Leather skirt. What to wear? Secrets and recommendations

The situation, familiar to every woman of fashion: I liked the thing - I bought it. But at home you suddenly find that you have nothing to wear it with. The destiny of the purchased item is to lie in the closet for a long time, waiting for its high point. You do not know what to wear with a leather skirt, acquired according to the “just like” scheme? Will prompt! FROMhow to wear a leather skirt? You will find secrets and recommendations in this article. Read carefully.

What to wear leather skirt?

Probably no secret for anyone that the same thing can create successful combinations with many other items of clothing. The leather skirt is no exception. Why wear such a provocative thing?

A leather skirt is a different thing. Having a little experimented, it can be understood that with the help of it one can create both elegant, strict images, and tender-romantic ones. It all depends on what you combine it with.

What factors need to be taken into account when choosing with what and under what to wear a leather skirt? First of all - its cut and color. They make the skirt suitable for a particular set.

Office Style

under what to wear a leather skirt

When thinking about what to wear a leather skirt, the first to come to mind is the business style of clothing. And immediately a warning: if you do not want to look vulgar, then it is better not to combine more than two leather things in one image. This option is best left for evening exits, but not for work.

In order to create an elegant look, it is best to combine a black leather skirt with other materials.

A strict but not boring appearance can be achieved by combining a leather black skirt with a white shirt. Leather will be a kind of accent, which will emphasize your unique style. Do not forget to ensure that the styles of shirts and skirts echo.

Combining a leather skirt with a basic top and a jacket, you can create a simple, but no less spectacular look. Pick a skirt to match the top and do not forget about accessories.

A sophisticated look will create a fitted turtleneck with a leather skirt. In this case, the high waist of the latter will look particularly advantageous.

Plain sweaters, preferably gray, will go well with a leather skirt.

For all these images, of course, we need classic shoes.Ideal black shoes with low heels.

leather skirt with what to wear

Romantic style

Under what to wear a leather skirt, going on a date, while at the same time look romantic?

A shirt with a short sleeve in combination with a skirt-sun will create a weightless, lightweight image. Remember that accessories can add value to your beauty.

Long flared skirt with a high waist, especially in harmony with a jumper.

Jacket, solid top and leather skirt. This image, supplemented with accessories, looks particularly advantageous in bright colors.

Casual Images

what to wear with leather skirt

A monochrome top or a print top can be successfully combined with a short leather skirt. Do not forget to add an image with accessories and a summer bag. Thus, you will create a stylish and interesting set for every day. This will help you find a huge number of different images, styles and unusual color palette solutions. A leather skirt can complement them. What to wear it in everyday clothes?

The combination of a leather skirt and shirt can make your look gentle and touching, or it can turn you into a real city lady. The highlight of the set can be a bright bag or a stylish belt.

The first everyday thing that, with the right color and capable of complementing any casual look, is a jumper. Combining it with a narrow leather skirt or with a flared skirt to the floor, you will not lose. There are no restrictions on the color of the jumper: it can be either monophonic or have a pattern.

Evening exit

what and under what to wear a leather skirt

Leather skirt is designed to draw attention to its owner at secular parties and cocktail events. In evening dress, a leather skirt can be combined with a shiny top or other noticeable details of clothing - a leather jacket, high-heeled shoes or bright accessories. Turn on the fantasy and look irresistible.

Leather skirt. What to wear in summer?

Not far off is the favorite season of many fashionistas - summer. Is there a place for such a thing as a leather skirt on hot sunny days? What to wear with this unusual piece of clothing? Let's tell!

In summer, it is good to combine a leather skirt with fitted shirts or t-shirts. The latter in this case will create a favorable emphasis on the chest, and the contrast of fabrics will look advantageous. Do not forget the purse. It should be the same color as the skirt.

what to wear with a leather skirt secrets and recommendations

The trend of the season is a leather skirt-sun. For girls in the age category up to thirty years, this style is ideal in combination with airy chiffon blouses.

For girls of medium and low growth in the summer, a short leather skirt will suit. What is this risky piece of clothing to wear? A feminine cardigan will go well with a short long one. Naturally, under the mini-skirt should choose shoes without heels - ballet shoes or sandals. The resulting image will admire others with tenderness and ease. But a short leather skirt, coupled with sneakers and denim vest will create a more "boyish" image.

It should be noted that this season, A-silhouette leather skirts are again in vogue. This style is suitable for everyone. Since it looks great on any type of figure, this thing will become a universal addition to your wardrobe. A-line leather skirt fits everything and is appropriate in every situation. In it, you can go to work in the office, take a walk in the park, or visit a noisy party.

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