Multiplayer game "War of the Tribes": description, features and passage

Undoubtedly, have you ever met a carton of milk labeled "House in the village". How does this relate to the game? Well, in fact, you will have the same house at the beginning. You must develop your house, gain influence, respect and coolness. Do not forget that live next to those who look askance in the direction of your house. And therefore should be developed.


The game "War of the Tribes" depicts the era of the early Middle Ages. If you are a diplomat or you have some rank in a tribe, you can form an alliance with another tribe. The number of players in your tribe depends on the world in which you exist. At first you need to build something, and then you will improve it. When you upgrade a building to a certain level, you open others. You can build a church, and it will give a blessing for the troops.However, in some worlds there are no such buildings, you will not find the statues necessary for a paladin. To finish a building, we need peasants.

The level of the town hall affects the speed of construction, and you can also demolish something, build a cathedral. However, if the church is built in each village, then the cathedral is only in one. The advantage is that its radius of influence is much larger than the church.

All troops are sent to the square from where you control them. The estate must be expanded to ensure the production of your soldiers and workers.

This is a war of wild tribes, loners do not survive here. But you should not look for a tribe by rating, only if they do not want to call you themselves. It is advisable to look at the continent so that the members of your tribe are nearby, so they can send you reinforcements, and you to them.

create a tribe

Create a strong tribe with other players!

An interesting fact is that there is a story about the tribes written by John Miller, based on the works "Star Wars", "The Lost Sith Tribe". Some players call their tribes so.

Icons on the map

When you get to the map of the game "War of the Tribes", you see a few interesting icons.

  • The first is an overview of the villages, and it shows information on the villages that you have.
  • The reports are not only economic, but also military. If another player sends you a report, he will also get here.
  • Messages - here you can send and read something. It also gets messages that the administration writes.
  • Tribe. Here the tribe is the same as the guild, alliance, community.
  • At the fifth icon, you will see a military adviser who will give you useful advice about the war.
  • The sixth icon is the account manager. Here is a video of how to build troops when using it.
  • Settings, there is also your profile, and many features.
  • Premium - here is the corresponding function.
  • Notepad is designed to take notes and to save some information.
  • Next icon "Logout", you can go to the main page.
  • Quests - located next to the map. If you pass them, they will give you rewards.
  • On the right resources, the figures show the amount of these resources.
  • Warehouse - the number next to resources shows how many resources your warehouse holds. There is also an indicator nearby. For example, it can be written 30/290.30 is how many people you have in the village, 290 is the maximum, it corresponds to your level.
  • If there is a paladin in this world, then you will see the badge in the form of a helmet. By clicking on it, you can see information about your paladin, manage different properties, as well as an indication of its location. On the map you can see your villages, villages of other players, and also barbarians. Next to the map is a small minimap. There is a wider and shallow review.
  • At the bottom you will see a forum button where you can go there. And if you click on the "Help" button, you will see different information. Nearby is the "Support" button, that is, if something happened, you can write.
  • Friends - if you already have friends in the game, you will see their list. You can add yourself friends, or if someone offers you to be friends, then accept the invitation.
  • Invite players. Through email you invite your friends.
  • And finally, the "Rating".

Start of development and paladin

The first building you need to build yourself is a sawmill. Next, be sure to build an iron mine and clay quarry, at least one level of these buildings, after which you need a statue that will allow you to hire a paladin.

Paladin statue

This is quite a powerful warrior, the initial training takes about 6 hours.When your town starts to grow, you can hire more paladins for yourself, for a total of 10. Also, if you capture villages, you can add yourself more space for the paladin. When you capture, for example, one village, then you will have extra space, then you need to capture three, then 5, 10, and so on.

Each paladin has a boost of experience. When his level grows, he is given the "Book of skills," it is random. You will see her in the "Inventory", teach your paladin with her. If the book does not suit you or you already have one, you can exchange it. Books are usually changed in the "Inventory".

As well as the paladin spends some time searching for weapons, in the statue you can see the corresponding tab that shows the search process for weapons. As soon as the bar shows 100%, it will find some kind of weapon. Then he will go to look for a new item. If he has a weapon, then there is a bonus. But you can give him only one artifact.

If you have, say, 3 paladins and everyone has the same item, then the bonus does not increase. For example, the artifact "Edward's bow" will allow you to give a bonus of 30% to the attack, to protect 20%.


There are 4 ways to upgrade a warrior, however it is worth bearing in mind that he can only reach level 30. In this case, the skills of 48 levels, from here you need to think in advance how you will distribute them.

The first method is quite simple, it is training, but at the same time it does not participate in any battles, and you will not wait for bonuses from it. If someone seizes the house of the paladin during training, he will die.

The second is construction. When a paladin watches this process, if he is in the village and does not leave until the end of construction, he gains experience. The more expensive the building, the higher its experience.

Leading the army can also gain experience. If he reinforces reinforcements for other players, experience will also fall to him. And in both cases, the experience depends on how many attackers he killed.

conquer the village


A paladin has three branches of skills, and there are 4 in each branch:

  1. Attack.
  2. Protection.
  3. Village.

A branch with an attack increases the strength of your troops by a certain number of units. Protection - for a certain number of units. The village provides increased production, faster hiring of troops and construction, as well as the effectiveness of attacks. If you do not like any skill, you can send a paladin for training,then the used skill book and points will be returned, however it should be borne in mind that you will have to spend premium points on it.

If in another village you have a statue, as well as an empty seat, then your warrior can go there. If suddenly the warrior fell in battle, go to the statue and revive him. Within 6 hours he will be reborn.

Initial development plan

Each paladin can move at a speed of 10 minutes on one field, in his pockets 100 units of some resources are placed. Thus, hiring a paladin, go to the map, find the village of barbarians and send it in that direction.

While he goes there, you raise the iron mine to the second level, the clay quarry to 5 and the sawmill to 7. Then you can successfully raise the town hall to the third level.

As soon as you do this, build yourself a barracks. And then go to the smithy and find the technology for the production of spearmen.

troops in the game

Troops: spearman, swordsman, archer, heavy cavalry.

The detachment should not consist of two or three people, it should be brought to about 20 pieces. When a paladin heads a farm squad, you immediately get 2+ buns: first, he will bring you some resources, and secondly, when attacking, the paladin sways.

Then you raise the sawmill and open pit to level 9, and the mine to 7.Then you can build a town hall, as well as raise the forge by one level.

buildings in the game

Buildings in the game - sawmill, storage, barrack.

In the same place in the smithy, find technology for the ax, and train them, then you will need a bazaar, it is advisable to build it up to the third level at least. Then you can change some resources that you do not need. Next, you appaet the wall and still need to raise the warehouse to fit more. The forge and barracks should be raised to the fifth level, the town hall is already needed to 10. At the tenth level, you will have a stable, there are trained light cavalry and scouts.

There are defensive troops and there are attackers. The second includes ax, horse archers, catapults, cavalrymen. Protective are swordsmen, archers, heavy cavalry, and also spearmen. If the paladin has an artifact called "Aletheia Lighthouse", then you can safely use the catapult for protection.


First you must determine the territory where you produce the farm. See how many points your opponent has. And if they are absent, then he either doesn’t farm, or he has no army at all. If a little, you are dealing with a farmer who goes to some abandoned villages.Many hundreds or more — you have a rather dangerous neighbor.

The most important thing in a war between tribes is intelligence. Suppose a scout reports that the village is completely empty, which means that the protective troops are hiding in some place. If the player has good defense, he will attack the scouts so that they will not tell you about his city. At first, it may not be clear who your neighbor is: a farmer, defenders, or he is an attacker, but he simply saves his troops.

A lot depends on what your closest circle is. Learn everything about your neighbors, chat with them. Someone will fall victim to your anger, from someone you should expect an attack, but you can make friends with someone.

rich booty

Village number 2

Just do not grab, you need a nobleman. Take a closer look, so that the village is more or less developed, send intelligence there, see what is on the defensive there. And now you must have a market, a forge of level 20. Only then can you build a mansion for a nobleman. You will also need a lot of resources in order to mint a coin.

You should know that if half the infantry from a nobleman’s army dies, he will die.Therefore, send along with him the cavalry, axers and so on. Then you can plan the attack so that the time of its arrival and departure was with a minimum gap.

It is very important to know if an attack is on you, then you need to catch a nobleman who leads the army to capture.


In the game "War of the Tribes" worlds are different. Some of them are opening, some of them are already closing. In addition to the usual standard, there are non-standard.

  • SPEED or speed rounds - the same standard world, However, more speed. And its speed can be higher than usual by 20 times and a maximum of 400.
  • CASUAL - if you lost the last village, you can transfer it here. Here you can play very calmly.
  • Finally, the classic ones open for 2 months or 3, the settings are various, the speed is higher than in the standard one.

High-speed pass in the same world, but in turn. There is a certain tab where it is written about the planned rounds, it indicates when the next one starts, when it ends, what the speed will be, what the target will be and so on.

In the game "War of the Tribes" in high-speed rounds, as well as in the classic one can see the sleep mode. If you activate it, then after an hour you will have a sleep mode.It turns on for 6 hours, maximum 10, and it is not interrupted. After some time, he will automatically turn off. If you sleep, then no one attacks you.

To set yourself this mode, just go to the "Settings". You can send reinforcements, your reinforcements will remain in place. If backed up or attacks are somewhere along the way, they will be back. In principle, an attack can be sent to a sleeper, but it will not cause any damage.

The same will be with attacks directed before the inclusion of the regime. Thus, if you are attacked, then you quietly turn on the mode. If your tribe was able to fulfill the conditions necessary for victory, then until the world closes, the sleep mode will not turn on.

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