Preparation "Ferezol", instructions for use

The drug "Ferezol" (an analogue of the "Phenol" agent)is released in the form of a solution intended for external use. The drug belongs to the clinical and pharmacological group of drugs that have a cauterizing, mummifying effect. In 100 grams of the solution contains 60 g of phenol and 40 g of tricresol.

Pharmacological action is based on the ability of the drug to coagulate the skin proteins and cauterize the epidermis.

Therapeutic remedy Ferezol, instructions, indications

The drug is prescribed:

  • with warts of ordinary, threadlike and plantar type;
  • with papillomas;
  • with dry calluses;
  • with pointed condylomata of the skin;
  • with keratomas.

Preparation "Ferezol", instruction, dosing

It is important to ensure that when applying the drug to theskin, the solution does not hit the healthy portion of the epidermis or the mucous membrane to avoid burns. Do not touch the product with your finger. The procedure should be performed only with a wooden stick.

For the treatment of small papillomas, the size of which does not exceed 2 mm, or warts of the filiform type, it is sufficient to apply the drug once.

For treatment of papillomas and warts of a larger size, up to 3 mm, the solution is applied up to 4 times in succession. After each application, wait until the area has dried.

The drug "Ferezol" from warts that havea dense keratinized surface layer, is applied by first removing the upper solid part. The recommendation refers to warts on the hands, coarse calluses, keratitis.

The procedure should be carried out usingkeratolytic ointment. A salicylic acid-based agent of 10% concentration may be suitable or another for choosing a patient. Lubricate the formation, cover with paper for compress, apply bandage or fix with adhesive tape. Wait 2-3 hours, remove the bandage and steam out in hot water. To enhance the steamer effect, soda and soap are added to the water. The procedure lasts 15 minutes.

The softened keratinized layer is removed with the help of manicure tools (scissors or forceps).

When the skin dries, apply the drug solution"Ferezal", wait until the liquid dries. When treating warts on the hand and soles, repeat application from 7 to 10 times, waiting for a pause to dry the liquid. In the treatment of keratosis and dry callus repeat the application from 3 to 4 times.

To protect from a burn healthy skin, the area around the phenol treated point should be greased with zinc pharmacy paste. At the end of the procedure, remove the paste with a piece of dry bandage.

Removal of genital warts is not recommended at home. The treatment is done by a doctor in the clinic.

Ferezol solution, instruction, side effect

After applying the drug on the skin next to the eyes, there may be the appearance of swelling and redness, which pass with time alone.

In some patients, allergic reactions were observed.

Ferezol solution, instructions, contraindications

Do not use the drug:

  • for the treatment of pigment nevuses (moles);
  • with rashes located on the mucous membranes, along the lip contour;
  • on a large surface of the skin exceeding 20 square cm;
  • for treatment of children under 7 years of age;
  • with increased sensitivity to the drug.

Phenol is used to treat pregnant womenand breast-feeding mothers only in cases of extreme necessity. In the lactation period, the removal of formations located on the hands and the mammary glands is contraindicated.

Special instructions concern safety duringconducting procedures using phenol. It is important to ensure that the solution does not fall on the mucous membrane, especially in the eyes. If there was a drug ingestion, it is recommended to immediately wash the eyes for a long time, using a large amount of water. After that, without delay, seek advice in the ophthalmology room.

Do not apply to the areas treated with Ferezol solution, fixing bandages, patch, apply medicines and remove the crust.

The procedure should be carried out in the sequence indicated in the instructions, apply the solution, observing the pauses recommended above.

It is not allowed that parts of clothing made of synthetic fabrics are touched to the phenol treated area.

You can not use the drug to treat those areas of the skin that are prone to sweat, in the inguinal folds, in the anal area, between the fingers.

It is necessary to watch, that the preparation "Ferezol" dries with air access, without additional application of any ointments.

Do not wash the treated area with water on the first day after the procedure.

A solution that falls on a healthy skin, you needremove, not rubbing over the surface, then treat the place with alcohol, vodka, lotion or cologne. After this, rinse thoroughly with warm water, using soap.

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