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Please advise who you can contact about creating a one-page website for an air conditioner service company. It needs to be very fast, because we entered the season.
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Answered on June 4, 12:25
Any studio will do you one page. True, the deadlines need to be negotiated separately, and it is desirable to prescribe the deadlines in the contract, because often the order of work can be scheduled for a month in advance. In addition, you still need some time to approve the TK.
Answered on June 4, 12:33
The author, you can buy a landing page from this web studio. Moreover, the company promises to create a one-page website with an original design, adapted for a different type of device, in 10 days. This is more than a good timeline considering what you really need quickly. Look at the site examples of work, perhaps it will help you make a decision faster.
Answered on June 4 13:22
Yes, in your case, landing is the best option both in terms of cost and form of implementation.Then leave, please, a review about working with the company you choose, and a link to the site that it will develop for you, because I will also need similar services soon.
Answered on June 4, 13:28
You with a pronounced seasonality of your activity needed to think about it much earlier. And now, most likely, you will need to spend more money on contextual advertising in order to quickly receive orders. And it is also very important to encourage your hypothetical clients to leave a request. Well in this regard, the callback button installed on the site works. And it is configured under the behavioral factors, which makes it a truly effective tool.

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