Kurabie Cookie Recipe - Recall Soviet Childhood

This is a win-win option for tea served treats. Traditionally made from shortcrust pastry with a drop of fruit or berry jam in the middle, and sometimes after baking the lower part is covered with melted chocolate, which gives the liver an additional taste and charm.

kurabie cookie recipe

Kurabie with chocolate

Two hundred grams of softened butter carefully rubbed with a third cup of sugar, add well-beaten egg white and a little vanillin, beat. Quickly knead the dough with two glasses of freshly sifted flour of the highest grade. All products must be at room temperature. The kneading speed is necessary because any shortbread dough does not like prolonged battering, products become hard and oily, crumbly and tenderness disappears.


Pastry bag with a nozzle in the form of a flower to fill with dough and drop the Kurabie shortbread cookies on a lightly greased baking sheet.The recipe, though simple, requires strict compliance with all requirements. Here improvisation does not take place, otherwise you get a completely different cookie. In the middle of each sand flower you need to make a depression in the finger and fill it with any thick jam. Bake immediately in an oven preheated to two hundred degrees. Strongly browned not necessary. Ten minutes is enough to complete readiness. But not everything has been made yet from what the Kurabie cookie recipe with chocolate offers. While baking is completely cooled, you need to melt a bar of dark chocolate in a water bath or in a microwave. Dip the bottom of the cooled biscuits in chocolate and let it harden. Now the recipe of Kurabie cookies with chocolate is made completely, you can drink tea.

shortbread kurabie recipe

The most famous Soviet cookies

These cookies were sold everywhere - in canteens, cookery, in the general store and large supermarkets. He was loved for the indispensable true sandy crispness and surprisingly balanced taste - everything in moderation: both sweetness and slightly sour jam. It was equally tasty in all cities and villages. And all because no one would dare to distort the recipe for Kurabie cookies according to GOST.He was ingeniously simple.

Actually recipe

Grind three hundred grams of butter at room temperature with powdered sugar (150 g) and vanillin, add protein whipped into a foam, a pound of the highest-grade flour and quickly knead. Dump cookies out of the dough onto a greased baking sheet using a pastry bag, deepen the middle part, fill it with apricot jam mixed with starch. Bake at a temperature of 220 degrees for no more than eight minutes. Here you need to make an amendment to the home, and not the production of brass ovens. Home oven rarely gives the temperature that declares. Therefore, it may take all ten minutes. You can try the cooled shortbread cookies Kurabe. The recipe is worked out completely.

recipe for kurabie cookies

We protect the figures (three times less according to GOST)

For sweets, limiting the consumption of snacks, you need to take a hundred grams of butter six teaspoons of sugar, egg whipped protein, a bag of vanilla sugar, ten tablespoons with a hill of flour. For the filling - two tablespoons of any jam and a teaspoon of starch. Starch is needed so that the jam does not spread, but to get a marmalade consistency.


The dough is quite possible to cook in a blender, even better, for quickly, which requires the recipe of Kurabie cookies. First, rub the butter and sugar (sand and vanilla), pour in the protein foam, beat and knead the flour to complete homogeneity. Dump the dough out of the pastry bag with the flower or asterisk on the baking sheet (you can cover it with baking paper) with small cookies. In the grooves put on a coffee spoon of jam with starch. Oven to heat up to 220 degrees in advance. Oven 10-12 minutes. It is better to cool cookies right on the baking sheet until it hardens. Next, the Kurabie cookie recipe offers two options: you can eat it yourself and immediately, or you can put the cookie in a beautiful metal box, tie it up with bright ribbon and give it to your best active slimming girlfriend.

Recipe for kurabie bakin cookies

In the culinary book for 1972 it is written: "Kurab'e Baku. Type of product: shortbread. Color is dark yellow." Further mind-blowing figures, impossible for home use. For example: wheat flour of the highest grade you need to take 582 g, powdered sugar - 151 g, butter - 349 g, chicken egg white - 41 g ... And so on.Is the recipe for Kurabie cookies so unavailable?

kurabie bakin cookies recipe

Let's try easier

Half a kilo of flour is enough. Plus or minus a couple of tablespoons. A pack of powdered sugar, one hundred and fifty grams. Butter need two packs of 180 grams. From the second a little bit will remain (for a couple of sandwiches). Egg white is one if the egg is large, but two if they are small. Sugar sand for apricot or applesauce is generally not needed, because you can use jam and starch: for two tablespoons of any jam, a teaspoon of corn or potato starch. And everything will work out! Surely the dough you cooked will be exactly eighteen degrees Celsius. And the humidity is thirteen and a half percent. The main thing is to believe in yourself! Do not grease the pan. Shortbread cookies fat, will not stick. Only hot shooting is not worth it. It is necessary to heat the oven to 250-280 degrees. Drain the cookies about 20 grams each. Deepen the center filled with 2.5 grams of boiled fruit puree with sugar (that is, just put a spoonful of jam in the middle of each cookie). Bake 8-11 minutes. Quality indicator - crumbly biscuits, eaten quickly and with pleasure!

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