Juicer "Brown" - useful juices every day

What can be more useful for an organism than a glassfreshly squeezed juice. Today, such a product has become more affordable thanks to household appliances. The juicer allows you to get a delicious, vitamin-rich drink in just a minute. But not every technique is able to cope with this task perfectly. The "Brown" juicer is the leader in the market of household helpers.

Advantages of the brand "Brown"

This manufacturer has proven itself,producing high-quality and reliable household appliances. The "Brown" juicer is a combination of modern technologies and new design solutions. That's why this technique is so popular with consumers. Prices for goods under the brand name "Brown" are quite democratic and focused on the average buyer.Juicer BrownAssortment of juicers of this manufactureris huge. Along with the standard, traditional technology, Brown also produces special units that are designed for citrus, with double-spin technology. The "Brown" juicer, reviews about which are only positive, is available in three colors: white, black and silver. This technique harmoniously fits into any interior.

"Brown" J700 Multiquick 7

The assortment of equipment under the brand name "Brown" is huge,so determine the choice is not so simple. The best option is the Brown J700 Multiquick 7 model. It is a convenient, reliable technique that is distinguished by a beautiful and ergonomic design. This model has many obvious advantages. Firstly, it is a wide mouth for feeding fruit. This is very convenient, as it is not necessary to cut the original product finely. Despite the high power (1000 W), the "Brown" juicer has a low noise level. Also it is possible to note good stability of equipment. Loads that it feels great, but the juicer is firmly on the legs and does not move on the table.Juicer Brown ReviewsThe juice tank has a volume of 1.25 liters, and forwaste - 2 liters. These parameters are enough to prepare juice for the whole family. Another plus of this model is convenience in service. The "Brown" juicer is easy to clean. It simply understands and does not have complex details. This is a very significant plus with such an intense rhythm of life, when every minute counts. For this miracle of modern household appliances will have to pay about 5000 rubles. The amount is not small, but you will get a reliable and useful friend.

Citrus juicer

The "Brown" juicer MPZ9 is light and compact. This is ideal for lovers of citrus fruit juice. Its cost varies from 2000 to 3500 rubles, depending on the point of sale. Lightweight, it weighs only 700 grams, and a practical juicer has an attractive design. Smooth surface, convenient maintenance will make the preparation of nutritious juices simple and affordable. Compact size allows you to place this technique in any kitchen. From a convenient, cone-shaped bowl, you can easily pour the prepared juice into any container. Juicer "Brown, the instruction manual to which is very simple, has a power of 20 watts. Its juice tank holds one liter. A small speed of rotation, only 59 rpm, allows you to control the level of pulp.

"Brown" J500

A powerful, reliable and practical technique willan indispensable assistant in the preparation of tasty and healthy juices. Juicer "Brown" J500 is able to prepare a liter of juice in less than one minute. Its power is 900 watts. The technology has a unique technology, "Antikaplya." A convenient stainless steel nozzle prevents the juice from splashing, and it all falls into a glass.Juicer Brown instructionIn 15 seconds you can make a glass of juicethanks to the quick spin system. A wide mouth for loading fruit and vegetables makes it convenient to use a juicer. Do not cut the original product into small fragments. The juicer has two speeds. All removable parts can be washed in the dishwasher. The equipment is equipped with a four-stage safety system. The cost of the juicer ranges from 7000 to 12000 rubles. This is one of the best options for choosing.

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Juicer Brown - useful juices every day Juicer Brown - useful juices every day Juicer Brown - useful juices every day Juicer Brown - useful juices every day Juicer Brown - useful juices every day Juicer Brown - useful juices every day Juicer Brown - useful juices every day Juicer Brown - useful juices every day Juicer Brown - useful juices every day Juicer Brown - useful juices every day