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Nettle helps cleanse the blood

Once my grandmother told me that there is such a thing as bad blood and that it can be the beginning many diseases. But she also told me a folk remedy, how to clean it. So, a sign bad blood serves as a rough surface on the back, elbows, knees and other parts of the body. You can clear the blood with nettle, which has a good effect on the kidneys, bladder, digestive organs, the body gets vitamins and minerals.

To clean the blood you need to drink every day. two liters of nettle tea. For its preparation a couple of tablespoons freshly ground nettle leaves are placed in a thermos, poured boiled water, infuse for five minutes. Then filter and drink all day. Do it for two weeks, then a break of seven days and you can repeat the course until onset of improvement.

There is another way: a couple of tablespoons of nettle leaves put in an enameled container, pour one glass of boiled water, heated in a water bath for five minutes. Then filter, drink by one tablespoon several times a day. You must complete the course twice two weeks.

Young nettle leaves should be collected in the spring and also to prepare them for the winter. Leaves and stems laid out in the shade on paper for drying. After complete drying, they must be placed in a box and not stored more than a year. Ensuring that moisture does not get into the box, because moisture leaves and stalks of nettle lose their healing properties and flavor. Keep nettle in bundles is also not worth it, because they quickly appear mold.

It is not necessary to collect nettles near roads because places it contains a large amount of harmful substances. The therapeutic power of nettle is also known in the treatment of ulcers that are formed after dog bites (nettle ash is mixed with salt). Dry Nettle Powder mixed with lingonberry powder, brewed and drunk as tea. In the nettle are tannins that stop the blood during intestinal and pulmonary bleeding.

So with nettle you can clear the blood and thus prevent many diseases, as well as provide the body with a variety of vitamins and beneficial substances. Try it! Your body will thank you later.

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