Marketing plan

Marketing in an industrial enterprise coversissues related to market research, marketing planning, the introduction of new products, the distribution of finished goods, marketing communications, product pricing, and the organization, management and control of all listed functions. One of the main marketing issues is the development of a marketing plan that allows you to coordinate all the activity of production for optimizing and increasing economic returns - this is the essence and necessity of implementing such a plan. The marketing plan includes It includes the following stages:

- analysis of the situation;

- setting goals and objectives of marketing;

- strategy development;

- development of an action plan;

- determination of control points;

Let us dwell on each stage in more detail.First, you need to analyze the situation. What he really is? As a rule, you must first state the current marketing situation. The developer of the plan describes the present situation of the goods of an industrial enterprise in the market. The main thing at this stage is to be objective. This section includes not only information about the goods of an industrial enterprise, but also about competitors, their situation, their products, and also describes the major trends affecting players in the market. Next, a SWOT analysis should be conducted, during which it is necessary to consider weak and strong side of the product, as well as external capabilities and threats. Then, when analyzing the situation, it is necessary to touch upon the main tasks and problems of production of an industrial enterprise. It describes everything related to the production of products: what tasks does an industrial enterprise set for itself in production, can it have problems in connection with this, etc. The second important element of the marketing plan is called "Marketing goals and objectives". Obviously, they are interrelated, because the tasks are the continuation of the set goals. As a rule, the goal is something generalized, not very specific, for example, increasing the market share by such a percentage. But the tasks, on the contrary, should be as specific as possible: what an industrial enterprise should do in order for this market share to grow. The marketing plan includes the choice of strategy, which is its third stage. This is an extremely important point, largely determining the success or failure of the goods in the future. There are also stages:

- it is necessary to determine the target market;

- to conduct the basic positioning;

- Develop a price policy;

- develop a distribution strategy (commodity circulation);

- Develop a communication strategy.

After the development of the strategy, the marketing planshould be specified by the description of action plans (the fourth stage). This item is a logical continuation of the developed types of strategies, since here (according to terms) all the actions that the industrial enterprise intends to describe are described. The action plan describes how the strategy will be implemented, when and what will be done, who will do it, etc. Any marketing plan should end with the item "Control". Here are the main results that an industrial enterprise must achieve after a certain time. It is for these figures that representatives of an industrial enterprise will monitor current and planned indicators and, if necessary, make adjustments. Marketing at an industrial enterprise is not limited to the development of a marketing plan, on the contrary, after its compilation, the most interesting thing is its implementation, implementation .

The described stages of development of the marketing planwill be applicable not only to an industrial enterprise, but also to any commercial structure that does not deal with the production of goods - trade, providing services, work.

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