Medicine "Lasix": instructions for use

Features pharmacodynamics of the drug

lasix instructions for useMedicine "Lasix" instructions for use characterizes how quickly and highly effective diuretic "loop" type. The basis of the pharmacological action of this tool is the suppression of the reabsorption of sodium ions and chlorine in one of the segments of the loop of Henle. Due to this effect, the drug "Lasix", the instructions for use of which are necessarily included, in a short time reduces the susceptibility of the vascular wall to catecholamines, whose level is elevated in patients suffering from arterial hypertension.

Description of the composition and dosage form

This medicine is produced in the form of a solution used for intramuscular and intravenous administration, and in the form of tablets. The composition of the latter as an active element includes forty milligrams of furosemide. Talc, pregelatinized starch, silicon dioxide, starch, magnesium stearate and lactose act as additional components.One milliliter of Lasix solution contains about ten milligrams of furosemide, as well as a small amount of sodium hydroxide, sodium chloride and distilled water.

Basic indications for appointment

lasix tablets

To take diuretic medicine "Lasix" instructions for use advises for the treatment of edema syndrome associated with congestive heart failure, chronic heart failure or chronic renal failure. With excessive fluid accumulation caused by a condition such as nephrotic syndrome, this drug should also be used. To maintain the required level of water excretion in acute renal failure (including during pregnancy and childbirth), Lasix medication should be similarly started. These tablets are indicated for administration and for edema syndrome associated with severe liver disease. In addition, this diuretic is often prescribed to maintain forced diuresis, the treatment of hypertensive crisis and hypertension.

lasix applicationList of medical contraindications

Take the drug "Laziks" instructions for use is not recommended for hepatic coma, liver failure, disorders of the kidneys, electrolyte imbalance and gout. If you are hypersensitive to furosemide, hypokalemia, hyperuricemia, and anuria, you should not start using this diuretic. If the patient has a violation of tolerance to carbohydrates, diabetes mellitus, oliguria, or hypotension, it is also not recommended to prescribe the drug Lasix.

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