Modern house heaters

The question of how to equip your dwelling,make it warm and cozy to disturb people since antiquity. Currently, residents of cities prefer to buy or build cottages. In such cases, of course, you need modern insulation for walls and floors, which will help keep the heat in the building in any weather.

Today, thermal insulation can be made both external and internal, while using different materials. Their quality is controlled by modern standards and norms.

The basalt insulation is quite common,It consists of fine fibers, the raw material for which are some rocks. This material is characterized by high incombustibility and good heat and sound insulation properties. In addition, it does not pass moisture and protects the walls from wind, is resistant to temperature changes and easy to install. The cost of this material is also its advantage over others.

Heat insulation for home is chosen according to differentparameters. For example, security is very important. In this case, the environmental friendliness of materials, as well as their fire resistance, comes to the fore. In the future, it is necessary to pay attention to the correct installation. So, when laying a mineral wool board it is not recommended to leave slits and interlayers in the corners of the walls. This material requires complete sealed insulation, as otherwise it can cause harm to health.

Another point, which is important to drawattention is a high service life or durability. Often when building sound wooden or brick houses, modern insulators choose unreliable, having a short life. Subsequently, it will be difficult to change them, so it is better to immediately select the materials of proven manufacturers that produce products for the construction market for several decades.

Mineral wool is one of the most popularkinds of heaters. This is due to its low price and a rather long period of operation. This material can be used for the thermal insulation of walls, roofs, ceilings, etc. If mineral wool is insulated with a roof, it is recommended to apply technology such as the "Canadian sandwich". This will help to ensure the vapor barrier and wind and moisture protection of the roof.

Modern heaters have highheat-insulating properties. For example, it is worth noting foam glass. It is used not only in the construction of residential buildings, but also for the warmth of the garage, the bath and other households. buildings. This material is airtight, durable and durable.

To insulate the floors are often usedexpanded polystyrene. It is strong enough to withstand constant pressure, and high thermal insulation characteristics allow to achieve the desired effect regardless of weather conditions. Along with this material is often chosen and foam polyethylene. It is easy to install and has a low cost.

Modern insulation for the roof of the house can beroll. Usually polymers are used for their production, which are sometimes made on bitumen basis. Such materials are easy to install. They have such characteristics as low thermal conductivity and water resistance. In addition, these heaters are resistant to temperature changes and biological effects.

Whichever material is selected for preservationheat in the house, first of all it is necessary to focus on one's own needs, as well as on the structure and climatic conditions of the region. Equally important is the cost of the material, however, do not forget that this is not always an indicator of quality, so it's best to contact long-proven manufacturers.

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