Pink salmon roasted. Recipe

Pink salmon is a fish that deserves special attention.attention. It can be attributed to elite varieties, and therefore the dishes from it turn out to be festive and tasty. The main thing is to cook it so that it is juicy and tender. One option is roasted roasted salmon.

The recipe I propose is differentsimplicity. Take the pink salmon and cut it in small portions. Beforehand, of course, you need to wash and clean it. If you have pink salmon fillet, then it's even better. Next, sprinkle each piece of fish with salt and spices, taken at will. After that, water it with lemon juice. We put the pink salmon aside so that it gently blotted out.

After 20 minutes we start cooking. As a breading we take flour. We put a fish in it and put it on a frying pan. Fire make the average. Fry each piece from two sides to a beautiful brown crust. Spread on a plate and decorate with greens. The traditional side dish for fish is rice. You can serve fresh vegetables or prepare a sauce.

Fish is prepared much faster than meat. This must be taken into account when preparing. Must turn out juicy and tender roasted roast. The recipe can be changed a little. To do this, take the fillet of pink salmon and cut it into portions. Then each slice should be sprinkled with spices and salt. We leave the pink salmon for a while so that it will be marinated. At this time we cut the greens. You can take traditional parsley and dill. If you want, add to them your favorite herbs. Pour a little lemon juice to the greens. All mixed.

By this time, the fish had already been defaced. We take it out and put each piece on a separate foil. On top of the fish put a mixture of greenery in lemon juice. We wrap the foil and put the fish in the oven to prepare. Thanks to foil, pink salmon turns juicy and aromatic.

And now tell you how it is prepared pink salmon,fried in batter. Preparing the fish. We cut it into small portions. After that, we do marinade. Add salt and spices to the vegetable oil. Then we pour a little lemon juice. If there is no lemon, then you can take a little vinegar. We lay the pieces of fish in the marinade and leave it for 20-30 minutes.

In the meantime, we make a dope. Mix eggs and beer. Add a little salt to them and carefully add the flour. We mix everything very well so that there are no lumps. Now each piece must be rolled in flour and then dipped in the batter. The extra starter should drain off the fish. You need to make it not too thick. Immediately fry the fish in a large amount of preheated oil. We spread it on a paper towel when it becomes a little brown. Fish served with a side dish of boiled rice. A light vegetable salad is also perfect for a "Grilled salmon" dish. You can supplement the recipe with grated cheese, in which the fish are dumped before they are dropped into the batter.

Today, many adhere to a healthy imagelife and prefer to cook for a couple. The salmon in the double boiler stores more useful substances. Another advantage is the simplicity and ease of cooking. For this recipe we take pink salmon fillets. You can take a whole fish, but then it needs to be cleaned and cut into pieces. If you want a fillet, then separate the bones. We take any mixture of seasonings intended for fish, or several different spices. We rub them with fish and add salt. Now we give the pink salmon a little soak flavor of seasonings. Then we put the fish in the steamer, and on top put the parsley, which needs to be cut large or even torn. We set to prepare for 20 minutes. Pink salmon can be served with white sauce.

There are so many options for how to cook roasted roasted salmon. Recipes are for every taste. Choose and please your family and friends.

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