Kaliningrad climate by months

Kaliningrad is a special city, it is distinguished not only by its architecture, location, but also by climate. What is the climate in Kaliningrad? About this in two words you can not tell, this city is too unique. Therefore, we decided to devote a whole article to this topic. From it you will learn about the climate of Kaliningrad (general information and detailed by months), as well as a little about the city itself and its features.

Kaliningrad climate

Kaliningrad: general description

The city is located on the shores of the Baltic Sea, so the climate of Kaliningrad is characterized by high humidity at any time of the year. The area occupied by the city is 250 thousand km2. The population of Kaliningrad is approximately 420 thousand people.

It is worth noting that the climate of Kaliningrad is close to the characteristics of the climatic zone of Western Europe. This is due to the location of the city, because most of it is in the lowlands, so it is well blown by all the winds. However, the weather in the most European of Russian cities is very closely related to the processesoccurring in the Atlantic Ocean and on the continent of Eurasia. The climate of Kaliningrad is usually characterized as moderately continental. But we will discuss this in the following sections of the article.

Kaliningrad city climate

Some historical facts

Kaliningrad has led its history since 1255, when a castle called the Royal Mountain was built on the site of the future city. It was around him that the settlement began to grow, which became one of the most beautiful and richest cities in Europe - Koenigsberg.

In different historical periods, this city belonged to the Teutons, the Prussian aristocrats and the Russian crown. After the end of the Second World War, Koenigsberg retired to the Soviet Union, was rebuilt and renamed Kaliningrad. Under this name we know it now.

In recent years, the flow of tourists from Russia and other countries has increased in the city. Guests want to get to know the extraordinary architectural monuments that are located in Kaliningrad at almost every step. There is a large number of museums, theaters and a unique library, which houses a collection of rare medieval editions. The kids will be interested in a zoo and a botanical garden, besides, they will also like an amusement park built on a European scale.The only thing that confuses tourists coming to the city of Kaliningrad is the climate. There are always joking about him here, although guests of the city often have no time for laughter.

What is the climate in Kaliningrad

Brief description of climatic conditions

They will help to understand the climate in Kaliningrad, the reviews of tourists and the comments of the indigenous people of the city. Thanks to them, you will be ready for all weather whims, and they will not be able to catch you by surprise.

If we try to describe the situation in a few words, then we can say that the climate constantly varies between moderately marine and moderately continental. It fluctuates, because one of the characteristic features of the weather in Kaliningrad is its variability. Locals have long been accustomed to this, but tourists are surprised at how often the sun and clouds can follow each other in one day. However, it is cloudy and cloudy weather - the most common phenomenon in the city.

The winters in Kaliningrad are warm and mild enough, this is influenced by the Gulf Stream. But summer, on the contrary, is very cool. The average temperature during the warm season usually does not rise above + 17 ° C.

The climate of Kaliningrad is distinguished by high humidity (up to 85% in the winter season), and on rainy days there are usually about 180 out of 365 (and 26 of them with thunderstorms).But sunny days in Kaliningrad, in the opinion of southerners and residents of Central Russia, are a bit lacking. After all, their number does not exceed an average of 30 days.

Are you planning to come on a tourist trip to Kaliningrad? Climate by month, reviews about it are described below. The article will tell you which season is best to plan your vacation.

climate in kaliningrad reviews


In winter, the city can be unusually beautiful, especially if you are lucky and you will see snow. After all, it rarely lasts a long time; in Kaliningrad, thaws are common. Therefore, during the winter the snow comes off several times and again covers the ground with a white blanket.

Winter usually begins around December 12 and lasts until the end of February. It differs on cloudy and fairly warm days. The average temperature is kept at -1 ° C. You can consider each month separately:

  • December. During this period, the temperature regime ranges from three degrees of heat during the day to one degree of cold at night. Light day lasts about seven hours, and the number of sunny days does not exceed five. Rainy days in December are usually not more than three.
  • January. This month, the temperature drops markedly; at night, the thermometer drops to four degrees Celsius. The daily rate is -1 ° C.The light day is slowly increasing and reaches almost nine hours by the end of the month. However, the number of sunny days is reduced to four days. But the rainy and snow is added, there are already four.
  • February. In the last month of winter, the temperature begins to rise, in the daytime it is already slightly more than one degree above zero. A light day lasts ten hours, and the sun for five days pleases Kaliningraders with their presence in the sky. Rainfall no longer falls as often - no more than one day per month.

Tourists who come to Kaliningrad in the winter advise to plan a vacation in December. This month has less winds and the most comfortable humidity.

Climate in Kaliningrad for months: spring

Spring is the most stable season in Kaliningrad, although by European standards warmly comes here rather slowly. Climatologists attribute this to the fact that the proximity of the cooled bodies of water constantly cools the heated air masses. In the spring there are quite a lot of sunny days in the city, the amount of precipitation is minimized, which significantly changes the humidity level. However, cold often returns, and snowfall in April is a very common phenomenon in Kaliningrad,which is not particularly flattering tourists. In general, spring weather can be described as follows:

  • March. A light day lasts up to 13 hours, and the sun peeps out from behind the clouds for nine days in a month. The temperature of the air rises to six degrees Celsius, and at night the thermometer basically keeps at zero. There are no more than three rainy days in March.
  • April. This month the real spring comes to the city. This is noticeable on every street, and night and day air temperatures surely keep above zero. Light day reaches already 15 hours, but there are still about three rainy days. The number of sunny days is close to ten.
  • May. The weather in May is close to the summer norms. The average daily temperature is 17 degrees Celsius, and even at night the thermometer does not fall below + 8 ° C. The number of sunny days in May beats all records, there are already 17 of them. But it also rains quite often - four days a month.

If you want to explore all the environs of Kaliningrad and take a walk through its ancient streets, then, based on the feedback from tourists, come here in spring. At this time, the city is truly beautiful.

Kaliningrad climate for months reviews

Summer season

Summer in Kaliningrad is quite changeable, the weather is changing very quickly, and the sun can in an instant be replaced by rain. To make it easier to navigate, we describe each month in detail:

  • June. The temperature of the day is kept at 20 degrees Celsius. The thermometer does not drop below + 11 ° C at night. The sun quite friendly shines 16 days a month.
  • July is the warmest month of summer. The average temperature often exceeds 20 degrees, although it rains at least five times a month. Light day lasts 17 hours, and the number of sunny days is equal to 18.
  • August often pleases Kaliningraders with warmth. The air temperature is still kept at around 20-25 degrees Celsius. The sun shines 17 days a month, and it rains no more than four days.

climate in Kaliningrad for months

Autumn in Kaliningrad

The first half of autumn is usually dry and warm, while the second is marked by cyclones, an increase in humidity and frequent winds. In detail, it looks like this:

  • The number of sunny days in September decreases to 14. During the day, it is warm enough - + 18 ° C, at night it is not observed frosts.
  • In October, the first night frosts appear, and the thermometer drops to 11 degrees Celsius in the daytime. It rains no more than three days a month, and daylight lasts from 9 to 11 hours.
  • In November, it is already quite cold and damp. The air temperature does not rise above six degrees Celsius, a lot of cloudy and rainy days. The sun looks out of the clouds no more than five days a month.

We have tried to give you all the necessary information about the climate of Kaliningrad, so if you go here after reading the article, you will be fully prepared for the changing beauty of the city.

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