MFO "Mig Credit": customer reviews, office addresses, conditions

Sometimes in the life of each of us there are such moments when a certain amount of money is urgently required. Yes, many have a certain financial reserve, but not everyone has the opportunity to save money in the “nest box”. Mig Credit can help out in this situation.

This microfinance organization is one of the largest in the field of lending. During its existence, MigCredit received feedback from customers in most cases positive. She received them thanks to her attentive and polite staff, as well as the ease of processing the loan and the speed of receiving money by the borrower. If you urgently need to get a loan, a microloan, then you can safely apply to this organization. But it is worth considering that interest on the loan is calculated for each day of use. Therefore, you should carefully consider before proceeding to the design of the loan, as well as be nice to read customer reviews "Mig Credit".

mig loan customer reviews

A little about the company

Mig Credit LLC has been providing funds to its borrowers for years. The main distinguishing feature of the lender is the issuance of a loan without references and guarantors in the shortest possible time. Experienced consultants of the company are always ready to come to the aid of clients, to answer any interesting question. The loan in "Mig Credit" can be obtained both on the card and in cash. The organization tries to maintain its status by providing absolutely transparent conditions for obtaining a loan.

She deserved positive feedback from Mig Credit clients for simple and affordable ways to return money. To verify the solvency of customers, the company uses a special innovative way. So, she completely finds out the entire credit history of the client and his ability to repay the loan.

Like any other financial institution specializing in issuing loans to the public, the company tries to offer its clients the most favorable conditions for obtaining a loan. She gives out loans and microloans to almost all who applied. The exception, of course, are people with a broken credit history and insolvent citizens.

Despite all the advantages described above, the Mig Credit company receives reviews of debtors not too flattering, but the reason is clear.

Terms of issue

In general, the company has standard requirements for its potential borrowers. But nevertheless, before registering a cash loan, it is better to familiarize yourself with all the conditions on the official website of the company. The borrower can also call the “Mig Credit” hotline phone number - 8 (800) 100 06 09. Here you can also get all the necessary information.

mig loan online application

The conditions that are provided for drawing up the loan agreement are as follows:

  • The amount of the cash loan is at least three thousand rubles, but it cannot exceed thirty.
  • Limited and the term of the loan. You can get money for a period of seven days to thirty-five.
  • According to the rules, the creditor is given twenty-four hours to consider the filed application, but in fact this procedure will take no more than an hour.
  • The cash loan is issued to solvent citizens who, at the time of application, are twenty-one years old.
  • Crediting is carried out only in the territory of the Russian Federation.
  • Potential borrower must have Russian citizenship.

It is necessary to take only a passport and SNILS, the company does not require any references and additional documents.Mig Credit Telephone Hotline

How to apply?

In MFI "Mig Credit" you can submit an online application on the official website. The form to fill out is very simple, thanks to this you can place an application on the site in just a few minutes.

The organization does not need to fill out voluminous documents with a lot of points, which is very practical. When a client makes an online application, Mig Credit significantly saves time and nerves of its borrowers, which is so important in the modern pace of life. A client of an organization can apply for a loan in a few minutes, without interrupting work or daily activities. You can fill out the borrower's application form absolutely from any device that has Internet access, no matter if it is a computer, tablet or phone.

In the absence of such an opportunity or simply unwillingness to fill in the credit form on their own, the borrower can call the Mig Kredit operator on the telephone hotline indicated above.

Interest calculation

Like any other financial company, "Mig Credit" interest on the loan accrues to each client.And the larger the loan amount, the greater will be the percentage of overpayment.

On the website of the microfinance organization there is a special loan calculator. With it, anyone before applying for a loan can calculate what the percentage of overpayment will be. It is formed on the basis of the amount and duration of the mini-loan.

Mig credit reviews debtors

To find out the exact amount of money to be returned, the borrower must be entered into the settlement form:

  • the number of days (the period for which the money is needed);
  • amount of credit.

After it remains to press the button "calculate", and all the necessary information will appear on the screen.

Interest in "Mig Credit" is charged for the use of cash daily. This should not be forgotten.

How to return the loan "Mig Credit"?

The client can repay the loan received in the microfinance organization in two ways. The first involves the repayment of the loan completely at once, that is, a one-time payment. This method is not very popular among borrowers, since the amount is very significant. But despite this, this option is used by people who are confident in their financial capabilities.Another way to pay off debt is well suited to those who borrowed a small amount of money from the company.

The second option is a partial repayment of the amount of debt, which is more like a loan payment. In this case, the borrower is required to pay a certain amount every two weeks. Mig Credit does not charge interest for early repayment.

Those customers who have proven themselves in the company as reliable borrowers can borrow a larger amount. It can reach 60,000 rubles.

You can repay a loan received in the company in several ways:

  • from your bank card on the organization’s website;
  • through the payment system "Contact" or "Leader";
  • using mobile payment terminals;
  • in the stores "Svyaznoy" or "Euroset";
  • Bank transaction.

a microloan loan

Customer reviews

"Mig Credit" customer reviews are more positive. Those borrowers who fully comply with all the conditions specified in the loan agreement speak well about the company. Customers praise the convenience and ease of processing a credit transaction, the courtesy of employees. And the company does not overstate the interest on the loan.

Another positive characteristic is the choice of the method of obtaining cash. They can be delivered directly to your home or office by an office employee, and you can also receive money in a bank account or card.

If we consider examples of reviews that were left on the Internet, we can highlight the following:

  • Often money is received at the office of the company, applications are issued by very polite girls. The whole process is very fast, with the exception of a large queue.
  • The company helps out when it is necessary to borrow up to 10,000 for urgent needs. For example, for urgent treatment, birthday, or some other celebration. Others do not want to seek help from friends, so as not to cause an awkward situation.
  • Many return the debt in parts, it is convenient to people.
  • Appeal to the company because its services are actively advertised on the Internet. Sometimes it is simply impossible not to notice them. One of the first comes across the company "Mig Credit".
  • Clients like that the solution is received very quickly (about ten minutes after the application is made), and the money is transferred to the card within one hour.
  • In case of early repayment of the loan, interest is recalculated.

instant loan overdue

Reviews of debtors of “Mig Credit”, that is, those who could not repay the loan on time, are very different. They mention a high interest rate. Also, almost everyone who has overdue a little payment complains that all the politeness of employees disappears dramatically.

If you bring all these responses to a common denominator, you get something like the following:

  • People complain that serious troubles can arise in life unexpectedly, and it is not always possible to make a payment on time. According to the loan agreement, customers contact the company’s office by phone or come to the office in person to explain the situation. In practice, it turns out that employees refuse to defer payments and enter the position of a client. Instead, the debt is transferred to the collectors. Recent calls with terrible threats at any time of the day or night.
  • When you return half the amount of the debt for the remainder impose a huge penalty interest. For example, the sum of seventy-six thousand rubles was immediately credited to the fifteen thousand rubles of the remaining debt. As a result, the debtor refuses to pay due to disproportionate fees.After that, the situation repeats (transfer of debt to collectors - calls, threats, intimidation).
  • When approving a loan, an interest rate of 0.9 percent per day is set. But after signing the contract, the interest on the loan is raised twice. Clients of the organization write that "Mig Credit" is cashing in on someone else's grief; enjoys the fact that people fall into desperate situations and are forced to take loans under enslaving interest.

However, before making negative conclusions, it should be remembered that no financial company will forgive the debt to the borrower. So “Mig Credit” will not leave the client’s delay in payment. Nerves shook, that's for sure.

In the reviews they write that calls last for about a year, sometimes longer. Credit experts explain that legally the actions of collectors are in most cases illegal. It is unprofitable for microfinance organizations to go to court. They will not win the required amount in the arbitration order, and it’s not easy to prove the article “Fraud” (which is so often intimidated by clients). In fact, in the Russian judicial practice, none of the microfinance organizations had a single case won over the fact of fraud.

If the borrower is a responsible client, makes all payments on microloans in a timely manner, then he can safely contact the credit organization. At the same time, it does not matter whether it is a Mig Credit company or any other. Those borrowers who carefully read the contract and comply with all conditions, rarely remain dissatisfied.

Ways to communicate with the company

Although the microfinance organization works in most cases online, there are several ways to communicate with it.

Of course, the first and most popular is communication with employees via the Internet. A client or a potential borrower can write an email to employees or contact them via a special chat.

To clarify some issues, solving problems associated with the design or return of a loan, you can call the hotline phone number (see above). In addition, the borrower can visit the office of the company if it is present in the region of its residence. If necessary, you can send a letter by post to Russia to the legal address of the microfinance organization.

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Due to the ever-growing competition in the lending market, each of the financial companies is trying to stand out and thereby attract more customers.

So what are the benefits of organizing?

  • First of all, this is what you can apply to Mig Kredit online. This method is one of the most convenient, since there is no need to go to the office of the company, stand in lines. An application via the Internet saves a lot of free time, which the working person always lacks.
  • The choice of repayment of the loan. If the borrower is not able to repay the loan in full, then it can be divided into equal parts. And on the contrary, the client can return the entire amount at once, thereby removing the credit burden.
  • Mig Credit is one of the most popular microfinance organizations. Every day, about a thousand clients turn to it for a loan, most of whom are satisfied with the credit service provided.
  • Another important advantage of the organization is the wide geography of loans. Due to the fact that MigKredit accepts applications online, absolutely any solvent citizen of the Russian Federation can leave a request for receiving money in debt.
  • Get a loan to the MFI can both students and retirees. In this case, the interest rate for each of the clients is calculated individually. It starts at 0.8 percent per day.
  • When you make a loan there are no hidden fees, right on the page of the site you can calculate the amount that will need to be returned upon the expiration of the loan period. Or what amount should be paid every two weeks, if the borrower has chosen this method of repayment of credit obligations.
  • It should be added to the benefits and the minimum amount of time required to complete the application. Yes, and you can get money in just twenty-four hours. If the borrower wants to arrange a loan on his bank card, then the money will go to it within fifteen minutes.
  • The application form itself is very simple, even the person who takes a loan through the Internet for the first time can easily deal with it. Well, if you still have difficulties with this, you can always contact the office or call the operators on the telephone hotline.

Disadvantages of the company

Despite the many positive feedbacks from Mig Credit customers, as well as the presence of all the above-mentioned advantages of the company, it has some drawbacks.

One of them is considered initially uncertain interest rate on the loan.When making a loan, a potential client can be issued a cash loan at both 0.9 percent and almost two. And this, taking into account the fact that interest is calculated for each day of using the loan, is quite a lot.

The disadvantages include rough treatment of the client, in cases of delay of the loan, even just a couple of days.

Interest for late payment is charged not small, and also for each day delayed with the payment. Many have to borrow money in order not to delay the payment in the organization.

And, unfortunately, hotline operators can not always help. To solve serious issues, you will have to send a letter if there is no company office in the region of presence.

Many of the customers complain about the long lines at the offices of the company; in order to solve a five-minute issue, sometimes they have to stand in anticipation for a long time.

Very often, customers complain that after a loan is issued by the company, SMS messages and various kinds of calls are constantly coming to their number, asking for a loan. At the same time, such proposals are being made not only by the Mig Credit organization itself, but also by third-party microfinance companies.

Again about delinquency. If the borrower did not pay the loan on time, calls with complaints will be received not only to him. Employees will be disturbed by the person whose number the client left as an additional contact, and make calls to work.

For some, it may not be a disadvantage, but still Mig Credit offices are located only in the largest cities. Residents of other localities will have to resolve all issues by phone or via the Internet. And this sometimes causes difficulties.

Addresses "Mig Credit"

Although the company specializes in issuing loans online, it also has offices in many Russian cities.

The main or central office of the Mig Credit microfinance organization is located in Moscow. It is located at the following address: Moscow, Suschevsky Val, 5, bldg. 3, index 127018. For example, in St. Petersburg one branch of this organization is located on the embankment of the Griboedov Canal, 68.

The remaining offices are located in twenty-five areas, namely in one hundred and two Russian cities. The client can find out whether he is present in your region, as well as clarify his address on the website of a microfinance organization or by telephone.

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