Ksana Sergienko

Ksana Sergienko is a singer who in the third season of Golos became one of the brightest participants. She has been living and working in the United States for eleven years. Sergienko performs alternative rock. Now about this singer learned a considerable number of listeners around the world.

Childhood and family Ksana Sergienko

Sergienko was born in Ukraine in the city of Mirgorod. Ksana began singing on stage at the age of three. At six, her parents enrolled in a music school, which she successfully graduated from. Over the years of study, a talented girl has more than once become a participant in various festivals and music competitions. In the school choir Sergienko was a soloist. The girl danced in the city children's group "Spring".
At the age of twelve, Ksana's mother, at her request, spent all her savings on the fact that her daughter could record her first song in a recording studio. To do this, every time mother and daughter drove for two and a half hours on the old Zaporozhets to neighboring Poltava. It was then recorded the song and became the debut on local television.
Ksana Sergienko and Nargiz ZakirovaKsana Sergienko and Nargiz Zakirova
At thirteen, Sergienko took part in an international competition held in Romania. Its name is “Little Prince”. There, the girl read poems in Ukrainian, sang and danced. At this competition, Ksana became the winner. The girl considered a real achievement for herself to be getting the first place in the competition “Black Sea Games”.

The first songs of Ksana Sergienko

After completing nine classes, Ksana continued her studies at the Kiev Circus College. After studying there for three courses, she made an attempt to break through to the Moscow show "People's Artist." Having passed several castings, the girl received an invitation to go to work in New York at the Rasputin cabaret. Despite her young age, she agreed.
Of course, it was scary to go to a foreign country, a foreign city of Ksana. Everything there was not as beautiful as she imagined. The reality turned out to be more prosaic, besides, she was greatly bored. Being a winner in life, Ksana decided that she would not return back without achievements. The girl had to do a lot of language, in parallel, she sang in a cabaret.
In 2009, Sergienko received an offer to sign a contract with the British label Lizard King Records. The singer began performing at concerts as a member of the Oxzana Band.
Ksana Sergienko before the show Voice lived for a long time in the USAKsana Sergienko before the show Voice lived for a long time in the USA
Back in America, Ksana filled out a form to participate in the American The Voice. In the spring of 2014, the girl went through three stages of casting. She had to sign a contract for performance in the "blind" auditions. It is surprising that in the same period of time the vocalist received an invitation to the casting from the Russian show “The Voice”. Having decided that in Russia with knowledge of Russian, English and Ukrainian languages, she would have much more opportunities for self-expression, she decided to go to Moscow.
Of course, the singer had some risk of such a decision. She weighed the pros and cons and decided to go. According to Sergienko, having lived in the United States for eleven years, she practically did not develop in terms of creativity. All she has achieved is performances in a club where up to fifty people came to listen to the singer, invitations to corporate parties and parties. The girl wanted a creative breakthrough that could give her a “Voice.”

Ksana Sergienko on the show "The Voice"

In the Russian Golos, according to Ksana, the selection was more scrupulous and serious. There she performed the song "Show Must Go On". Most likely, because of this, Sergienko began to be compared with Nargiz Zakirova, who sang this song in the final of the second season of Golos. Another reason for this comparison is that Ksana, like Nargiz, performs alternative rock, which in itself is unusual.
At the "blind" auditions, the girl sang the song "Why" Annie Lennox, forcing all mentors to turn to themselves. Ksana chose Dima Bilan as her mentor.
Ksana Sergienko and her mentor Dima BilanKsana Sergienko and her mentor Dima Bilan
At the "fights" rival Ksana was Aygun Askerova. Together they sang "I will win you back", a song from the repertoire of Irina Allegrova. Both performers remained on the teleproject.
At the “knockouts” stage, Sergienko appeared before the jury and the audience in an unusual way, wearing a men's classic suit. She had a hairstyle of the sixties. Brilliantly performing the song "Broken vows", she went to the next stage of the show. Together with Sergienko, Sevil Veliyeva and Olga Oleynikova participated in knockouts. Olga and Ksana remained in the show, and Sevil came to leave.
The performance in the quarterfinal brought the singer to the next tour. She sang the song "Beat it".

Personal life of Ksana Sergienko

With her young man, Vitaly, the singer met in America. It is surprising that he is also Russian. He supports Ksana during all her speeches. While Sergienko was on the Russian “Voice” TV project, Vitaly experienced, wrote instructions and creative prayers, found the right words for Ksana to help her cope with anxiety. Vitaly is a businessman, his company produces and sells furniture.
According to the singer, she and her young man are completely different in character, which most likely makes their relationship harmonious. Sergienko does not exclude that he may well continue his speeches in Moscow, having moved there to live.

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