable amount of minerals and vitamins that can be “pulled out” with the help of various natural tea additives.For example, few people know that in the tea home of China, they brew tea, adding to it medicinal herbs and flowers. In such a cocktail a very interesting alchemical reaction takes place. Flowers can either strengthen or weaken the effect of tea! They give it a unique taste and can positively affect the organs, if, of course, not to overdo it. Tea, for its part, can be a conductor that enhances the effect of flowers, for example, chrysanthemum helps with colds of the upper respiratory tract, or with a disease of the stomach. Mint also has a sedative effect, that is, it relaxes the tense central nervous system and gives freshness!

Is milk tea useful?

No wonder the common way of drinking tea with milk! He has almost all nations who use tea from time immemorial. All nomadic peoples, perhaps, except for the Bushmen and a couple of African nations, use this way to nourish their exhausted body from daily exertion. Black tea in combination with milk resembles a light broth, on the one hand it gives us to quench our thirst, on the other hand supplies the necessary animal fats,carbohydrates and proteins in combination with minerals. Also, tea removes excess fat from milk, which allows us to easily digest them in the right quantity. Milk, for its part, releases excessive tannin, since with its excess amount it has a detrimental effect on the liver and blood in general, significantly increasing blood pressure.

But, if you feel chilly and feel that you are beginning to get sick, you will never have to drink hot tea with lemon. We all know that it contains a large amount of vitamin “C”, and it also increases our resistance to diseases.

What tea to buy

There is now a large number of teas on the market: different prices, different quality, and many types of fakes. For the same, to use tea with benefit, and in combination with various additives, you must carefully and carefully choose the tea itself, that is, there is a simple rule when choosing it - it must always be fresh and real!

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