OZONE carburetor: device, repair, tuning

The automotive industry is booming - new types are being invented, such as electric cars and hybrids, production of models is being set up, etc. But this does not negate the fact that motorists, figuratively speaking, still have outdated technologies on the roads. They may be quite good, but you will not end up having problems with them anyway. At least because of the respectable age for a complex mechanism.

Carburetor OZONE

Speech in this article will go about this device. Along with other regular carburetors like "Solex" or "Weber", OZONE was often installed on domestic cars. The principle of operation of all three is the same, and much depends on its type, and not on the name of the plant.

The latter may be one of the three - float, bubbling or needle.ozone carburetorThe second is used extremely rarely, and in most countries it is simply discontinued, but the latter is still working in some places, but not in such quantities.The considered object belongs to the first type, which is still quite popular.

Carburetor design

Consider a carburetor OZONE. 2107 - it is on this model VAZ can be found most often. But you need to know about some modifications that are also put into production.

The first is DAAZ 2107-1107010, used most often. That is, this is the very standard carburetor OZON, which will have to work. In recent years, the release of these models began to use such a modification, as DAAZ 2107-1107010-20.ozone carburetor 2107There is not so running model, but it is worth mentioning it. This is DAAZ 2107-1107010-10 - everything, in principle, is the same, but the ignition distributor is arranged here without using a vacuum corrector.

The scheme of nodes is quite simple - for idle there is an autonomous system and a separate shut-off valve. There is a float chamber, mandatory for the carburetor OZONE of this type. Throttle valve and metering system, as well as transitional systems for the chambers and the gas outlet are available. Actually, this is all you need to know about the design. If there are more specific problems, you need to go to the experts.

In general, the OZONE carburetor is a simple enough device to bring it to mind with your own hands.

Adjustment details

Here you need to adhere to a certain scheme in order not to miss anything and avoid unnecessary trouble. Everything is quite easy to do yourself:

  1. First you need to wash and clean the carburetor OZONE outside.
  2. Visually inspect the already clean unit for structural problems.
  3. Clean the strainer.
  4. Rinse the float chamber.
  5. Clean the air jets.
  6. Adjust the trigger system as well as idling.

As you can see, there are no problems here, except that there may be questions with the last item. Therefore, it is necessary to deal with it separately.

System setup

Starting need to start with the removal of the air filter. Then simply start the engine and pull the choke.ozone carburetor deviceUse your hands to open the air damper by a third and raise the number of revolutions per minute to the figure of 3200-3600. After that, you just need to lower the flap and reduce the number of revolutions by about three hundred.

Idling is regulated too simply. The machine must first be heated to performance and set to the maximum number of revolutions per minute.This is done with the help of a quality screw, and the quantity screw is not involved in the work.carburetor tuning ozoneBut the latter must be tightened up in the next stage - raise the amount a hundred above the norm. The engine starts, and you return the speed to normal performance with a screw.

That is, in fact, the whole setting of the OZON carburetor. Problems simply should not arise.

How to identify possible faults?

The device mechanism is not the easiest, but because there may be several problems. They naturally manifest themselves outwardly. You can track by the following indicators:

  • Failure when the gas pedal is triggered with a serious delay.
  • Breakthrough in cases of very short failure.
  • Twitching These are options with several jerks in a row.
  • Rocking, when failure is not one, but several.
  • Slow acceleration, if the speed of the latter seriously lags behind the normal.

Other symptoms may occur. OZONE carburetor is a somewhat capricious device. Because it may happen that you simply can not start the engine. Or start problems with hot or cold start. If at idle any difficulties arise, this can also be a sign of a breakdown.Indicators of fuel consumption must be monitored: above the norm - a bad sign, as well as the difference in the number of revolutions per minute in one direction or another.

The engine does not start. What to do?

The causes of the problem may be several. First of all, the reason may be in the fuel or its absence. If the level is low, it can provoke problems. Also, when there are differences in the composition of gasoline from the normal rate, there may be some malfunctions.

It’s pretty easy to check the presence of fluid here - the OZON-2107 carburetor is designed so that you just need to remove the cover from the air filter and turn the throttle valve actuator several times. Thus, the acceleration pump is triggered, and the fuel enters the mixing chamber.carburetor vaz ozoneIf nothing happens, then for some reason gasoline simply does not reach.

This can happen due to clogged filters or problems with the supply hoses.carburetor tuning ozoneIn any case, you will need to replace the fine filter of the cleaning system and blow out the removed tubes with compressed air.

If this system is okay, then there may be a problem with the pump or the drive.You will need to check the vacuum of the pump, as well as try the manual drive, of course, when you remove it from the machine. In cases where everything is in order, it is worth checking the valve for leaks. If everything works as it should, then the problem is in the drive. Carburetor VAZ OZONE can sin it. It just needs to be checked.

Dips, jerks and swaying

If your car behaves in this way at high loads, then the problem is often associated with fuel interruptions. All you have to do is check the system for leaks, as well as all the filters installed in it.

In addition, this can also be caused by the increased resistance that occurs when the fuel passes through the filter. In addition to the obvious blockage, this results in a poor-quality composition with extraneous impurities.

Instead of conclusion

Only a few major breakdowns have been disassembled here.ozone carburetor repairIn general, the repair of the carburetor OZON does not present any particular difficulties. Everything can be solved independently, even in the absence of extensive experience in working with ICE.

If you use a car with such a carburetor, then you just need to conduct regular checkups to check the tightness, filters, operation of all systems.In addition, it will not prevent from time to time to regulate the system - the mechanism of work was mentioned in one of the points above. There should be no special problems, but if you have any serious difficulties, do not spare funds, contact the master. Otherwise, everything can grow into a really serious problem, which will be either very difficult or too expensive to solve. But most often all together. Successes in repair!

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