Biography of Ivan Vabishchevich

Childhood of Ivan Vabishchevich

Ivan's parents lived not far from Tbilisi, then moved to Belarus, where he was born. After school, a young man became a student at the National Technical University. There he received a specialty "Water supply and sewerage." After the institute, he remained in graduate school, so now he can teach in the walls of his native institute.

The beginning of the career of Ivan Vabishchevich in KVN

Ivan became a member of the KVN team called "PE". The guys were in demand, so they traveled to different cities of Belarus and Ukraine with performances. All the guys from the team have a lot to do with Ukraine. They performed in Kiev, and also conducted the program “A Good Hour with the“ PE ”team, which was broadcast in Ukraine on the“ Russian Radio ”. It was the 2007th year. Sometimes the “state of emergency” went to Moscow to participate in the Comedy Club. They were not residents of the club, but they always gladly accepted the invitation from Garik Martirosyan. In 2007, as part of the team of "PE" Vabishchevich performed in Minsk in the program "Orange mood". The concert was dedicated to the decade of the team.
Ivan Vabishchevich began his career in KVNIvan Vabishchevich began his career in KVN
Ivan became one of the residents of the Comedy Club of Minsk. He combined teaching at the institute with work on radio “Unistar” as a DJ.

Ivan Vabishevich - musician, participation in the "New Wave"

In the summer of 2008, Ivan became a member of the “New Wave”. As the singer himself said, it was not important for him to win or not. More than eight thousand people were selected for the contest. The fact that he became one of the seventeen finalists is already a big victory.
At the competition Vabishchevich spent two weeks. During this time, he said, he received much more than he would have received in Minsk in a decade. Thanks to this trip, his view of the world of show business has changed. Director Alexander Revzin suggested that Ivan create on stage a provocative image of Uncle Vanya. It turned out a sort of folk favorite, who knows how to play all musical instruments, he does not pay attention to the style at all and uses his entire wardrobe, performs both chanson and hard rock. On the stage, this hero tries to do only the good and the good.
Thanks to participation in “New Wave”, the idea to create a joint program of Uncle Vanya and the musical group “Van Helsing” appeared. Vabishchevich is the lead singer of the group.
Voice 2 - Ivan Vabishchevich - “I Stay”
At the end of the competition, Ivan received a prize from the hands of the prima donna - Alla Pugacheva herself. The singer believes that he received the prize due to the fact that he was natural and honest with the audience in all his performances.
Pugacheva handed the singer a check for fifty thousand dollars. Alla Borisovna said that he may not have the best vocals, but the singer has his own position, both civil and stage.
Vabishchevich was invited to the musical "Biker". His role, according to the singer, is very close to him. Like Uncle Vanya, she became his mother for him. He likes good old rock. If the musical would have been pop, he would not have taken on this role. In the play everyone sings live. According to the singer, the actors are laid out to the maximum.
Fifty thousand dollars received from Pugacheva, Ivan spends on creativity. This is not a small amount, however, for the release of an album the amount is not big. Already in 2009, Vabishchevich released his debut album titled “The BEST No. 1”.A year later, he began work on another disc, which was ready by 2011.

Ivan Vabishchevich in the show in "Golos 2"

In 2013, the singer took part in the show "Voice 2". Before going to the stage at a blind audition, he was absolutely not worried, he kept a cheerful mood. On the stage, Ivan kept himself free, and, as a singer who had repeatedly performed on the stage, felt confident, it was noticeable.
"Voice" season 2. Ivan Vabishchevich - My friend plays blues best
He always sings rock, but in this case he chose the composition “My friend plays the blues the best” to perform. Ivan chose the bold manner of performance in the cut style. The performance was accompanied by light movements and very expressive facial expressions. Pelagia turned to him, and this happened at the last second.
As Pelageya said, she was intrigued. Seeing the same performer - was delighted. She placed great hopes on him, because she believed that his natural timbre would create amazing things. The second performance on the project was the last for Uncle Vanya. He sang the song "I'm staying." Performance conquered both female and male public.His rivals were Tina Kuznetsova and singer Andrey Davidyan. Today, the Belarusian artist plays a major role in the musical “Biker”, works on television, on radio, and acts as a soloist with the group “Van Helsing”.
Ivan Vabishchevich - Uncle Vanya - the star of the show Voice-2Ivan Vabishchevich - Uncle Vanya - the star of the show Voice-2

Personal life of Ivan Vabishchevich

Civic wife Uncle Vanya gave birth to him in the 2011th girl. The singer considers this event the most important thing in his life. Ivan performs rock, so lullabies for the daughter were always in the same style. When he arrived at Voice 2, a small daughter and a common-law wife came to support him.
Uncle Vanya has long been engaged in Muay Thai. In 2012, he entered the ring with Pavel Syroezhkin, who is the lead singer of the band Chuk & Gek. Syroezhkin as well as Vabishchevich has long been engaged in muay thai.
The public recognized the winner Uncle Vanya, and the judge - Syroezhkina. In my dreams - to try once to play in a movie. If they are filming “Biker”, he would like to play a major role there.

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