Manicure is the most fashionable: novelties, trends

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of beautiful well-groomedhands when creating any image. Effective manicure can become both the main stroke, and a decent background for unusual jewelry or mehendi. Modern trends in manicure fashion are changing quite rapidly, but some trends can remain relevant for a long time. Our article will tell you about the most fashionable manicure.

manicure is the most fashionable

Fortunately, the choice of goods for nail art todayis very wide, which means that many techniques can be mastered by yourself. The main thing is to remember about accuracy, observance of technology and harmonious combinations.

Fashionable form

Today, nails are very small. Even a very short one can be matched with a suitable design that provides an excellent result.

About the length of Extra Large is worth forgetting. Do not get carried away by predatory sharp forms and too pronounced bend.

 the most fashionable autumn manicure photo

If you want to learn how to make the most fashionablemanicure, remember the main trends: naturalness and individuality. Do not be afraid of bold patterns and juicy shades. However, do not try to make the nails similar to the exhibit of the Museum of Modern Art. Hands should look natural. Observing a reasonable edge, a combination of grooming and ease is the key to success.

Manicure with a smile

French design can be called realold fashioned man. He has not given up positions for about 15 years. But modern masters are trying to get away from the textbook rules of the jacket. Along with the natural shades in which this design was performed for a long time, the whole palette is actual. Do you want to make the most fashionable manicure-jacket? Leave white and beige varnishes, experiment with a combination of dark blue with silver, black with bright yellow, burgundy with gold.

the most fashionable autumn manicure

Pastel colors are relevant. Supporters of a gentle palette often choose an unusual French jacket in which all nails are covered with peach or even transparent varnish, and their edges - in different shades.

One kind of jacket is considered to be a lunarmanicure, although many modern designers of nail art tend to allocate it in an independent direction. "Smile" is located near the nail growth line, can be any color, convex or concave shape.

Note another trend - a contrasting strip, located not across, but along the nail, along the edge.

You can make one of the kinds of a jacket every master, and if you plan to master the technique yourself, be sure to use applicators.


This option can hardly be called a trend of thisseason or past years. It is simple, simple to manufacture. But with the versatility of nude cover, no other design can compete. This manicure fits absolutely any image, from punk-rock to wedding and evening.

the most fashionable manicure designs

It's enough just to carefully cover your nails with varnishPeach, light beige or other delicate color. The most fashionable manicure in shades of nude can be decorated with small crystals or other decor. In this case, it is worth giving preference to the most modest elements: large stones and massive metal decorations harmoniously into the image will not fit.

Monochromatic coating

Today this is the most fashionable manicure for shortnails. Its main advantage is in extremely simple manufacture. In summer, juicy berry shades will be relevant, and for autumn it is necessary to adhere to the amber-coffee range.

Short nails of bright red color are suitable for many women. This season, this manicure can be seen not only on the streets of the city, but also on glossy pages and the best podiums of the planet.

the most fashionable spring manicure

The main feature of the season can be safely proclaimedmetallic. Of course, the radiant cover is not universal, it is hardly worth doing such a manicure before the exam, acquaintance with the groom's parents or important business negotiations. But for the holiday idea can be excellent. You can make a similar design with a manicure foil, and for those who can not decide on such a radical step, there are gold and silver tips.

The idea of ​​a special nail

There is a belief that the lacquer of anotherThe color of the nails of the ring fingers activates the energy. According to the teachings of Feng Shui, these fingers are responsible for love, family, relationships. To believe in it or not is a private matter for everyone. In terms of aesthetics, this technique is very good. It allows you to use various designs and techniques, but do not overload the image.

the most fashionable manicure photo

Pay special attention not only to the nails of ring fingers, but also to any others.

Five by geometry

A very unusual idea is presented in the following photo - the most fashionable manicure in an unusual style.

the most fashionable manicure

For self-reproduction, you needa set of applicators (or at least paint tape), a thin brush, as well as a little skill to draw. Modern masters often use this style. The combination of geographical shapes of different shades today in the trend, as never before. You can use both colors of one scale, and the brightest colors. Before you begin to decorate your nails, it is desirable to practice on tips. Uncertain lines and indistinct outlines will be noticeable and spoil the whole picture.

Stone nails

This technique is not easy. And not every master will take it for her. But if before going to the salon you are looking for something completely fantastic, pay attention to the newest trend - nail-minerals. They can imitate the splits of a luxurious agate, studded with gold specks of onyx, an amazing geode, a cat's eye shining with depth, noble marble or any other ornamental stone. Particularly impressive is the manicure in the company of jewelry, decorated with the same mineral, but it is desirable that it was an earring or a suspension, and not a ring.

manicure is the most fashionable

Stone cover can look heavy in the hot season. But in the cold season will be a real hit. Many stylists claim that this is the most fashionable autumn manicure.

You can achieve the effect with the help of gel and gel,and ordinary. Apply the drawing on the wet, without waiting for drying. For sparkling inclusions and veins, you can use gold lacquer, glitter or manicure foil.

Shards of glass

Last year's trend is still in fashion, but the comingseason brought about some changes. Today, combined types of manicure with "broken glass" are relevant. Agree, if you decorate all 10 nails with splinters equally, the image looks hard. Therefore, professionals recommend experimenting. The next photo is an example of a successful tandem of two trends: a glass manicure and the idea of ​​Negative Space (free space, open spaces), whose popularity is growing rapidly.

the most fashionable autumn manicure photo

To simulate fragments on the nails will needA special film, which is sold in the departments for nail art. Cut it into pieces of any shape, lay with tweezers on a damp varnish, and after it dries, cover with a fixer.

Vualechnaya technology

Becomes a real hit and the design depicted in the next photo. The most fashionable manicure of autumn and winter of last year is still relevant.

This design creates the effect that marigoldsare tightened in kapron or hidden under a layer of tulle. The trick is that the nail is covered with a layer of fixer, which is added a small droplet of black lacquer.

the most fashionable autumn manicure

You can create a lace pattern with a brush,stencil, ready-made stickers, stamp. Even the invisible spots set by the corner look very effective. You can work and gel varnishes, and the simplest. As in the case of other active designs, it is desirable to cover the veil not all nails, but only some.


Create a nail color transition withApplicator tried many women of fashion. The idea is not new, but if you have time to master the technique, rejoice: the ombre again claims the title of the most fashionable manicure.

the most fashionable manicure designs

The design can be supplemented with small pebbles orsequins. Apply a drop of varnish of different colors on the applicator with small pores, mix the border with a toothpick or dots, press it to the nail covered in a light tone. Gently remove any lacquer residues from the skin. If you work with gel, it must be done before baking.


Design, made with the help of multi-coloredcircles - an indisputable contender for the role of the most fashionable manicure of spring. Camifubuki are sold in sets of two or three colors, perfectly matching each other. Choose something that pleases the eye, and boldly experiment with a silver, black, fresh and even colorless varnish.

the most fashionable spring manicure

Circles do not require the use of glue, they are excellentfastened to an unshaped lacquer. Moreover, even the fixer is not an obligatory step, however, when working with gel it is still better to use it to level the surface.


To make the most fashionable manicure in any technique you can use stamps. For example, the technique is suitable for the aforementioned veil design or in case you need to apply a pattern over the ombre.

The advantage of technology is that the basica set of a stamp, a spatula and a plate with a pattern need to be spent only once. In the future, you can buy as many inexpensive mini-disks with a variety of drawings.

the most fashionable manicure photo

When the base coat on the nails completelydry, drip some contrasting varnish on the plate, trowel with a trowel to evenly fill the curly grooves. Press the stamp first to the plate, then to the nail. That's the whole science! Even if you can not draw, you can create a wonderful design.

Painting of nails

Well, for those who are on "you" with a brush and dots,the scope for creativity is even wider. In fashion, a variety of subjects - from flowers to the megapolis panoramas. The idea of ​​drawing one picture on several nails is actual, as shown in the next photo.

the most fashionable manicure

In order not to overload the image, it is desirable to cover the nails of the second hand with a one-color varnish, harmonizing in color with the picture.

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