Metro station "Akademicheskaya": history, interesting facts

Tourists who find themselves in the Russian capital for the first time are amazed by the beauty of the local metro. Proof of this are the crowds of visitors from China, Germany, Japan and other states scurrying around the "underground kingdom." They are amazed at the luxurious design of the Moscow metro and are equipped with cameras and video cameras.

What will be the disappointment of one of them when he goes from the Taganskaya station, one of the most beautiful in the Moscow metro, to the Riga-Kaluga branch, passes only a few stops from the center and finds himself in a completely different world. In that where there is no deliberate luxury, but there is only restraint, bordering on facelessness. Such is the metro station "Akademicheskaya". Moscow is a city of contrasts and contradictions.

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Why did the city authorities stint on the project of this station? How to get to the metro station "Akademicheskaya"? And what attractions are located near this station?

Ban on excesses

Pavilions of the Moscow Metro have a high cultural and historical value. Especially those that were built before the beginning of the fifties. Luxurious bas-reliefs, majestic sculptures, tall columns - all this is present in the oldest pavilions of the Moscow metro. The most luxurious station, perhaps, is the "Square of the Revolution", opened in the late thirties.

However, in 1955, the Central Committee adopted a decree according to which, not on all sorts of excesses, but the pace should be focused on the construction of new metro stations. "Academic", "Profsoyuznaya", for example, are made in a rather restrained style, fully in line with the adopted resolution of the Central Committee of the CPSU.

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A new style

In place of individual projects came standard, cheap. That is why most of the stations of the Riga-Kaluga line have such a discreet design. What is remarkable metro "Academic"? A person who has been here more than once may find it difficult to answer the question of the colors and material of which the interior of this station was made.

Metro "Academic"

Moscow was not built in a day.In the construction of the Moscow metro was also a lot of difficulties. The stations of the Moscow metro are regularly completed, rebuilt and restored. After all, the metro is in some sense the face of the city, and it should be maintained in proper condition.

Of course, the metro station "Akademicheskaya" has undergone many changes over its more than half a century of history. The station was reconstructed three times. At first it was lined with ceramic tiles in black and blue, which gave it a somewhat ascetic look. Especially in comparison with other, older stations. But ceramics showered. The material had to be partially restored. And in 2004 it was completely replaced with composite tiles. From now on, the station has white walls with blue accents. Lobbies are not here. The entrance is through an underground passage.

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The station was founded in 1962. Initially they wanted to call her "Cheryomushki". But changed their mind and gave a more solid name.

Metro station "Akademicheskaya" has a story as modest as its decoration. Here, fortunately, there were no tragedies, such as, for example, at the “Park of Culture” and “Lubyanka”.But any bright events did not take place.

The depth of the station is eight and a half meters. The authors of this "unique" project are architects Petukhov, Fokina, Kolesnikov.

What is nearby?

There are no theaters or historical monuments nearby. However, not far from the metro station "Akademicheskaya" there are the Museum of Darwin and the Museum of Nikolai Rubtsov. The exits lead to Profsoyuznaya, the longest Moscow street. There are many restaurants, cafes, shops and other infrastructure. When you exit the metro station "Akademicheskaya" you can also be on the street Dmitry Ulyanov or Ho Chi Minh Square.

how to get to the metro academic

How to get there?

In order to get to the "Academic", you should transfer to the Riga-Kaluga line, the transitions to which are carried out at the stations "Prospect Mira", "October", "Tretyakovskaya". You can also use land transport. On the street Profsoyuznoy runs a lot of buses and taxis. However, the Academic District of Moscow is one of those in which traffic congestion is present almost around the clock. That is why the metro is the most convenient and fast mode of transport.

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