Protein "McSler" - a good result at a low price

Protein, or protein, it became fashionable to take in the form of a dietary supplement. It is a building material for cells of the whole organism. This means that all our organs, muscles, bones contain protein in its composition.

Usually, the protein is sold as a dry powder,which must be diluted with water, milk or other beverage before taking it. The result is a protein cocktail. One such innovative product is the protein "Maxler" (Maxler).

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Protein for building

Those who build muscle, protein is necessary inThe quality of the healing material for damaged muscles. During an active workout they are injured, and to heal them, the body needs a lot of protein. The healing process itself is a sturdy seam at the site of injury - a scar - larger in volume than the original muscle size and more dense. So a pile of muscles is formed: the seam on the seam, the scar on the scar. And the more such mass, the more protein will be needed for its healing.

The McSler Protein is great for this purpose.

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Maxler, specializing in sportsnutrition, was founded in America in 2004. Over time, she opened a branch in Germany. It is from there that the bulk of this product comes to domestic markets and to online stores.

Protein "McSler" is a powder,most of which is pure protein (73%). The assortment of this product is diverse: strawberry, chocolate, raspberry, pineapple, honey with melon, vanilla. So it is very convenient to combine business with pleasure.

How to use

"McSler" is a protein that can be taken fromone to three times a day. To build muscle and accelerate the results of intensive training, it is recommended to use it immediately after sleep, before training and immediately after classes. If you do not need so much protein, then it is enough to drink it only once after training.

One serving is 30 grams of powder (packagedwith a powder is a measuring spoon). This portion is bred in 200-300 ml of any liquid or drink (water, milk, juice), stir well until the lumps disappear and drink.

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Improved formula

Developers of sports nutrition took into account the wishesof its customers and created the protein "Maxler Golden Wheey" (Maxler Golden Whey). This product contains so important for building muscle mass amino acid BCAA. The powder is well filtered, easily digested, dissolved without lumps and does not foam when shaken. In addition, he has a wide range of flavors. In addition to the favorite powders with strawberries, chocolate and vanilla, there are also vanilla ice cream, peanut butter with biscuits, banana and cookies with cream.

Regular customers of "McSler" products highly appreciate this protein. They are satisfied with the price and taste, and rapid assimilation, and the result.

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Protein "McSler" customer reviews deserved the following:

  • Affordable price: from 1000 to 1500 rubles per package weighing 1 kg;
  • many similar proteins are much more expensive than the "McSler";
  • Maxler Protein Ultrafiltration Whey when mixed with liquid and shaking forms a lot of foam;
  • well passes the quality test: dry powder "McShler" when trying to chew it firmly adheres to the gums and teeth;
  • Maxler 100% Golden Whey unlike Maxler Protein Ultrafiltration Whey when mixed with a liquid does not foam and does not form undissolved particles;
  • the intake of this protein does not cause inconvenience with digestion, as it is easily digested, causes a feeling of satiety;
  • gives strength after hard training;
  • data on the McSler package on the dosage may bedo not correspond to individual needs in the amount of protein, you should calculate the dosage based on the fact that 1 kg of body weight requires 1-2 grams of protein;
  • a very rich taste range allows you to diversify the reception of the drug "McSler" and get pleasure from it;
  • the taste of the McSler's protein cocktail is quite sweet and for some it may be cloying;
  • powdered protein "McSler" - a whey product that is easily digested;
  • It is not recommended to take a protein shake before bedtime, because at this time in the body the metabolism slows down;
  • "McShler" will help to build muscle even with a slim build;
  • provided intensive training, "McSler" helps to quickly restore strength and build muscle mass;
  • helps to lose weight without losing strength and exhaustion;
  • Low-calorie "McSler" allows you to lose weight even without power loads with active movement (running, fitness);
  • German quality of the product guarantees its efficiency and safety;
  • The goods are sold in packages weighing 1 kg and 2.23 kg;
  • ready-made cocktail "McSler" has a pleasant taste, does not have an unpleasant smell or taste;
  • recognized as the most affordable and effective commodity among all protein supplements.

People who have already tried this product, were satisfied with the result and recommend it for building muscle mass.

Attention! Protein supplement "McSler" is contraindicated in pregnant and lactating breast. Also, this product should be taken with caution in case of lactose intolerance.

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