Ragamaffin cat: breed description, character, characteristics and care

Today we will tell about one interesting breed. We consider the history of its origin, character, appearance and features of care.


Ragamaffin is an American cat breed. She is young enough. Bred breed in the late sixties American Ann Baker. Incredible appearance turned out in the cat due to the crossing of an ordinary street and representative of the elite breed.

Personally, Ann was engaged in the selection of kittens of the desired characteristics. It was she who decided what the representatives of this breed would look like. Then there were the stages of fixing these characteristics. Initially, the breed was named Cherubim. So called her breeder. She identified all the factors, as well as the rules for those who wanted to breed such cats.

ragaffin cat

This breed was presented at the international exhibition in 1994. Then she was called "ragamapin".The cat of this breed began to gain more and more popularity. At the same time, the number of breeders increased.

Already in the 2000s, ragamapin was introduced to cat breeds as an independent species. He was also admitted to various competitions.

Ragaffin Detailed overview of the breed, a description of the appearance

In order for a cat of this breed to fully develop, about five years must pass. For a given period of time, in addition to growth, she must gain weight, muscle. Also, the cat should be formed musculature. How to understand that before you ragamaffin? A cat of this breed has distinctive features. We now consider them.

The chest in the breed resembles a wide triangle. The neck of these cats does not grow too much, rather short. This feature gives the entire appearance of a solid "fluffy". The color of the representatives of the breed varied. There are both solid colors and mixed from different shades.

ragaffin cat breeds

White ragaffin is a cat that is extremely rare.

The representatives of the breed have very soft and soft to the touch, but at the same time thick, of medium length.

Its advantage is that the mats are formed only when it is not sufficiently cared for for a long time.The representatives of this breed are widely spaced ears, while their tips are rounded. Often appear on the ears tassels. They give the face even more cute look.

The head of these cats is quite wide, oval.

The eyes of the representatives of the breed are saturated green, blue and golden green.

Sometimes these cats have multi-colored eyes.

If we talk about the body, then in animals it is muscular and long. Paws oval and wide. Hind limbs longer than the front. If we talk about the tail, it is very fluffy and long.

ragaffin cat Price

The weight of these cats is different. There are representatives whose body weight is five kilograms. Other cats of this breed can be powerful. The weight of such representatives can reach ten kilograms. The average lifespan of these cats is fourteen years.


Ragamaffin is a kind and calm cat. She is very friendly, affectionate and playful. Such a cat can make contact with any member of the family. Representatives of the breed have no hunting and aggressive inclinations.

Some cats of this species can even be taken on a leash, walking like a dog.In addition, representatives of the breed can remember a few simple commands.

Such a cat plays beautifully with the kids, tolerates all their pranks (for example, the use of bows).

The representative of this breed is very sociable, it is always located next to its owner.

ragamaffin american cat breed

It is safest to keep such cats in the room. Do not let them out on free walks. Such cats perfectly converge with other animals, establish friendly relations with them.

Features care for the representatives of the breed

Cats need to be carefully combed. Ever since childhood, as soon as a little kitten appeared in your house, you need to daily comb it out, instilling such a habit.

Of course, the first few times for him will not be particularly pleasant. At first, even a pet can be wary of a comb. It is advisable before the procedure to give the kitten to get acquainted with a new subject so that he sniffed it. The process of familiarization is needed before each combing. Then you can spend a couple of times on the fur. Then you should again give the kitten to smell the comb. These actions should be repeated several times.After a couple of months, your pet will get used to the procedure of combing. It is possible that he will even begin to enjoy the process.

For combing the breed best fit or comb-glove, or metal with long teeth.

ragaffin detailed breed overview

You also need to carefully care for the cat's claws. Since representatives of the breed will practically never be on the street, they will not be able to grind off their claws. After all, domestic cats walk only on linoleum, parquet or carpet. Therefore, it is necessary to cut the claws of their pets. This should be done every twenty days. It is also advisable to purchase a special column so that the pet can sharpen claws. Such a device will help preserve the furniture.

Bathing and food

Basically, cats do not like to swim, this process seems unpleasant to them. Although some gladly bathe in the bathroom, even swim in it.

Representatives of this breed should be bathed once a year. The process uses special shampoos. All used means should be thoroughly washed off the animal so that it does not lick them off.

Breed representatives require a balanced diet.It is advisable to use for feeding premium foods that are rich in essential vitamins and trace elements. You can also feed with natural food (meat, cereal and vegetables). But in this case, you should add vitamins.

Ragamaffin (cat). Price

How much is a kitten of this breed? This species has not yet been recognized by all felinological organizations. Since not many breeders breed this breed. Accordingly, such kittens will be worth a lot. The cost depends on the external characteristics, gender, pedigree and location.

ragaiffin cat nursery in St. Petersburg

On average, for one kitten from the nursery you need to give about sixty thousand rubles.

Where can I buy?

Most kennels of this breed are in the United States of America. There are also registered representatives in England, South Korea, Canada, the Netherlands and Australia.

In the territory of the CIS countries there are very few nurseries. And where can be purchased such a breed as ragamapin, a cat? A nursery in St. Petersburg of this breed is also not yet established. But it is possible that privately breeding breed occupy Ragdoll breeders. On the territory of the Russian Federation in other cities you can purchase a representative of the breed.There are nurseries in Moscow. You can also buy pedigree kittens in the city of Gomel (Belarus).

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