The drug "Nootropil". Instructions for use

The drug "Nootropil" - medicinal properties, methods of use and dosage

The medicine Nootropil has a regenerating and protective effect in disorders of brain activity due to intoxication and hypoxia, as well as after electroconvulsive treatment. Thanks to the direct influence of the drug on the brain, cognitive (cognitive) processes are improved in it, for example, it increases learning ability, concentration, improves memory and mental performance in general. The drug affects the central nervous system in different ways. Thus, the tool changes the intensity of the propagation of impulses in the brain, improves metabolism in nerve cells, and microcirculation of the blood. The tool does not have a vasodilator action. Against the background of insufficient blood supply or cerebral acute ischemia in individuals with dementia, local consumption of glucose and oxygen increases. The drug also helps to reduce the duration and severity of vestibular nystagmus.

Nootropil instructions for use

The drug "Nootropil". Instructions for use. Pharmacokinetics

After oral administration, it is rapidly and almost completely absorbed into the body. After an hour, the peak concentration of the agent is reached. The drug passes the BBB, membrane, placental barrier. The drug accumulates selectively in the tissues of the brain, mainly in the occipital, parietal and frontal lobes, basal ganglia and cerebellum. Unchanged drug is excreted by the kidneys.

Means "Nootropil". Application

The drug is prescribed to eliminate the symptoms of psychoorganic syndrome, as well as older people suffering from memory impairment, concentration, dizziness, mood changes, deterioration in general activity. In case of behavior disorder, gait disturbances, erasing of personality traits, the drug Nootropil is also recommended. Indications for use: Alzheimer's disease, senile dementia, repeated violations of blood circulation in the brain.nootropyl applicationThe drug is also prescribed for the treatment of stroke of the ischemic type and to eliminate a number of its consequences. In particular, the drug is recommended for violations of the emotional sphere, decreased activity, speech disorders, as well as mental and physical changes.Nowadays, the drug Nootropil is very common, the instructions for use of which allow the agent to be used for traumatic, toxic and vascular encephalopathy, a lack of recognition functions against the background of head injuries. It is prescribed medication and during treatment, as well as during the recovery period in case of psychoorganic and withdrawal syndrome accompanying chronic alcoholism.

Nootropil indications for use


Not all suitable medicine "Nootropil". Instructions for use does not recommend taking the drug in acute disorders of the blood supply to the brain, renal failure of a pronounced nature. The medication is not prescribed for children under one year, as well as for hypersensitivity to any component of the drug.

Mode of application

The drug is intended for ingestion and parenteral administration. 30–160 mg / kg is recommended per day. The frequency of application is two or four times a day. Tablets or capsules are taken on an empty stomach. Perhaps oral use of the drug "Nootropil". Instructions for use confirms this.

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