Orange tint: receipt, description and features of the combination

And did you know that there are 116 shadesorange? You can get them by mixing all possible options. The very same orange shade is obtained by combining red and yellow. About how to mix the rest, and what does this or that color mean, let's talk further.

Orange value

The motherland of the orange color is the East. This color is associated with the desert, with its hot sun, fire, juicy fruits and spices, which this ruthless land gives. It has long been thought that the orange shade is a union of two beginnings - female (yellow) and male (red).

In the Mediterranean countries, orangeis associated with fertility, compared with a rich crop of citrus fruits. Until now, in France, there is a tradition for the bride to wear a wreath of orange flowers. Thus, an early addition to the family is expected.

Orange is closely associated with religion. In Buddhism, it symbolizes the beginning of life, like the amber sunrise. The Trinity in the Christian religion is also depicted vividly, embodying the sun and divine origin.

Body shades

The combination of orange, pink and white givesbodily shades. In their palette they are very close to peach blossom. They are fresh and exotic. Very beautiful, gentle shades help to plunge into a carefree, dreamy atmosphere. It's no wonder that girls choose romantic clothes for their wardrobe, they are ready to have fun here and now, without thinking about tinge

Peach orange shades aresymbols of Indian interior. It is the design of a "big family", in which there must necessarily be a large bright living room, cushion carpets and translucent curtains. In rooms where peach is predominant, heat and light are always preserved. Here you can warm up in the cold and cool in the hot bliss.


Shades of yellow orange are obtained by mixing red and yellow at least in a ratio of 1 to 2. To obtain lighter shades, add white.shades of orange

Despite the fact that the combination of orange withthe predominance of yellow is quite vivid, it symbolizes shyness and chastity. At the same time, it is a calm color, allowing you to concentrate. That's why he was chosen for road markings and warning signs. This color is often used on posters, it allows you to highlight the main accents.

In clothes, these shades of orange are suitablepeople with a red hair color. This will emphasize their features, eccentricity and add brightness to the image. Most often, yellow-orange is present in the tissues for sweaters or T-shirts. Jewelery of amber color perfectly shades pale skin.


Unlike the previous version, shadesRed-orange colors are created when the abundance of red. This is a bright, saturated gamma for people seeking leadership. It symbolizes the craving for adventure and for ardent, thoughtless actions. The well-known psychologist Lyusher even brought out some kind of dependence. Red-orange color is preferred by those young men who have increased with a brown tinge color

It is believed that this is the color of the flame. It was for his impulsiveness and eccentricity that the designers loved him. Now in almost any interior in the style of hi-tech there must be at least one detail of terracotta color. Moreover, it can not be better combined with velvet, and the rough texture emphasizes the depth.

In clothes, these shades should be chosen withcaution. If you are wearing at least one detail of orange-red color, you will certainly draw attention, thereby demonstrating that you are ready for open communication.

Orange Brown

It can be compared with fallen leaves, whichis about to equal the brown earth. Orange with a brown tinge color is a gamut of maturity. It is a symbol of courage, adventurism and sincere serenity. Since it is a pure autumn shade, it is associated with a rich harvest and fertile land.shades of red orange

Orange-brown is perfectly combined with suchflowers like purple and gold. These contrasts are used both in the interior and in clothing. In the first case, an excellent option - dark walls and decor in the form of a mirror in a gold frame or decorative wrought-iron shelves, made in the classical baroque style. In addition, a large bed, filled with purple silk underwear, is suitable.

Orange-brown is a very stylish color. He is preferred by both office workers and party lovers. Predominates in outer clothing, most often from the fabric of this color they sew jackets and coats.

Light orange

A classic light orange shade isclarified gamma, in which white, red and yellow are combined in equal proportions. This is a very natural shade, which is associated with pristine beauty and purity. Since pure orange is the color of adventurism, dreaminess, white adds to it a little peace of mind, pacifies the hot character of the pure sun.shades of yellow orange

In combination with blue or blue it turns into aCold orange shade, and with pink - in warm. These contrasts can easily be used in the design of clothing. Excellent combinations will emphasize style and ease. Light orange clothes can be worn daily, dresses to choose for special occasions and parties, well, and classic blouses will emphasize the severity of the office image.

Light orange color perfectly suits asthe basis for painting the walls. It adds warmth, but itself is rather boring. If you apply any stencilled drawing, the room will be transformed and will receive amazing energy. Color is preferred for children's rooms and bedrooms. He lifts the mood, makes you fantasize, calms and adjusts to seriousness.


It is believed that the orange - it's naturalorange color tone. But in fact, it is quite an independent color, named after the eponymous fruit. As you can see, there can also be several shades in it, depending on what color prevails. But the most important difference is the incredible brightness and saturation.cold orange tint

Orange symbolizes youthful maximalism,cheerfulness, ease in self-expression and a thirst for adventure. It is a sip of the positive in the gray routine. Not surprisingly, young people prefer it, unencumbered by cares and routine work.

But not only the positive radiates an orange tinge. Orange - this is the color of colossal energy, the source of vitality. That's why it is always present in sports halls and in children's playrooms or playgrounds. But do not choose it for the decoration of walls in children's rooms. The abundance of the bright range does not contribute to relaxation.


Carrots can be confused with other orange shades, such as coral and tangerine. Its distinctive feature is the presence of more

Carrot is best combined with lilac andazure blue. These duets are not uncommon in interior design. It should be noted that the carrot color itself visually reduces space, so for contrast, you must choose a lot of mirrors or furniture in the color of rosewood.

It is worth noting that in the wardrobe with carrot-colored clothes you need to be careful. It greatly fills. Therefore, if you need to hide flaws, you should choose another orange tint.

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