"Pirates of the Caribbean": Davy Jones and "Flying Dutchman"

Movies from the company "Disney", telling aboutadventures of pirates, quickly became popular. The captain of the "Black Pearl" won the sympathy of the audience and became one of the most influential fictional heroes.

But not only they can boast the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean". Davy Jones - the permanent captain of the ghost ship appeared sequel. His goal was "Black Pearl" and Jack Sparrow.

Davy Jones "Pirates of the Caribbean" - who is this?

For the first time the character was shown in the second filmfranchise. Awesome, ugly and bloodthirsty. He killed everyone who stood in his way. To achieve his goals, he used any methods. And the ability to quickly move underwater made him and the team invulnerable. In the films Pirates of the Caribbean, Davy Jones acts as captain of a ghost ship. He is immortal, his ship is moving at an incredible speed, and he is hunting for Jack Sparrow.

pirates of the Caribbean Sea

A decade and a half ago, Jones made a deal with JackSparrow the deal: he returned from the bottom of the legendary ship - "Black Pearl" - and gave it to Jack for a long thirteen years. "Sparrow" also agreed after the expiration of the term to board the "Flying Dutchman" and always serve Jones.

But at the end of the contract Jack did not want to givedebt. Instead, he stole the chest with the heart of the immortal captain. Jones did not suffer such treachery and set himself the one goal: to find the one who deceived him and stole the chest with the heart. In the footsteps of Jack, he sent his best creation: Kraken.

Jack is always able to hide from Jones. There is a high probability that it was Calypso who helped him learn about the trunk and cunning with a bottle of sand. But it's impossible to run from the storm of the seas forever, the pirates and Jones are fighting. After a long struggle, the captain of the ghost ship dies, and Turner takes his place.

Legend of the ghost ship

But the real legend of the ship is not quitecoincides with the story told in the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean". Davy Jones had nothing to do with this ship. According to legend, van der Decken was appointed captain.

Once he went on a long voyage. On board, besides the crew, there were also passengers. Among them, he closely followed only one: a beautiful young girl. He wanted to marry a married girl. To achieve the goal, he killed the girl's husband. But the young maid did not want to bind herself to the murderer and drowned.

davey johns pirates of the caribbean

The fury and hatred of the girl were brought to the shipa curse. Soon the Dutchman fell into a storm. The ship's crew raised a riot, wishing to wait out the bad weather in a safe bay. But Phillip was not tuned to it. He shot the leader of the riot and told the others that no one would set foot on land until the ship had rounded the cape.

However, because of the curse, the ship's crew was no longer destined to set foot on the ground. According to legend, the "Dutchman" is still plowing the ocean and terrifying the floating ships.

Another creator of the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean" turned to another legend. Davey Jones - this is the evil spirit of the ocean, which holds the locker, which includes all those who died in the voyages.

History of the character from the films about pirates

Lived Davy Jones long before the events of the movie "Chestdead man. " As a young pirate, he fell in love with the goddess Calypso, who fell in love with him in return. In order not to be separated from her beloved, she turned Davy into the captain of the "Flying Dutchman", who was to become a guide for souls sunk into the sea.

music of JD Jones from the pirates of the Caribbean Sea

The reward for eternal life was one day in tenyears, when Jones could step on land and stay with his beloved. But Calypso had a complex character, and after ten years she did not come to the meeting. Gripped with anger, Davy cut his heart out of his chest and locked it in a chest. Soon he told the Brotherhood Council how to capture Calypso.

After that, Jones did not want to carry out Calypso's mission, and the souls of the dead in the seas remained in the water. Some of them were adjacent to the ghost ship.

But due to the fact that Jones violated this Calypsothe oath - to send the souls of those killed in the seas to the other shore - the captain and his team fell under the curse. The appearance of all who were on the ship began to change. From ordinary people, they turned into monsters. And those who tried to resist became part of the ship itself.

Appearance of the character

Over the appearance of Captain Jones worked team of the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean". Davey Jones turned out awesome and incredible.

The image of Jones was built on three components: Marine inhabitants, Blackbeard and Bartholomew Roberts. Jones's head was the body of an octopus, and his beard is a tangle of tentacles. His left hand was replaced by a claw, his right leg was crab.

Before the curse, Jones looked like a middle-aged man who had a white beard. This "human" appearance could be seen during a conversation between Davy Jones and the goddess Calypso.

The gloomy image of the captain was complemented by the music of DaveyJones from "Pirates of the Caribbean", written by Hans Zimmer. The unique charisma of Bill Nighy made the audience to empathize with even such a seemingly negative hero.

But if you dig deeper, then all the actions of Jonesbecome clear. For the sake of his beloved, he refused the opportunity to live a simple human life. Return to the land he can only once in a dozen years, and until the end of time should serve the ocean and Calypso, which betrayed him. It is not surprising that the captain was angry with the whole world and terrorized and horrified even the pirates.

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