Itchy anus: how to get rid of itching


If you had to get into a ridiculous situation when there is a mass of people around, and you have an anus itching, then you will understand a brother or sister in misfortune who once had the same problem. Itching in the rectum occurs unexpectedly, and sometimes it is quite difficult to overcome the desire to scratch an itchy place. The one-time symptom passes quickly and without consequences, but if there is a burning sensation, then it is time to visit the proctologist.

Sentence of loneliness

Only a doctor can make a correct diagnosis. It is possible that the anus itches because of helminthic invasion or the presence of diabetes. Even jaundice and hemorrhoids can cause an unpleasant sensation in the anus. For a young girl who always keeps her hand on her buttocks or under jeans, this is a lonely sentence. Who needs a girlfriend with problems!

Itchy anus

Hemorrhoid erosion

Itching or constant burning - physical manifestations of erosion of hemorrhoids. Their walls are inflamed to such an extent that they even bleed.Severe pain does not occur immediately, but if the anus is scratched 24 hours a day, then get ready for the fact that you will have to fall asleep with difficulty. By the way, one misfortune does not go alongside: the illness is accompanied by a disease of the gastrointestinal tract or the gallbladder.

What causes self-treatment

Those who are embarrassed to show their intimate places even to a doctor often resort to self-treatment. At first, it is even effective, since in the pharmacy you can buy special candles and gels. But the skin of each person is so different that it is possible to provoke the onset of the disease with the help of pharmaceutical preparations. Doctors are familiar with cases when simple failure to comply with the rules of intimate hygiene caused itching. However, the patient saved himself not with soap, but with ointment with irritating components, from which not only the anus itches, but acne also pops up.

If it itches

How to eliminate hemorrhoidal itching

Personal hygiene is reduced to repeatedly washing the anus with warm water, provided that the bleeding is not disturbed during stool. As soon as the anus is wiped clean with napkins (preferably disposable), it is necessary to powder the reddened portion with talcum powder with zeolite or potato starch. You can use lotion on herbs.Brew a glass of boiling water with a tablespoon of dried Hypericum or plantain, strain and use for its intended purpose.

Clothing and food

You will have to say goodbye to synthetic fibers: cotton underwear will be your companion for almost a month, just like a strict diet that excludes spicy dishes, alcoholic drinks and water with gases. In a couple of weeks you will forget how the anus is itching, and life will return to its usual rut.

Itchy anusFolk remedies

If it scratches the anus, and to the nearest first-aid post a few dozen kilometers, then you can resort to folk remedies:

  • hygiene of the anus: wash the remnants of feces only at room temperature using cotton swabs;
  • blot the anal area with a clean cloth or cloth and brush with hand cream or cosmetic petroleum jelly to avoid unnecessary dryness;
  • reduce physical exertion, but do not refuse to run (blood flow to the surface of the buttocks promotes healing of wounds).


Worms often cause disease of the skin. The walls of the anus suffer the most, as the protozoan parasites feed on blood, piercing them.Acne and acne are some of the symptoms that indicate that uninvited guests visited your gastrointestinal tract. In adults, they do not linger for a long time, but the children's organism is a favorable breeding ground. The sooner you contact a dermatologist, the faster your baby will recover.

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