Medication "Metoclopramide". Instructions for use

The drug "Metoclopramide" is a specific blocker of a number of receptors (serotonin and dopamine). Means soothes hiccups, has a regulating effect on the activity of the digestive system. The drug helps to enhance the tone and motor ability of the digestive tract. At the same time, there is no change in the secretion of the stomach. There is evidence that the drug accelerates the healing of ulcers in the stomach or duodenum. There is also evidence that the drug is effective in migraines and Tourette syndrome (generalized ticks - involuntary jerking - in young children). The drug does not affect the vomiting of the vestibular nature (provoked by motion sickness). The mechanism of drug action is associated with an increase in intestinal and stomach tone, an increase in the intensity of emptying the pylorus and stomach, as well as a decrease in hyperacid stasis (stopping the movement of food due to acidification).metoclopramide pills

Means "Metoclopramide". Instructions for use. Indications

The drug is prescribed as an antiemetic for vomiting, nausea, caused by anesthesia, side effects of drugs, radiation therapy, nutritional disorders. In gastroenterology, the drug is used in the combination therapy of ulcers, gastritis, discnesia (mobility disorders) in the abdominal organs. The indications include postoperative intestinal paresis, flatulence. The drug "Metoclopramide" recommends that the application for dyspeptic manifestations in patients with severe cardiac pathologies (heart attack, heart failure). The indications include vomiting and pregnancy. The drug is often prescribed before carrying out various diagnostic measures. In particular, the drug significantly facilitates radiographic examination of the small intestine and stomach.metoclopramide in ampoules

Dosing regimen

The drug "Metoclopramide" (tablets) are administered orally three times a day, one at a time (the dosage for children is ½-1 tablet). It is recommended to take medicine before meals. In severe cases, the drug is administered intravenously (intramuscularly). The drug "Metoclopramide" in ampoules is recommended from one to three times a day.Before carrying out diagnostic procedures, one or two vials are administered, or the medicine is given orally for fifteen to thirty minutes before the study begins.


The drug "Metoclopramide" instructions for use is not recommended for intolerance to the components. The expediency of the appointment of pregnant and lactating sets the doctor.

Adverse reactionsmetoclopramide instructions for use

As practice shows, the drug is well tolerated. In some cases, extrapyramidal disorders are likely: coordination disorders with decreased range of motion and trembling. These conditions are characteristic of parkinsonism. To eliminate these manifestations, caffeine is prescribed (parenterally).

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