Male doctor: what is the name and what treats?

Men, in principle, do not like to think about their health and are very sensitive to any hints of their illness. Therefore, they actually get sick harder than women. But the cold is all nonsense, but the most terrible nightmare is a male doctor. What is this specialist called? How does he treat? And is he really as scary as all the representatives of the stronger sex are afraid of? Is it worth deciding on preventive examinations or will it only increase the torment of men?men's problems

Why go there?

Men prefer to ignore more illnesses and carry on their feet. If a cold is already covered, then it is easier to lie down for a couple of days, rather than go to see a physician. Raspberry tea is the best medicine for them, and fever is the true punishment. It is bad when true men's problems loom on the horizon. Who treats them and can they be prevented?

What distinguishes a man from a woman? Of course, the urinary system. And specifically, the male doctor is engaged in research and treatment of these most different organs.Of course, such diseases are the most inconvenient, as they cause embarrassment, modesty, and if you still have to talk about your sex life, then the situation is just a stalemate. Men are sincerely afraid of condemnation, afraid of views and other people's advice. If a doctor, God forbid, a woman, they would prefer to get away from medical care, rather than admit in distress.

However, men often suffer from inflammatory processes. And if not treated, they flow into chronic forms that require emergency intervention.male doctor what is called

Disturbing symptoms

What men's problems will become a clear "bell", hinting at the need to go to the doctor? It is worth guarding if pain appeared during urination. Also a bad symptom is a change in the color of the skin of the genitals. Listen to pain in the abdomen and pelvis. Any discomfort speaks of problems in the work of your organs. Pay attention to the smell and color of urine. Did she turn red? Then the problem should be solved by a male urologist. Do not tighten with a campaign to it, even if there is no pain. Perhaps you have problems with arousal? For men, this in itself is a disaster, but internal sensations may not coincide with the external manifestation of desire.If inside you are ready for sexual exploits, and externally the main male body does not work, then there is an alarming signal.

By the way, there may be no such symptoms, and in the meantime the disease has already passed into the second phase of the course. This cunning and asymptomatic disease course distinguishes male urology from female one, in which all violations can be traced very quickly.male urologist

Why not delay?

So, the guy decided that he needed a male doctor. What is the name of it? It’s not so difficult to find out, but to clarify the deviation, you need to be honest with your doctor. With timely diagnosis, curing problems is much easier, and complications can be avoided. The doctor, by the way, will remind you that any diseases of the genitourinary system will affect reproductive function, and therefore it is impossible to delay the campaign with the doctor.

Do not think that the urologist deals exclusively with male affairs. There is also a male doctor. What is he called? Andrologist. This is a specialist in the field of sexology, venereology, endocrinology, genetics and others. He conducts a survey, and then sends the man to a specialist with a narrower profile.For example, if it is discovered that a guy has a sexually transmitted infection, then a venereologist will enter the case. But when the symptoms are purely psychosomatic in nature, you will have to work with a psychologist. If more serious diseases are diagnosed, it is possible to get an appointment with a surgeon.what is the name of the male doctor

Who to call?

And how can you understand the name of the doctor for the male part, if there are so many different specialists? After all, andrologists work only in large clinics and private centers. And where to go to residents of small towns and villages?

In this case, the urologist will help you, who also deals with the diagnosis and treatment of various male diseases. He will always be able to recommend the right specialist and refer him to the surgeon, if it is impossible to do without surgery.

Sometimes "male" is called a proctologist. It also helps women, but can often prescribe treatment for inflammation of the prostate gland, and this is the most common male disease.

If the problems are with reproductive function, then only andrologist can help, who treats men of any age. It turns out that a male doctor can be a universal specialist. What is he called? It all depends on your problem.Reproductive function? Then you need an andrologist. Worrying urinary system? Exit prompt urologist. And if there are problems with the intestines, then make an appointment with a proctologist. To minimize the discomfort of visiting a doctor, you need to undergo a full examination twice a year, especially after a 45-year milestone. Timely diagnosis is the most effective prevention of adenoma and cancer.

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