Pasta dough recipe: varieties

Chebureks - a dish that enjoys well-deserved success with absolutely everyone: in discerning children, and in experienced adults. They do not lie on the table, but disappear from it quickly and unnoticed. Therefore, all housewives are interested in how to cook the dough in pasties.

pasta dough recipeChebureks

This wonderful dish came from the East, it was invented by Turkic and Mongolian nomads. They began to cook meatball pies and various spices in a large amount of butter. Such food was not only delicious, but also very high in calories. And the recipe for pasties was very simple at that time: they mixed simple products such as salt, flour and water.

cooking dough for pastiesSimple dough

For many years that have passed since the pasties began to cook with us, they have become almost a national dish. It is impossible to find a person who would not try them. A recipe for pasties dough, though retained all the main ingredients, changed its composition. Actually, there are a great many such recipes today. Vodka and vegetable oil, sugar, eggs and so on are added to the dough. They even make it custard.So, you can offer such a simple recipe for pasties: take flour (about four glasses), pour it into warm water (0.3 liters), in which salt and sugar are diluted (a little, one teaspoon). Moreover, the flour should be added so that the dough was not quite thick. At this moment some boiling fat is poured into it, for example, lard or vegetable oil (in the amount of 80 grams). This is done to ensure that the final product has a special “bubble” appearance. Fat should be properly stirred and only then add the remaining flour and knead until elasticity by hand. On this, the dough for pasties ends, but he will need to stand for thirty minutes, covered with a damp cloth. Chebureks get unmatched!

how to cook the dough in pastiesChefurek dough recipe. Choux

A very convenient recipe, according to which the dough is crispy and tasty, although thin, but rather fragile and elastic. You need to take about 300 ml of water, half a teaspoon of salt and a couple of tablespoons of any vegetable oil (only odorless). Bring all this to a boil, and then pour an incomplete glass of flour and stir well so that no lumps form.Then, when the mass cools, add an egg and a tablespoon of vodka. And then add two more cups of flour with a slide and mix everything well. The resulting dough is left for some time (preferably at night) to stand. And then you can fry delicious chebureks! There are other options, for example, without adding eggs.

Other options

Cheburek dough on beer is very popular. It is necessary to take for it only a glass of any beer, salt, an egg and three glasses of flour (or a little more). Knead the dough with cottage cheese. The recipe for pasties test there is not one. Therefore, it makes sense to try different options in order to choose the one that will best suit your taste. Or maybe add something special to make this dish unforgettable and truly unique.

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