Periodontal treatment at home:

Jul 09, 2018

Periodontal disease, as a dental disease, is dangerous in that it can directly lead to complete tooth loss without the possibility of its restoration.Pathogens are pathogens, so all independent measures are possible only as an aid to the basic treatment with medication, in most cases, antibiotics.It is important to quickly recognize the ailment in order to start treatment in time, since in the first stages the course of the disease may well be asymptomatic.

is not always an insufficient or erroneous care for the oral cavity, which can lead to periodontal disease, so even owners of snow-white teeth can feel signs of an illness at one time.And the disease can develop rapidly, spasmodically, such is its characteristic feature.Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention not only to preventive measures, but also to regularly visit a doctor for routine examination.

Parodontosis treatment at home

Periodontal disease

Is it possible to independently treat, and how to treat periodontal disease at home?

It is unlikely that at home, it will be possible to achieve significant results even in the early stages of the development of the disease.But you can take all possible measures to prevent and create conditions for the action of the funds prescribed by the doctor.

Signs of ailment is bad breath, bleeding.Even with minor injuries, simple gums begin to bleed profusely.Already at fixation of such symptoms it is necessary to address to the expert.

Individuals with the following diseases are at risk:

  • with psoriasis;
  • with diabetes mellitus;
  • by arthritis;
  • with thyroid gland ailments.

Hereditary predisposition is also not excluded.

So, you can not completely cure the periodontal disease at home, but you can do everything to maintain the measures prescribed by your doctor.The main help is provided only by the doctor, drawing up a detailed and well-grounded treatment plan.

Diet and change in dietary rules

How to treat periodontitis at home

Treatment of periodontitis at home should be directed primarily to strengthening the teeth and gums

With periodontal disease, the danger, at least the main one, is that the diseaseAffects the bone tissue.Therefore, the treatment of periodontal disease at home should be directed, focused primarily on strengthening the teeth and gums.All methods that are used as therapeutic, can be used for prevention.

First and foremost, it is necessary to pay attention immediately and immediately, which is quite logical, for food.

If you really want a sweet food, it is better to choose low-calorie dishes, marshmallow or pastille and after using it thoroughly and for a long time rinse your mouth.

Fresh vegetables, seasonal fruits should be included in the diet.However, one should take into account that sugar is also found in large amounts in fruits.And especially strong apples, pears can damage the gum.It is better to give preference to natural products containing fiber.Protein can be obtained from dairy products, cottage cheese, sour cream.It is also necessary to prepare dishes from fish, seafood, which are rich in trace elements, phosphorus.Meat is best avoided, because its fibers can get stuck in the teeth quite tightly.Every day you need to drink enough and the necessary amount of water or tea.Thus, it is possible to achieve the formation of a beneficial microflora in the oral cavity.

Change of care rules

Treatment of periodontitis at home

For the first symptoms of periodontal disease, a toothbrush should be purchased with a soft enough bristle

You need to do simple exercises to strengthen the teeth that are available at home.For example, you can take small twigs of trees not too hard rocks, better from oak or spruce, other conifers.It must be carefully cleaned to get a stick.Then it should be placed in the mouth and periodically bite.In a few days the exercise should be complicated, alternately move the jaws, clamp the wand with the front teeth.Of course, all this must be done very carefully, the stick should not be large, no more than 2.5 cm, have sharp edges, it should not be actively moved in the mouth.Such exercises strengthen the muscular apparatus, promote the improvement of blood flow, and these species of trees produce substances capable of showing a disinfecting and restorative effect.

How to treat periodontal disease at home using medications?Only the doctor will tell.But the dentistry can be replaced without additional consultation.

You can do finger massage.This is an effective procedure that helps improve blood flow.Do it only with clean hands, observing all the rules of caution.The use of additional substances in the form of gels or oils also works beneficially on the gums.Massage with the irrigatoris quite simple, at the same time it guarantees no injuries.It is shown to everyone, but it is especially useful to those people who have dental units installed.

Than to treat periodontitis of gums at home

Finger massage increases blood flow

The device for local darsonvalization allows you to perform physiotherapy at home.There are several baits for different effects.But it can be used only after a complete removal of the plaque.Sessions should be regular so that there is a proper effect from using the device.It is better to conduct treatment courses.

Massage can also be done with a special toothbrush.The treatment of periodontitis at home is thus available to all patients, there is no need to purchase additional expensive means.

Drugs and rinses

Than to treat periodontal disease of gums at home?Doctors recommend the use of special gels, ointments, infusions for rinsing.They have the ability to quickly absorb and have an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect.You need to apply them several times a day.In the evening, you can make an application, after carrying out hygienic procedures.

Rinse is needed to clean the cavity of pathogens, remove food debris.In shops special means for rinsing are sold, but it is possible and independently to prepare infusions from grasses, a solution of a propolis.The number of rinsing sessions is not limited.

Baths are also used to treat periodontal disease at home.The difference from rinsing is in the technique and duration of the procedure.Do not make any movements, but just keep the infusion in your mouth for at least a dozen minutes.Herbs are used the same as for rinsing.

Treatment of periodontitis at home

If the periodontal disease is complicated, tooth loss can occur.

Patient should take into account that periodontal disease is a serious disease.If the disease is complicated, a tooth loss is possible.Even at the first signs it is necessary to consult a doctor urgently.All prescribed medications should be taken regularly and in the order indicated by the doctor.All described procedures are safe and can be used independently.But additional consultation of the attending physician does not hurt, it is better to prevent possible complications than to try to deal with them later.

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