Mutual relations are ... The problem of development of mutual relations

Have you ever thought about how muchStrong threads, we are connected with all that surrounds us? All our lives we spend on strengthening or weakening these ties. In psychology, the term "relationships" is used to define them. This is something without which our existence in the society is impossible, therefore it is necessary to know all the nuances of building relationships. You should also be able to overcome problems in their structure.

The relationship is

Mutual relations are what?

On the one hand, the term "relationships" is understandableevery child, because the baby from the time of birth, they are learning to build them. But on the other hand, they are a very subtle substance that can not be felt or seen.

If you combine all the descriptions in the books onpsychology, then we can say that the relationship is a set of connections between all the people around us. Every person with whom we have to contact is becoming involved in a complex system. It can be short-lived, as with casual acquaintances. But, for example, with parents, we have a long-term relationship. They are constantly evolving and lasting a lifetime, until the death of any of the participants.


A person can not exist without a relationship. Since their earliest childhood, they have become an important stage in its development and development as a person. In the human subconscious, there is a craving for relationships. We are in urgent need of friends and lovers, we need their approval and recognition. When we recognize another person, we will know ourselves and our inner world better. This gives us the strength to achieve our goals and creative development.

Psychologists have proved that problems inmutual relations are solved first of all through changes in themselves. If you change the inner relation to the world, then the connection with it will become completely different. This allows the connections to be in constant motion and to stop, reaching certain stages.

The relationship between

Mutual relations: the general principle of formation

Interpersonal relations are formed at the level ofemotional empathy and community of interests. Initially, they are built from any contact and interaction of people, in the future they affect any joint activity.

And the relationship has a principleselectivity. They are always brightly colored and depend on the scope of the needs of the participants in this relationship. That is, each participant in the relationship pursues their goals and needs in them. If they coincide, then before the realization of these goals or until their change, attitudes will exist and develop.

Types of relationships: characteristics and description

Wherever a person appears, relationships are formed between people. Even a fleeting meeting and brief communication are treated in this way. Based on this, they can be divided into two large groups:

  • business;
  • personal.

Business relationships stem from a certainactivities and are often supported by it. They are controlled by legal norms, less often such relations are regulated by the norms of morality and ethics. Personal relationships are based on the characteristics of character and sympathy. They are regulated only by moral norms and have a complex structure.

Each type of relationship has its own characteristics. But each person is equally involved in business and personal connections. And psychologists note the relationship between the ability to build personal relationships and success in a career that directly depends on the atmosphere in a separate group based on specific activities.

Children's relationships

Relationship System

Relationships have their own distinct structure, which in some sources is called a system. It can be represented as follows:

1. The first contact. During acquaintance between people there is an active interaction at a subconscious level. Most of the information that determines how pleasant or unpleasant the interviewee is to us, gets into our brains during the first minutes of communication. In this time interval, the interlocutor's assessment of many parameters and the definition of similarity or difference in life attitudes and goals are followed.

2. Friendly relationships. If the first contact was successful and repeated, then a friendly relationship is formed between the partners. They are the transitional stage, which can last for years and can not be transformed into anything else. In friendly relations, their participants are closely connected at the emotional and rational level. They have common interests, similarity of vital positions and actively exchange emotions, receiving and giving necessary energy. But in a similar system of ties, both partners feel completely free and unrelated.

3. Friendly relations. This system of relationships implies a deeper penetration into the world of each other. Both participants trust each other, participate in all affairs and always provide feasible support.

These three stages of the system pass absolutely everythingpeople involved in the process. In the future, the development of the relationship follows a multivariate branch of opportunity. They can become purely business or grow into an intimate one. In any case, everything begins precisely with the first stages described above.

Relationship problem

How to develop?

Bear in mind that relationships can not faildevelop. They are a dynamic substance that is constantly in motion. This is the main characteristic of absolutely any relationship. If they stop at some point in their development, then both participants cease to feel satisfied with them. Namely, satisfaction is the main component of the relationship. In the case when they cease to develop, both partners begin to look for new sources of satisfaction and comfort, that is, they enter into a new system of relationships. And this applies equally to personal and business relationships.

Relationship System

Relationship: problems

It is difficult to imagine interpersonal relationships, notovershadowed by various problems. The problem of relationships is seriously taken up by the minds of psychologists. Experts analyze them and suggest ways out of a difficult situation. The most common problem is conflicts that relate to absolutely all types and categories of interpersonal relationships.

History proves to us that to solve this basicthe problem is almost impossible, it existed at all times, but to identify its cause and work with it psychologists are able. The causes of conflicts, which are the main problem of relationships, can be represented as follows:

1. Obstacle in achieving the desired. If one person becomes on the way to the coveted goal of another person, then their relationship turns into a serious problem. A similar scenario for the development of the conflict is possible in business relations, when different people claim the same position or wish to receive a premium for any achievements. In personal contacts, such problems are encountered no less often.

2. Psychological differences. This problem significantly complicates the life of the participants in the relationship. They can not come to a common opinion on various issues, experience an inexplicable antipathy towards each other, they can not exist in the same space.

3. Misrepresentation of another person. This cause of problems is the most common. One person can ascribe to others non-existent virtues and in the future experience disappointment from unjustified hopes. They also provoke a conflict situation and accusations against another person, they cause long and protracted problems in the relationship, which can lead to their complete break, if possible in principle.

4. Real disadvantages. There is a category of people who are difficult to build relationships with society. They have an unruly character, bringing them a lot of problems and troubles. Such people often break off relationships and do not seek to build others.

5. Misunderstanding. In relationships, problems often cause misunderstandings between their participants. Both people have their own opinion and can not come to a compromise because of certain differences. The relationship between children and parents often suffers from these problems. They refer to being surmountable and solvable.

Development of relationships

Mutual relations are the most important thing that a person has in life. Therefore, it is worthwhile to cherish them and build them competently so that they do not suffer from their loss in the future.

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