Radish is green, useful properties.

Radish is a green, useful properties of whichfamous for a long time, enjoys great popularity among the population. And it's no accident. Before talking about radish in terms of medicine, let's plunge into the depths of centuries.

This vegetable has been known since the time of Hippocrates. Already then radish tried to treat pulmonary diseases. It was prescribed as a medicine for improving vision. In ancient Egypt, radish seeds were made from oil and roots were eaten. And before lunch, as it was believed that the radish stimulates digestion. Our ancestors know about this root for a long time. Even in Kievan Rus with the help of radish they treated a large number of diseases. She ate in fasting. And how many proverbs and sayings are written about this vegetable!

So how is the radish useful, what does it store in itself? The medicinal raw materials of radish are fresh juice, cooked from it, and root vegetables. It contains a large amount of fiber, thanks to which the body effectively removes cholesterol. And this plays a huge role in the prevention of such a disease as atherosclerosis. As for the juice of radish, it is no less useful to the human body. In its fresh form it is recommended to take with cholecystitis and cholelithiasis, since the radish juice has choleretic properties. It can be mixed with honey or boiled from the juice of a radish syrup with the addition of sugar. In this form it is an excellent remedy for inflammatory diseases of the respiratory system.

Radish is green, useful properties are appreciatedvery high, has also antiseptic qualities. Her juice can heal purulent wounds and even ulcers. And if in a small amount of water to grind the seeds of radish, then this mixture can be used as an antimicrobial agent. This root is actively used for gout and kidney stone disease. It perfectly relieves edema and removes excess fluid from the body.

However, despite the usefulness of the radish,use it should be with some care. It is contraindicated for people who have such diseases as peptic ulcer, gastritis, enterocolitis and heart pathology.

Radish is a green, useful properties of whichIt is impossible to overestimate, it has, in addition, excellent taste qualities. Unlike its black sister (variety of variety), it contains less bitterness.

Perhaps, already no one has a question, thanthe green radish is useful. But that's interesting, but can everyone cook dishes from this root? After a radish, you can not only treat various kinds of conditions. It is good to eat as a tasty vegetable and a preventive agent at the same time.

And now for those who did not pay attention beforeradish, we will result one unpretentious recipe on its preparation. In order to make a salad of green radish, you will need a root vegetable, one cucumber, three tablespoons of ready-made Korean carrots, three eggs, mayonnaise and greens, soy sauce and olive oil.

Rub the radish on a grater and separate the juice from it. Add the Korean carrots. Cut the cucumber into cubes. Boil, then chop the eggs. Add all these ingredients in the salad, including greens, olive oil, mayonnaise and soy sauce. Mix the resulting mass. Our salad is ready. It turns out very juicy and tasty.

Radish is a green, useful properties of which wejust considered, many are constantly present on the table. And this is not in vain. Anyone who understands and knows the sense in radish, uses it regularly to eat, thus saving himself from many ailments.

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