Milk Oolong tea (Chinese tea): reviews, prices

What is milk oolong? The answer to the question you will find in the materials of this article. We will also tell you about the properties of the product under consideration, how it should be used, whether it has contraindications.milk oolong

General information

Milk oolong tea is semi-fermented tea. According to the classification (Chinese), it occupies an intermediate place between green and red. When processing this product, the fermentation is not completed. In other words, it is not subjected to the entire sheet, but only its edges and a small part of the surface.

It is impossible not to say that the inner layers of the tea leaf completely preserve their structure and also do not ferment. That is why it is believed that milk oolong combines the properties of both green tea (it has a rich taste) and red (it has a bright aroma).

Currently, this product is divided into two types. The first one is very close to green tea (its degree of fermentation is lower), and the second to red tea (the degree of fermentation is higher).

Milk Oolong has a long history.Such tea is very often used at the gong fu ca ceremony, which translates as “higher tea mastery”.

The composition of the drink

Milk oolong tea has a unique composition. It contains vitamins such as C, E, D, as well as vitamins of group B. In addition, this drink contains the following minerals: calcium, iron, manganese, phosphorus, potassium and selenium.

Due to this composition, oolong milk tea can have an effective effect on the vascular and cardiac systems. It is also useful for the whole organism.oolong milk tea

Milk Oolong: the benefits and harm

By the amount of antioxidants, the product we are considering is exactly twice as high as black or red tea. It is also rich in various nutrients. In this tea there are more than four hundred species. The vitamins and microelements contained in this product are perfectly preserved due to the unique technology of leaf processing.

The beneficial properties of tea are in its tonic and warming effect. By consuming this drink every day, a person will forever forget what fatigue is.

Like green tea, milk oolong quickly improves performance and contributes to the good performance of the spleen.In addition, it improves appetite, and also helps to get rid of discomfort and heaviness in the stomach after ingestion of fatty and fried foods.

Chinese oolong milk tea perfectly strengthens the circulatory system, quickly relieves headaches, and also improves the condition of the oral mucosa and freshens breath.

One of the main features of this product is its ability to positively affect the walls of blood vessels. It strengthens them well, and also prevents the formation of blood clots. Continuous use of tea helps to lose weight and strengthen the immune system. In addition, for the weaker sex, this product can serve as an excellent anti-wrinkle remedy. It gives the skin a youthful and beautiful tea milk oolong

Harm to drink

Are there any contraindications for such tea as milk oolong? Benefit and harm due to the composition. There are no particular contraindications to the use of tea. However, before using it, the following factors should be considered:

  • High levels of caffeine can cause insomnia. In this regard, milk oolong is not recommended to drink before bedtime.
  • If you have individual intolerance to the individual components of the drink, then after its use may be allergic.
  • Due to the excessive content of theine milk oolong is not recommended for pregnant women and nursing mothers.
  • Do not use the product in the period of acute gastric ulcers and gastritis.

Milk oolong tea: how to brew?

To get not only tasty and fragrant, but also a healthy drink, tea should be brewed properly. If you comply with all the requirements for the preparation of milk oolong, he will give you all his healing and valuable substances.

By completing some simple steps to brew a drink, you can not just enjoy tasty and wonderful tea, but also saturate your body with microelements and vitamins.

So, in order to fully utilize all the useful properties of the product we are considering, you must adhere to the following rules:

  • Pour boiling water over the porcelain or clay kettle.
  • Put about ten grams of tea leaves in it.
  • Fill in five hundred milliliters of hot water. Make sure that the temperature of the liquid you use does not exceed eighty degrees. Otherwise, the aroma of tea, as well as all its beneficial substances will be destroyed.
  • Drain and immediately pour new liquid into the kettle.
  • Brew milk oolong for two or three minutes.

It should be noted that the tea leaves are fully revealed only after a few brews. Using this technique, you will definitely get a wonderful and real delicate taste and aroma.

milk oolong benefit and harm

By the way, each subsequent brewing of milk oolong should last three minutes longer than the previous one. At the same time, the total amount of tea brewing can reach five to six times.milk oolong how to brew

Product price

Compared with ordinary black tea, oolong milk tea has a rather high cost. However, the price of this product may vary significantly depending on its subspecies. For example, packaged tea costs about one hundred and fifty rubles. As for the sheet, then for it you can give and two hundred, and three hundred, and four hundred, and five hundred rubles (per hundred grams).

It should immediately be said that the high cost of this product does not always indicate its exceptional taste. Therefore, we recommend to try all those who have drinks, and only then stop at any one.

Consumer reviews

Like green tea, milk oolong tea is very popular.That is why to find reviews about this drink is not difficult. Those who often buy such tea, note that it has an unsurpassed aroma and milky-creamy taste. Use this drink every day. It tones well, gives a lot of strength and energy.

Also, consumers note that this tea helps to improve well-being. This happens due to the fact that the nutrients contained in the drink, a positive effect on the vascular and blood systems.

As for the negative reviews, they are almost nonexistent. The only thing that consumers are not satisfied with is the fact that the described product is not sold in all supermarkets. That is why, seeing tea on the shelves, fans buy it for future use. And this is not surprising, because once having tried this drink, you can no longer forget it. This is due not to the fact that it includes addictive components, but to the fact that it is quite difficult for an ordinary person to give up an incredibly tasty and fragrant tea that improves performance, gives a lot of strength and energy.Chinese oolong milk tea

Let's sum up

Now you know what milk oolong is.Choosing a quality product and brewing it correctly, you will definitely get the most delicious tonic drink. Milk tea without milk - this is what many consumers say about ulun. To verify this statement, we recommend to purchase it and try it yourself. Have a nice tea party!

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