One of the very first crops that people began to grow is flax. He was first planted by the Egyptians and the Indians. For many years, flax was used for making clothes. And in Russia, he not only fed and clothed, but also healed. Since ancient times, man has been known for the unique healing, healing and pain-relieving properties of wonderful linseed oil. Just as before, it is now used for medical, food and cosmetic purposes.

What is the use of flaxseed oil?

flaxseed oil for hairThe usefulness of this oil is proven not only by the people, but also by science: it contains in abundance the B vitamins, magnesium, potassium, lecithin, zinc and Omega-6 and Omega-3 acids. Such a huge content of omega-3 acid is not found in any other product, even in fish oil. Oil helps to improve vision, strengthens the nervous, sexual and cardiovascular systems, successfully restores the balance of metabolism. That is why it is recommended for people suffering from excess weight.

Linseed oil in cosmetology

Flaxseed oil for the skin of hands, head, neck works wonders, even in ancient times, women noticed its positive effect.The oil is used to eliminate the dryness of the delicate skin of the face and give it a healthy color and radiance. Flaxseed oil for hair has biological valueit is the best emollient, firming and nourishing agent. It is useful to rub into the scalp, if the goal is to grow hair. If you eat oil, then the metabolism is normalized, useful minerals and vitamins will be absorbed much easier, as a result, the nutrition of the hair will improve significantly. A healthy body - healthy and strong hair.

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Linseed oil masks

Flaxseed oil for hair, masks with its content are preferably stored in dark dishes and in a place protected from the sun, since light and heat oxidize this product, which can later cause poisoning. An example of a simple firming hair mask is a combination of 50 ml of flaxseed oil with 30 ml of glycerin. The tool must be applied to the hair all night, and voila - in the morning they shine with unsurpassed beauty! Flaxseed oil for hair is suitable for any woman. It will perfectly moisturize and enrich dry and dyed hair with vitamins, and will also normalize the functioning of the sebaceous glands, therefore it is perfect for hair that is prone to fat.

Flaxseed oil in the diet

linseed oil for skinYou do not know what dishes to add oil, because it has a rather specific taste and smell? To make flaxseed oil for hair and skin have the desired effect, it is good to add it to salads, vinaigrettes, sauces or to fill them with cereal. Especially delicious is the combination of flaxseed oil with cottage cheese and greens. The entire daily dose of fatty acids needed by the body is contained in just two tablespoons of miraculous butter. Directly flaxseed oil, reviews of people who use it, they say that - a sure way to lose a few pounds and get a slim figure. Oil is useful for women during menopause, and men - to increase potency. It has a unique effect of rejuvenation, wound healing and tonic effect. For people who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract, flaxseed oil will be the solution to many problems.

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