Juicy tilapia in batter: a few tasty recipes

Fry - probably the fastest and most delicious way to cook it. The juiciness and flavor of the fish remain, but at the same time its meat does not lose its elasticity and does not resemble boiled. And if you approach the process creatively, then the usual tilapia in batter will become an exquisite and sophisticated dish that even the most picky gourmet will not shun.tilapia in batter

Just cruise

Before frying tilapia fillet in batter, cut it into small pieces and sprinkle with vegetable oil and lemon juice. You can sprinkle with dill and some seasoning, suitable to the fish, then leave for a third of an hour to be fed with flavors. For batter, five tablespoons of flour are mixed with half a glass of milk, egg, salt and a spoon of melted butter. In a separate cup, the protein is whipped up to the foam — it is introduced into the mass just before preparation. How to cook tilapia in batter? There are two ways.

  1. Just dip the fish in the prepared mass and spread on the griddle.
  2. Before lowering in batter, roll each piece in flour. It is believed that the batter will drain less from the fish. But note that this increases the thickness of the "shell" in which the fillet is cooked. Not everyone likes the extra layer of flour.

The further process is simple: the fish is put in a frying pan with vegetable oil and fried until all times. To decant the excess oil, it is removed with a slotted spoon and formed into a colander.fillet of tilapia in batter

Green batter

Much more interesting in taste is tilapia in batter prepared according to a more complex recipe. For him, first of all in a blender parsley and green onions are broken up to a uniform dense mass. Half a cup of flour is diluted in the same volume of water. Only eggs are taken from the eggs. All components are connected and kneaded; should make a semi-liquid dough. Further actions - as when using the usual klyara.

Beer beer

And do not think that the fish from him will be "alcoholic". All degrees will evaporate during cooking. Such a “dough” is suitable for any fish, but tilapia will be prepared in it. A recipe in a batter with a beer base requires that all its components be pre-cooled.Therefore, two eggs are divided into proteins and yolks - and both cups are placed in the refrigerator for ten minutes. Next, mix a glass of flour with a pinch of curry and nutmeg, pour in half a bottle of light beer and two spoons of butter (you can take both vegetable and melted butter), add yolks and mix. It is not necessary to bring it to homogeneity at once - this can be done after adding proteins, but it is necessary to stir it so that the flour does not stick. When the fish is prepared and the oil in the pan is heated, protein foam is introduced into the batter, it is thoroughly mixed and immediately put into operation.tilapia recipe in batter

Nut batter

At first, it is prepared almost as the simplest. Only the egg does not need to be divided into white and yolk: it is whipped entirely. In parallel, walnuts (as much as flour) are roasted dry in a griddle, laid in a coffee grinder and ground to crumb (but not to dust!). In the absence of a coffee grinder, you can crush or use a meat grinder, but you have to work hard to make the baby quite small. Flour is mixed with nuts, salt and spices are poured, a beaten egg and water are poured in. Stir until you get something like pancake dough.What to do next, you already know. Fillet of tilapia in batter with nuts turns out very fragrant and with a pleasant aftertaste of the holiday.how to cook tilapia in batter

Mayonnaise with cheese

And the cheese is separate, batter separately! And together it turns out very tasty and unusual. However, it is better to cook according to this recipe a whole carcass or fillets not cut into pieces, since the final actions are rather troublesome. For batter, beat three eggs, mix three tablespoons of low-fat mayonnaise into them and gradually add flour. It should be thicker than in the previous recipe, and resemble the dough for the fritters. In another bowl rubbed a bar of cheese. The fish is dipped in the batter with only one side, which is placed on the pan. While this flank is browned, cheese is poured on the second. As time comes to turn, the cheese is poured over the batter, and the carcass is quickly shifted to the other side. Sometimes the first time it turns out "not very", but tilapia in batter with cheese is worth it to develop manual dexterity.

Cheese cake

But in this recipe cheese is introduced directly into the total mass. It is also desirable to remove the skin from the fish. But if it is difficult for you or you like tilapia with sandpaper, you can leave it.Two eggs are beaten with two tablespoons of sour cream (can be replaced with mayonnaise), salt and pepper. A piece of cheese grated as small as possible and put into the "dough". It turns out pretty thick, but it should not confuse you. Tilapia is fried in batter just like in any other.

Cheese and potato batter

He is generally original! For him, even the liquid is not needed - neither water, nor milk, nor sour cream or mayonnaise. Four potatoes are peeled and rubbed coarsely, mixed with cheese (one hundred grams), also passed through a large grater, and a beaten egg. In this mass, fish collapses (depending on the type of cheese, it may be necessary to press it down with your hands) and fry in vegetable oil. Such tilapia in batter takes on a crispy and beautiful crust.

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Juicy tilapia in batter: a few tasty recipes 17

Juicy tilapia in batter: a few tasty recipes 1

Juicy tilapia in batter: a few tasty recipes 66

Juicy tilapia in batter: a few tasty recipes 14

Juicy tilapia in batter: a few tasty recipes 12

Juicy tilapia in batter: a few tasty recipes 99

Juicy tilapia in batter: a few tasty recipes 13

Juicy tilapia in batter: a few tasty recipes 28