One-time childbirth allowance: myth or reality?

The months of waiting for the baby is one of the most exciting and touching periods in the life of any woman. It is important to take into account many different nuances, to prepare not only your apartment, but also yourself for the birth of a new family member.

Planning a family budget

In addition to the excitement and worries, you will inevitably encounter such, at first glance, cute troubles, like buying children's accessories. It is worth noting that the prices of all the most necessary are not childish. The state today is trying to support population growth and provides various types of benefits and payments to parents: these are maternity capital, maternity leave, monthly and one-time allowance at child birth. It is necessary to take them into account when planning the family budget, since with the advent of the baby, there will be more expenses, and the allowance received in time will be able to cover some fairly large items of expenses.Consider the main problems associated with this issue.

one-time childbirth allowanceWho can get benefits?

The law says that a lump-sum allowance at the birth of a child can be received by mom or dad, or the person replacing them. It is issued for each born or adopted child in the family. If the baby dies before it is registered at the registry office, the benefit will not be paid. Remember, the payment of benefits is carried out only in the presence of a birth certificate of the child.

Who pays?

If both parents are officially employed, the payment is made by one of the employers. In case both parents are unemployed or are full-time students, this responsibility falls on the social security agencies.
A controversial situation is when one of the parents works, and the second is a full-time student. In this case, many employers refuse to pay a one-time allowance for childbirth, arguing that this can be done by the RUSZN. The law in this case says the opposite, since social protection only pays for birth benefits if both parents are unemployed.

application for childbirthWhat documents need to be prepared?

You must have all the documents that correspond to the list. These include:

  • birth certificate, on the basis of which the childbirth allowance is requested;
  • documents from the place of work (certificate) confirming that the allowance was not previously assigned;
  • application for childbirth allowance.

In the case of adoption - documents from the guardianship. Single mothers should bring a certificate from the registry office confirming the grounds on which the data on the father of the child are filled in the baby’s birth certificate.

The timing of the registration and payment of a lump sum

childbirth documentsImportant: you can submit an application for a benefit to the relevant authorities immediately after birth, but no later than 6 months after the birth of the baby. Accrual takes place as soon as possible: within ten days from the day all the required documents are submitted. If there is a delay in the consideration of documents on the accrual of funds, parents can go to court and, in addition to the principal amount of payments, claim compensation.

How much will they pay?

The lump-sum allowance for the birth of a child is a fixed figure that does not depend on the income of the mother or father of the child. Each year, the lump-sum payout is indexed.In 2013, it amounts to 13,087 rubles.

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