Oceanarium in St. Petersburg: address, photo, reviews

If you are going to visit the northern capital, be sure to remember about the aquarium in St. Petersburg. This is truly a stunning "underwater museum", which allows us to see what is hidden from people in the depths of the oceans. It is beauty and serene tranquility, a world without sounds and smells, full of amazing harmony and beauty. Here the dreams of any traveler come true, because even those of us who were lucky enough to dive were unlikely to have the honor of watching the life of a shark or predatory moray near us. The aquarium in St. Petersburg provides an opportunity to translate dreams into reality.

Aquarium in St. Petersburg

The story of the Planet of Neptune

In the development of the project of this complex was attended by many scientists, oceanologists. Hanu Laytilla became the main architect who realized this grandiose plan. Thus, the first visitors could see the aquarium in St. Petersburg in 2006.Since then, more than three and a half million citizens and visitors have become guests. It is remarkable that the underwater world, which is presented to visitors, is not static. Expositions are constantly updated, and each visit pleases guests with new discoveries. The aquarium in St. Petersburg is a unique live collection that includes about five thousand specimens of fish and aquatic invertebrates belonging to 150 species. Among them are amazing, rare creatures, a meeting with which you will remember for a long time.

Aquarium in St. Petersburg photo

How are the exposures presented

If you are going to visit the aquarium in St. Petersburg, you will need to take a photo, they will amaze your friends for a long time. But note that you can take pictures only without a flash, in addition, for such an opportunity, they charge an additional fee.

Even at the entrance you realize that you have fallen into a magical world. There are three floors in total, on an area of ​​5000 m.232 aquariums are located. Their total volume is simply amazing - about 1.5 million liters of water. You can choose a different time to visit, as every day here, many times, according to the schedule, a lot of miracles happen.You can watch the feeding of the most ferocious underwater predators, the scuba diver’s immersion in the largest aquariums, as well as a variety of underwater shows. It is really worth it to get together and visit the aquarium in St. Petersburg. A photo or video can never convey those feelings that you experience when you come into contact with the beautiful. Then we will travel a little along this wonderful museum together.Aquarium in St. Petersburg address

Northwest Russia and the fish living in this region

The very first aquarium, which will appear before you, covers the life of the inhabitants of the Karelian Isthmus, as well as the rivers of north-west Russia. These are the Neva, Volkhov, Luga and others. Of course, not all species of fish live here, but the most rare: eels, trout, sturgeons. For a variety of exposure, familiar bream, pike and perch were later added.

Tropical jungle

When you go to this area, you see how the interior of the room changes. Here, everything is like in a rain forest - trees with bare roots growing on clay banks, predatory piranhas and giant arapaimas, which were almost completely destroyed in the natural conditions of the Amazon.At this stage, the aquarium in St. Petersburg becomes much more interesting. Reviews suggest that it is desirable not to miss the moments of feeding piranhas, because this is a real show.

Cave dwellers

The hall leads you to a small grotto. Here, in its aquarium, very interesting creatures live. This is a funny horse and scary monkfish. By the way, guests of the city are often interested in how many oceanariums in St. Petersburg. While he is only one, unique and gorgeous.

After passing through the cave, you get to the rocky shore. Here ebb and flow are wonderfully recreated, you can listen to the surf and see how it leaves sea stars and hedgehogs on the sand. Slowly the reservoirs go deep into the rocks, becoming deeper, and here begins the territory of the nursery for sharks and stingrays. They in natural conditions do not live too far from the coast.Neptune Aquarium in St. Petersburg

Main Aquarium

The Neptune Aquarium in St. Petersburg is ready to reveal its main secrets to you and show all the treasures. You find yourself in a transparent tunnel with a length of 35 meters, which is laid along the bottom of the sea lagoon. In order not to be distracted, stand on a moving belt and get ready to watch.You will slowly swim past the sunken ship, many coral islands and underwater rocks. Ahead is a huge, blue window from floor to ceiling, followed by the world of sharks and rays.

Coral reef life

This is probably the brightest and most unusual exposition of all. Live corals grow here, for which natural habitats are recreated. Among the stinging tentacles of anemones, clown fish swim calmly for whom their venom is not terrible. Nearby live sea urchins. This is the world of unique, chamber mollusks, nautilus, cuttlefish, octopuses. Unless you go diving in the tropical seas, this cannot be seen anywhere else.aquarium in st petersburg reviews

Daily program

Every day here is painted almost by the minute. Starting from 10 am and until 20 pm there is a rich program here in which you can participate. On Monday, you can look at the diver’s diving, feeding reptiles, cesio, piranhas and sharks. Also, you will be told about the features of the life of fish living in the Amazon.

On Tuesday, you will find a show with seals and rays, feeding the nautilus, lobsters, crabs and predatory moray eels. In the following days, these scenarios will change, but it is interesting here every day, from morning to evening.

A show with sharks is a colorful show that fascinates with its originality and beauty.The diver plays with sharks and feeds them, and they gladly bask in his arms and perform various tricks. Surprisingly, these animals are well trained.

The show with seals is a real theatrical performance, bright and interesting. Pinnipeds do not leave anyone indifferent to the artists. In this unique world, feeding each type of fish becomes an additional view that delights visitors.new aquarium in st. petersburg

Visitor reviews

A visit to this unique museum is fascinating for the first and the tenth time. Everyone who came to the aquarium, went in full delight, advising all friends to also plunge into the magical underwater world. It is difficult to come up with a more interesting tour. The only drawback noted by visitors is the duration of the program. On the door hangs the schedule, what time today will be the feeding of certain inhabitants and an entertainment show. Of course, I want to see everything, but being here all day is not always possible, especially if you come with children. But what can you do, the life of the aquarium is on its schedule. What you did not have time to look at one day, you can transfer to the next.how many oceanaris in st. petersburg

Mode of operation and cost of tickets

You are welcome here every day from 10:00 to 22:00. Please note that the ticket office is only open until 21:00. Last Monday of each month is a day off. This is necessary to clean the aquariums, make the necessary water changes and inspect the inhabitants. The cost of tickets for adults is from 500 to 700 rubles, depending on the day of the week on which you decide to visit the aquarium. Schoolchildren and students pass at preferential rates, from 300 to 500 rubles. Children under 5 years old admission is free. If the child is from 5 to 7 years old, the cost of the ticket is 100 rubles. Photographing will cost you 200 rubles, and video - 500.

Such is the aquarium in St. Petersburg. Address - st. Marata, 86. Conveniently, it is located near the metro stations Pushkinskaya and Zvenigorodskaya.

New Aquarium in St. Petersburg

Such a project is already in place; presumably, the new aquarium will be located in the Frunze district. Under it stands a huge plot of land, about 4 hectares. By 2017, it should be put into operation. It will be the largest center in the field of oceanology and the present marine kingdom. It is planned to create pools with reptiles, crocodiles and turtles, as well as a dry terrarium. There will be theaters in which you can watch the performance of marine artists.For those who want to learn more, equip a cinema with a lecture hall and a maritime museum. A feature of this center should be interactive children's areas, and also at its base they are going to develop dolphin therapy, an extremely effective, but not yet developed in Russia, rehabilitation method.

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