Ksenia Volkova: literature and creativity

Volkova Ksenia Alexandrovna - a young writer, author of many books. For the first time she announced herself on the literary web portal Samizdat, where she began to publish her works. Currently, her books are being published and republished. The author already has its readers and fans of her work.

Ksenia Volkova: books

Ksenia Alexandrovna writes her works in a variety of genres. Most of her novels are fantasy, but many books can be attributed to the genre of erotica, adventure, romance novels. The most famous novel of the young writer today is the work "Rainbow Phoenix". Ksenia Volkova continues to work, and soon readers will be able to get acquainted with her other literary works.

Ksenia Volkova

Currently, you can also buy or read books on various Internet sites that allow you to get acquainted with the creativity and writing style of this young and talented writer.

Summary: “Curse of the she-wolf”

In her novel, the talented writer Ksenia Volkova divides all the content into parts. She begins her work with Prologue. The she-wolf, the main character, meets a silvery male of tremendous growth. The fight began. The she-wolf was adroit and not afraid to enter into battle. She knew that despite her weakness in front of this male, she was nevertheless faster. She was able to stick the fangs in his chest, although it was not easy at all. As soon as the strong beast did not try to free himself, he could not. The she-wolf understood that if she let him go, then she would perish herself.

Ksenia Volkova, books

Soon, while still alive, the male froze because he lost consciousness. The wound caused by the wolf was not fatal. The author Ksenia Volkova shows in the work a fierce struggle for life. To do this, the she-wolf was forced to kill the beast, tearing out his larynx. But it was not the only wolf that chased the female. There were five more behind them. Trying to escape, the animal gets on the road, where it is immediately knocked down by a car.

In the first chapter, the reader will find out who this wolf is and what happens to her. But the animal is not simple - it is the daughter of a wolf clan of werewolves. She-wolf's father led this clan.During puberty, the first reincarnation took place. Everyone was surprised at who the alpha wolf had turned into. She was a real proud female, but her yellow eyes separated her from the whole flock. Friends of the main character has never been, but she was fond of reading. No one wanted to communicate with her.

The heroine's first hunt took place at the age of fifteen, when her worst enemy persuaded four young wolves to “play a little” with her. Then the she-wolf was seized with fear and horror. Then the father arrived in time, who not only scattered the rapists, but simply tore some of them apart. Since then, no one has tried to joke above the she-wolf, but everyone around has stopped communicating with her. My father tried to completely immerse her in the affairs of the clan, the wolf knew all the everyday problems with which she coped perfectly. At twenty-five, she had successfully replaced her father and completely led the clan.

Summary of the novel "The Riders of the Apocalypse"

The unusual novel “The Riders of the Apocalypse,” which Ksenia Volkova wrote, appeared on the Internet server in early July 2015. In the story of this work can be attributed to several literary areas: fantasy, a love story and adventure.

The plot of the novel is interesting and seems understandable, but one has only to read a few pages and the world of death will open up to the reader. He violates ordinary existence, when there is neither hell, nor heaven, which has always been talked about. And a man in this other world does not fall by chance. The man was not sick, did not lie in a hospital bed, but he became necessary to this unusual and fantastic world.

Volkova Ksenia Alexandrovna

The plot of the book makes the reader think about how easy it is to get into another, alien world that frightens, and therefore a person does not seek it. But the choice is made for him by someone else.

The total content of the novel "Accident"

Ksenia Volkova in the love novel "Accident" takes the reader into the world of a single woman. She is not happy to be alone, she is scared. She understands that all problems that exist in life or will ever appear will be solved by no one. And what can a single woman do? It can not always solve the problems that are huge.

"Rainbow Phoenix" Ksenia Volkova

And then the heroine of the novel begins to feel not only lonely, but a little girl who suddenly got lost in this big and scary world. And here he appears - one that can solve all problems.Behind him you feel secure and happy. But unfortunately, he is a vampire!

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