The 48-year-old actor refuses legs

Famous actor Oleg Menshikov four days was on the verge of life and death - he almost died from complications after running appendicitis.

Oleg Evgenievich was brought to the hospital in a very serious condition.


The doctors immediately understood that the bill was no longer even for hours - for minutes. Russia could have lost a remarkable actor who brought joy to tens of millions of fans around the world. He nearly died on the operating table. Even now, when, it would seem, there are no fears for the life of the famous actor of the theater and cinema, the doctors do not hurry to make any predictions: Menshikov started having problems with his feet.

Oleg Menshikov is seriously illOleg Menshikov is seriously ill
The wife of the actor Anastasia told the doctors that Oleg Evgenievich felt unwell a week ago. Menshikov complained of some incomprehensible pain in the abdomen. But, accustomed to stoically transfer all his sores, the actor did not even think to consult a doctor. Ahead of the popular artist were touring, rehearsing, shooting - there was no time to get sick. Therefore, the actor asked his spouse to give him a painkiller, and this calmed down. As it turned out, nothing.


After a day, the pain increased, even the most powerful drugs did not help. Menshikov agreed to persuade his wife to call an ambulance.

The doctors of the ambulance, after hearing the patient, made the decision: to take him to the hospital, and as soon as possible! With suspicion of acute appendicitis, Oleg Menshikov was taken to the clinic to them. Botkin. And after twenty minutes the actor was already prepared for the operation.

- The patient came to us with an acute attack of peritonitis. Severe inflammation has begun, the hospital doctor does not hide the truth. - It was impossible to wait. At any moment, the worst could happen. The operation under general anesthesia lasted three hours. The inflamed appendix has already burst, and we were afraid that fluid would accumulate in the abdominal cavity.

From the operating room, Menshikov was transferred to intensive care, where he spent four days. The disease has severely knocked down the famous actor of theater and cinema. Many performances with Oleg Menshikov had to be canceled, as was the tour scheduled for the first decade of March. Menshikov’s participation in the shooting of Nikita Mikhalkov’s Burnt by the Sun 2, where he plays the role of Dmitry Arsentiev, was also a big question.


Medics are concerned about foot problems that have arisen after the operation. A few hours spent under heavy anesthesia can lead to the formation of blood clots in the vessels, which can come off at any moment and block the artery. Despite the fact that Oleg Evgenievich was already allowed to get out of bed, he will have to undergo a long treatment course. For several days he will have to walk with tight-fitting bandages on his legs: doctors are afraid that he will develop a thrombosis, which, as is well known, can lead to disability, and even to the most sad outcome. The fact is that a predisposition to varicose veins is found in Oleg Evgenievich. The legs swell strongly, each step is given with great difficulty.

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