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The history of the Inkerman winery in Sevastopol has more than 55 years. In comparison with the thousand-year tradition of winemaking, this period is quite short. However, the company's products managed to catch the fancy of many connoisseurs of noble drinks all over the world.

Inkerman Winery


In the 1950s, the country increased its production rates by leaps and bounds. Increased wealth of citizens. There was a demand for things previously considered inaccessible to ordinary people. At the festive tables, instead of strong alcohol, quality wines and champagne appeared more and more often, but the existing capacities of the wineries were clearly not enough.

In the early 60s, an idea matured: in the Crimea, on the basis of the developed galleries of the city of Inkerman, where limestone was previously mined, a large-scale wine-making enterprise, the Inkerman Winery, was organized. First of all passed in 1961. Two years later, a team of enthusiasts was able to please connoisseurs of the noble drink with the first brand of the sophisticated Inkerman Rkatsiteli.

LLC Inkerman Winery


In 1967, the second part of the Inkerman factory of vintage wines was introduced. In the expanded underground premises once the largest in the Ukrainian SSR workshop was located. The basement area for the storage of wine materials and wine products reached an impressive 5.5 hectares.

Cellars allow you to simultaneously store 1780000 gave wine, while the share of oak containers is 60%. In the 80s, a specialized laboratory was equipped at the Inkerman factory of vintage wines, which allowed to study in depth the composition of wines and create authentic new brands of the drink.

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In the new, unusual market conditions, the plant was actively looking for its niche. In 2003, the rebranding was carried out, the wines began to move under the brand name Inkerman. Since 2005, the company has been part of the National Wine-making Holding, which also united more than 20 farms for growing and subsequent processing of grapes. In 2009, production volumes amounted to 13,300,000 bottles, the share on the all-Ukrainian market - 12.5%. Inkerman Int. Was established in 2011, its headquarters were located in Sweden (Stockholm).

2012 was marked by a new round in development. In the village of Uglovoye, Bakhchisaray district, a new autonomous production base of the Inkerman plant of vintage wines was built.On the high-tech production is organized a full cycle of obtaining wine - from the acceptance of grapes, aging and subsequent bottling. The best equipment in Crimea is provided by renowned Italian and French companies.Inkerman factory vintage wines INN


Today the territory of the plant is spread over 7 hectares. The unique system of cellars stretched underground for kilometers. The depth of some adits reaches 30 m. In the basements, the ideal temperature for wine maturation is maintained (from 12 to 15 degrees) and constant humidity. The cellar area is almost 55000 m2.

The use of oak barrels for aging wines is a key technological method of production at the enterprise. The plant has 700 bottles, with a capacity of 5,000 liters to 20,000 liters and 7,000 barrels with a capacity of 300 to 1,000 liters. According to the classic technology of making wine, languor in oak containers promotes acquisition of noble tones by the drink. The standard period of exposure of the product: two years for table brands and three years - for strong wines.

In the structure of the Inkerman plant vintage wines (TIN 9202002720):

  • Two shop exposure.
  • Wine bottling site.
  • Production laboratory.
  • Warehouses: container and finished products.
  • Repair and maintenance, mechanical repair, transport shop.

Inkerman factory vintage wines Sevastopol


Now the range of winemakers LLC Inkerman vintage wine factory includes more than 35 items. ISCM is famous for its collections:

  • Young wines.
  • Classic (aged in oak bottles).
  • Grand reserve (on the traditional Crimean technology).
  • Winemaker's Selection (according to European technology).
  • Sevre (from the grape of Sevastopol region).
  • Heritage (from rare grape varieties).
  • Inspiration (by mixed technology).
  • Sparkling wines.
  • Porto.

For aging wines used only specialized, the best Crimean grape varieties grown according to the rules of winemaking. Ripe berries are harvested in the vineyards of Balaclava, in the Alma, Kachin, and Belbek valleys. IWMM products are a multiple winner of regional, national, and international competitions. On account of the team 13 bronze, 50 silver medals, 142 gold, 13 Grand Prix.


In recent years, wine tours have gained particular popularity. ISCM invites connoisseurs of the noble drink to see with their own eyes how the best wines of Eastern Europe ripen.Guides will tell about the fascinating history of the company, will hold on the galleries, filled with intoxicating aromas and giving a pleasant coolness. The highlight of the program, of course, is the tasting of some wine brands.

Since 1961, winemakers have been collecting enoteca wines of their own production. It presents the rarest samples of beverages, including those from the disappeared grape varieties. Some brands are priceless, as there are only a few bottles left.

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