Let's talk about how to switch gears

In order to start driving a car,the driver must learn a few simple steps: start the engine, switch gears, pick up the correct engine speed, depending on the traffic situation. These are simple actions on which all driving is based.how to switch gears

Over time, experience is gained driving, forsome it accumulates on the automatic transmission. But, I must say, the mechanical gearbox differs radically from the machine in the style of driving, as the driver's duties include such a duty as the choice of transmission. On how to switch gears, and will be discussed in this article.

First of all, you need to know at what speedto switch gears. For different engines - in different ways. If the engine weighs and has the maximum torque "at the bottoms", then in this range, namely, up to 2000 revolutions, it is necessary to change the gear to an increased one. About how to switch gears, there are a lot of recommendations and instructions, but none of them affect all situations. Why? The answer is simple - because there can be so many of these situations that you can not tell everyone in a day.at what speed to switch gears

Before you switch gears, the car needsTo disperse, because, the higher the gear, the smaller the gear ratio, which means that it is more difficult for the engine to rotate the wheels. If this is not done, then in the next gear will not be able to accelerate, and by the sound of the engine it will be possible to understand that it is at least uncomfortable. Of course, the driving experience comes with practice, but the theory is equally important. This means that if the driver does not even know how to correctly switch gears, he will not be able to apply such knowledge in practice.

All acceleration is to be done smoothly, without overloading the engine and jerking for traction. When changing gears, the clutch pedal must be released smoothly, avoiding overtempering.Manual Transmission

Many may find that the correctgear shift is only necessary for a more comfortable ride. Indeed, knowing how to switch gears has a positive effect on the smooth running of the car, but that's not all. Correct gear shifting allows you to select the optimal modes of engine operation, which means it will reduce fuel consumption as much as possible. If the transmission is switched earlier than necessary, then part of the gasoline will not burn, but will be thrown into the tail pipe, if later - on the contrary, too much burns out during acceleration.

If we talk about how to switch gears, thenIt is worth remembering such a thing as a reduced transmission. There are times when the engine power is not enough, for example, to go on the rise, then it can die out. To prevent this from happening, you need to switch gears one or two below, depending on the situation. Long driving in a gear that is not suitable for the situation can lead to engine overheating, as well as to rapid wear of the piston group and the clutch disc.

From the foregoing it follows that if the driverwants to comfortably reach the destination, while saving on fuel, as well as sparing his "iron horse", he needs to switch gears correctly. In principle, this is not difficult, the main thing is practice.

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