Lessons of style: make-up for redheads

They say that sun people are luckier than mostthe rest. Maybe. At least in one they were lucky for sure - they all possess an extraordinary bright appearance. True, some happy owners of red curls complex because of the color of hair, complain that the skin is pale, and freckles sometimes appear. But how wrong they are! Pale skin gives the image tenderness, sensuality and refinement, bright hair does not allow to turn into a "pale toadstool", and freckles - nothing more than "kisses of the sun", bringing good luck. Anyway, the red color is now in fashion, and many brunettes, brown-haired and blondes specially paint their locks in a fiery shade.

But the change of image, as is known, requires specialapproach to creating an image, in particular, a completely different make-up. Many people think that make-up for redheads is too complicated, and owners of fiery hair have to spend almost hours in front of a mirror before leaving the house. It's not like that at all. Red-haired girls, as we have already said, nature has awarded a bright appearance, they do not need contrasting expressive make-up. In order to give the image a completeness, you just need to place the accents correctly and successfully choose the colors. Let's try to find out what should be the makeup for the redheads.

We place the accents

There is a general rule that, ifthe emphasis in make-up is done on the eyes, then the lips should not attract excessive attention to themselves and, conversely, if the lips are bright, then the eyes need to be made less expressive. Makeup for the red requires careful adherence to this approach. In fact if the girl with fiery-red hair will put an accent on lips and eyes simultaneously, the image will turn out directly screaming.

In other words, if you use a bright lipstick for your lips, choose shadows for the eyes of more restrained or pale tones. It should also be remembered that red lipstick for red-haired girls,in principle, appropriate, but it involves a specialselection of shadows. In this case, they should be translucent or matte, and only for the evening version you can choose slightly flickering. Red lipstick is able to give sensuality to any image, but if the accents are placed incorrectly and the shade is too bright, against the background of pale skin it can literally "scream".

In evening make-up it is permissible to usedark red or burgundy lipstick, she will make the image of a red-haired woman refined and more restrained. Makeup for redheads with blue eyes suggests golden-lilac, tender pink colors and even shades of orange. This color just emphasizes the beauty of the curls, you can take advantage of even the glitter with a golden shimmer. But in this case, the shadows must necessarily be matte.

Color Solutions

The basic shades are chosen to the color of the skin. Owners of natural red hair with white skin makeup artists are advised to choose a tonal means of light shades, for example, ivory or delicate beige. Matting should be sufficiently dense, even complexion is especially important for pale skin. Owners of swarthy skin and red hair will suit more saturated shades of beige.

Everything is much easier with shadows, red-haired womensuitable for both warm and cold colors. Choose a shade of shadows should be based on the color of the eyes. Red-haired beauty with blue eyes are suitable shades of almost any color, it is worth paying attention to the bronze, golden, olive, apricot, peach shades. Everything depends on the brightness of the hair, skin color and clothing. However, dark violet shades, as well as black, are best excluded from the palette of the shadows used at all. They fit exclusively dark-haired women, in other cases, these shades make the facial features coarse.

Green-eyed beauties should be given preferencecold gray or warm green, he will give the gaze a radiance and visually increase his eyes. For evening make-up you can choose a cold graphite, it will favorably color the eyes and face.

Makeup for the red requires a very careful choiceblush. Suitable bronze, sand, terracotta, coral, peach shades. Well, if they contain light-reflecting particles, this will give the image a shine. In general, all the transparent and radiant shades best suited redheads, this applies not only to blush, but also shadows, and lipsticks.

Well, in principle, and all the rules. The main thing, try to use decorative cosmetics in moderation. Remember, it was created only in order to emphasize advantages and hide possible shortcomings.

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Lessons of style: make-up for redheads Lessons of style: make-up for redheads Lessons of style: make-up for redheads Lessons of style: make-up for redheads Lessons of style: make-up for redheads Lessons of style: make-up for redheads Lessons of style: make-up for redheads Lessons of style: make-up for redheads Lessons of style: make-up for redheads Lessons of style: make-up for redheads