Malacca (peninsula): location, relief, attractions

In the southeastern part of Asia there is a large number of interesting natural objects, one of them is Melaka. The peninsula is home to many animals, many of which are considered rare. In addition, there are various cities here, sometimes quite large ones. Read about the peninsula in the article.


Malacca is a peninsula located in the southern part of Indochina. It is washed by the waters of two seas, the Gulf of Siam and the eponymous strait. Its length is slightly less than 1300 kilometers, the area is measured by 190 thousand kilometers. An isthmus called Kra serves as its northern border. Despite this, the territories that are located north of the isthmus, in some documents and textbooks belong to the peninsula. In this case, the length of Malacca reaches 1,450 kilometers.


Interesting from a geological and geographical point of view is Melaka (peninsula). The characteristic of the relief of this object is presented in the article.The axial zone is formed by low and medium-altitude mountains. The highest point is located on Tahana. The mountain rises above sea level more than two kilometers, namely, at 2190 meters. The mountains are divided into several arrays, each of which has a dome-shaped top and steep slopes. The peripheral zones of the peninsula are represented by plains and lowlands.

Malacca Peninsula characteristic

Malacca is a peninsula, the territory of which belongs to one of the zones of the folded structures of Indochina, namely Birmano-Malay. It consists of geosynclinal sequences. The hollows are filled with remains, testifying to the activity of living organisms that lived here in the Cenozoic era. Mesozoic granites are widely distributed in the territory of Malacca. Closely related to them are deposits of tungsten, as well as tin. They constitute the geological wealth of the peninsula. Here you can find deposits of iron, coal, gold, bauxite, copper, lead, molybdenum and zinc.


There are several climatic zones on the Malay Peninsula. Thus, the southern part is characterized by an equatorial climate, and the northern zone is subequatorial and even monsoon.The amount of precipitation depends on the type of relief. In the plains, the value reaches 1 - 2 thousand millimeters, and in the highlands - 4 thousand annually. The temperature for twelve months does not change very much. It is almost always in the range of 25 - 27 degrees Celsius.

Flora and fauna

The tropical forests of the peninsula of Malacca constitute the natural wealth of this place. Almost three quarters of the whole territory is covered with forests. They contain ficuses, giant bamboo and other representatives of the flora.

Tropical forests of the peninsula of Malacca

Closer to the shore, in the mangroves, animals such as the Malayan tapir, elephants, furflies, and bats, such as flying dogs, live.

What is located?

Malacca is a peninsula on which parts of several states are located. This is Thailand and Malaysia, as well as Burma. The largest city is Kuala Lumpur.

The capital of Malaysia (abbreviated - Key El) is located in the southwest. The history of this city begins over 100 years ago. Then the Chinese discovered huge deposits of tin. The settlement near them was called Kuala Lumpur. At first it was a village, but it was built in a very convenient area, as a result of which it quickly turned into a major economic center.


Kuala Lampur is famous for its attractions.The capital TV tower is very popular. It was officially opened in 1996. Since then, it ranks fourth in the list of the tallest buildings in the world. During construction at the foot of the tower grew a beautiful tree. In order to save him from cutting, a large amount of money was spent. Now the real jungle is growing around, tourists come to look at them.

Melaka Peninsula

The twin towers are another local landmark. This building rises above the city at 452 meters, it is here that the city center is located. In the towers you can find not only offices and halls for meetings and exhibitions, but also a theater, several restaurants, as well as a room for the performance of the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra. Petronas double tower consists of 88 floors.


Where is the peninsula of Malacca, we found out. Now it remains to talk about one of the most scenic attractions of Kuala Lumpur. The famous lake called Tasik Perdana is located in the capital. In the 80s of the 20th century in the vicinity of the reservoir created several parks, which occupy an area of ​​91.6 hectares.

In the park of orchids grows more than 800 species of this plant, including exotic specimens. You can buy a cut flower.In this case, you will be given some tips on how to care for him.

Another similar park is dedicated to hibiscuses. They are also called kings of tropical flowers. In total, you can find more than 500 plant species and see the national flower of Malaysia

Spotted deer were brought from Holland to the peninsula. Another park is dedicated to them. It grows picturesque trees and shrubs, and also inhabits mouse deer, which since ancient times is found in the Malaysian tropics.

Where is the peninsula of Malacca

The butterfly park is inhabited by 6 thousand butterflies. In order to create comfortable conditions for them, it took 15 thousand plants to be used.

The local bird park is considered one of the largest of its kind. Here you can find 5 thousand birds of different species.

This is the most important thing you should know about the Malay Peninsula.

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