Knife "Bumblebee": description, characteristics

The knife is one of the most important elements in a fighter's outfit. Nowadays, with the intensive modernization of various models of firearms, piercing-cutting products in combat conditions play a small role.

knife bumblebee characteristics

Nevertheless, for fighters operating in difficult climatic conditions, the knife is considered an indispensable tool. Such universal tools are called "knives of survival." Today, these blades on the market in a wide range. Among them, a special place is occupied by the Bumblebee combat knife.

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This blade is in service in the Russian army. Description of the knife "Bumblebee" is presented in the article.


The Bumblebee bayonet is a melee weapon. Due to its high penetrating properties, it is very effective in a combat situation. In order to increase the impact force, the Bumblebee knife is attached to the machine gun. In addition, the blade can be used as an ordinary cutting tool. Today he is included in the set of combat equipment "Warrior".


For the first time they began to equip rifles with bayonets in the 17th century in France. This practice greatly facilitated the task of the French soldiers, because in the melee to use firearms was difficult. Later in the process of designing American bayonet knives, the developers took into account the experience of the war in Vietnam. The low effectiveness of standard weapons was also felt by the Soviet soldiers in Afghanistan. The acute need for a piercing-cutting product suitable for use in a difficult climatic zone was the impetus for the development and creation of reliable and multifunctional combat blades. The product is listed as a knife NB-2 "Bumblebee".

About the manufacturer

The Kumpo JSC is the leading Russian enterprise for the manufacture of respiratory systems used in aviation, astronautics, emergency medicine, diving and fire fighting. According to experts, at first for many it was surprising that the company specializing in respiratory systems, engaged in the production of knives. However, the decision of the specialists of the enterprise to engage in the manufacture of piercing-cutting products is quite logical.Since the knife is an indispensable tool for the diver, the manufacturer of diving equipment mastered the production of special blades for use in difficult environmental conditions, including under water. By order of the Ministry of Defense of Russia, this enterprise produced several tens of thousands of piercing-cutting products. Work on the creation of knives "Bumblebee" was conducted in the framework of the project "Warrior".

knife bumblebee description

About creating

In 2010, the CAPO company in the city of Vorsma, in accordance with the terms of the project, presented a bayonet, which had the similar name “Bumblebee”. According to the terms of the competition, an asymmetrical double-blade blade, capable of piercing a bullet-proof vest of type 6B23 to a depth of 200 mm with a force of 40 J, was provided for in the equipment of the piercing-cutting product. In addition, the combat knife was supposed to be equipped with special nippers and a grinding stone. However, the characteristics of the knife "Bumblebee" from "CAPO" customer is not satisfied. Also with their samples of specials made four more manufacturers, whose names were not mentioned anywhere. Of all the options presented, members of the commission of the Russian Ministry of Defense were interested in products from KAMPO JSC.

The bayonet of this manufacturer has shown great efficiency in the application of deep piercing punches. Heavily sharpened blade easily enters the flesh. According to experts, this does not exclude the risk that the blade may be stuck in the tendons, due to the large force of the strike with a knife that is attached to the firearm. With a poor sharpening, there was a possibility that the blade would have low penetrating properties. In the design of the combat knife, the designers of JSC KAMPO had to take these nuances into account.

About blade

Knives from the Russian manufacturer "KAMPO" are highly resistant to corrosion. Since in sea water, as in any chloride-containing medium, the blades are subject to rusting and oxidation, the manufacturer uses high-alloyed steel as the material for the bayonet. The indicator of its hardness on the Rockwell scale is 55-58 units.

knife nb 2 bumblebee

The blade has flexibility and resilience. The product is subjected to matting procedure, due to which the presence of glare on the surface of the knife is completely excluded. The use of anti-reflective coating is one of the most important requirements for military weapons.The blade of the bayonet has a diamond shape. For the product provides one and a half sharpening. There are no shock teeth and a hole for the pliers in the blade. In an effort to reduce the weight of the knife, the designers equipped the blade with a longitudinal recess. According to experts, in order for this cold weapon not to enter the victim's body too deeply, and also not to injure the owner himself in case of careless handling, Bumblebee is not made too sharp.

About Garda

For the bayonet, there is a guard, in the manufacture of which high-strength steel is used. Garda is a special crossbar that separates the blade and handle. The task of this device is to prevent the hand from sliding off the handle at the moment of impact. For guards combat knife "Bumblebee" provides a special design:

  • The manufacturer has bent the upper part of the crossbar in the direction of the butt, due to which the fighter can hook the knife onto the belt. In addition, when holding the blade, the thumb support is used.
  • The bottom of the guard has a ring shape. This design feature allows you to mount the knife on the barrel of a firearm.

About the handle

According to experts, a good combat knife should have a comfortable and ergonomic handle. In JSC "KAMPO" for its manufacture uses high-strength and oil and petrol-resistant rubber. The surface of the handle of the bayonet-knife has a roughness, due to which the "Bumblebee" comfortably lies in the palm of your hand. In addition, the handle is equipped with six additional grooves. Judging by the numerous reviews, these cold arms are not afraid of dirt, dampness and other aggressive effects. Handle "Bumblebee" has a noble black color. In the end part it is rounded. Its design provides a special groove and spring latch, with which the knife is attached to small arms.

combat knife bumblebee

About tactical and technical characteristics

This knife has the following characteristics:

  • the total length of the product is 295 mm;
  • blade length - 17 cm;
  • blade width - no more than 3 cm;
  • the indicator of the inner diameter of the ring in the crosspiece is 17.7 mm.

About destination

The Bumblebee bayonet is a melee weapon. In accordance with the law, its wearing and use by civilians is prohibited. Nowadays, the Russian army uses a new combat equipment "Warrior",in which, along with means of protection, communications, intelligence and energy, also provided firearms and edged weapons.

knife bumblebee

The task of these weapons is to inflict maximum damage to the enemy in the event of armed confrontation. The Bumblebee bayonet is used in close combat conditions. The product is also adapted for throwing. In addition, these blades are used during the convoy of prisoners of war and for disabling the enemy’s weapons.

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