Recipe and tips on how to make mincemeat chops in the oven

There is a huge amount of a variety of minced meat dishes. In addition to making independent dishes, they are stuffing vegetables and dough. And if you don’t mind such a basic ingredient, try making mincemeat chops. Surely this dish will appeal to you and your family and friends. You can cook this product in different ways: stew, fry, bake, steam. Choose the one that is closer to your heart and stomach.minced meat

What is bits

To begin with we will be defined in terms. The origin of the cue ball is due to the French. In their kitchen, the dish was called medallions, which were made from broken off boneless tenderloin. In principle, they looked like our usual chops, only had a round shape. Medallions were quite expensive, elite dish, because they demanded the use of high-class meat. That is why, over time, they have been supplanted by cutlets, for which almost any meat is suitable.However, the cue ball continued to exist in two variations: as a chopstick from a single piece of meat, which is given an approximately round shape, and like burgers of the same shape. We are now talking about meat balls. Some cooks believe that they can only be made from minced (not ground) meat. Others tend to believe that the method of processing is not of cardinal, decisive importance.mincemeat in the oven

Simple extinguishing

Before you make chops from mince, you need to make the actual stuffing. It seems that no one will have problems with this. In extreme cases, you can buy half a kilo of finished. The minced meat is seasoned with pepper, paprika, salt and dry ground basil. It introduces finely chopped and fried on sunflower oil onion. An egg goes there, and the mass is diligently mixed. Unlike conventional meatballs, not soaked loaf, but 3 teaspoons (tea) breadcrumbs are added to mincemeat bits. From the resulting mass are molded round flat cutlets, crumbed in breading and fried from two sides to brown crust, then folded into a saucepan and poured over with sauce of 3 small spoons of sour cream, spices (they should be put in view of those already minced) and glasses of warm water.It will remain stewed under a lid for about twenty minutes on a small light and serve on the to make mincemeat chopsticks

Belarusian fried beats

If you are not a fan of stewing, here’s another recipe for minced meat cuts that goes without it. Meat is taken in two types, in equal quantities, preferably - pork with beef. The bulb does not fry, just finely chopped, and mixed with two chopped hard-boiled eggs. All components are combined, peeled and mixed with pepper and salt. Milk (150 ml) is gradually added during the mixing process. When the mass reaches the required consistency, small bits of mince are formed and fried in vegetable oil.

Steam balls

They are best suited for young children and those who are on a therapeutic diet. The most suitable meat will be veal. It must be grinded twice in a meat grinder together with soaked in milk and squeezed loaf. The softened butter is stirred in prepared minced meat, which is either not salted at all (if the cutlets are intended for babies), or salted a little. Rings are laid in a double boiler and “steamed” for about an hour.mincemeat chop recipe

By the way, if you just love steam dishes, and do not cook them for children, such mincemeat chops are not necessary. You can get close to the original recipe and chop the meat. To make this easier to do, it needs to be frozen, cut as small as possible, and then folded into a colander to drain the liquid released during thawing.

Slices stuffed with cheese, with mushroom sauce

The above recipes are considered the easiest. If you have already mastered the elementary varieties, you can go to the more intricate, since you can make mincemeat chops with various fillings. The beginning does not differ in a special variety: from a pound of meat (it is possible again mixed) ground beef is ground. You can not add onions, but if you don't taste good without him, feel free to use it. The egg is hammered in, the mass is kneaded and seasoned to your taste. On a baking sheet covered with parchment, minced flat cakes are laid out. A hard cheese cube is put on each of them, and the cake is rolled up, and the edges are well sealed so that it does not spill out. Since such meatballs with mince and gravy will taste better, about three hundred grams of any mushrooms are finely chopped and fried with chopped onion. Then pour a glass of low-fat cream into them, salt it and add ground sweet paprika.After literally one minute of stewing, the resulting sauce is poured into a baking sheet. As a result, you get very nice mincemeat bits. In the oven, they will bake for half an hour if it is set at 200 degrees. The taste and aroma are unforgettable!mincemeat with gravy

Stuffed with mushrooms

Not only cheese can be put inside the cutlets. For example, chops from minced chicken can be stuffed with mushrooms. For this, a pound of chicken is twisted with an onion and soaked bread. And for such a dish is advised to soak it in water. They say so cutlets are juicier. Mushrooms are cooked in parallel; for such a quantity of minced meat they will need 150 grams. As they are cooked, they will have to be stewed with a pair of garlic cloves in three spoons of sour cream. Excess fluid after decanting. The process of stuffing is similar to that described in the previous recipe. When all the mincemeat chops are stuck, they are rolled in flour and fried in vegetable oil. Especially delicious is a dish with spaghetti and fresh vegetables.

Baked patties with sauce

Almost all mincemeat chopsticks - with gravy. And there are a huge variety of sauces for this dish.Smetan, described above, is the easiest and participates, perhaps, in most recipes. However, far more interesting are the meatballs made from minced meat in the oven, seasoned with tomato-sour cream sauce. The meatballs themselves are molded in the usual way, and you can take minced meat from the meat that you like best. The only caveat: for such cue balls, onions are advised not to grind, but grate. The main highlight will be precisely in the sauce. For him, in a deep plate or bowl, mix half a cup of thick tomato paste and a similar amount of sour cream. Both substances are mixed until the color becomes smooth. Water is added to liquefy; its volume depends on what kind of gravy you like. Spices are poured, and cutlets are poured over the sauce.minced chicken chops

Like any other dish, mincemeat bits can be prepared not only according to the described recipes. For example, you can add boiled buckwheat or cottage cheese to the meat. And the options for the filling can be listed for a very long time. So try it! And let you enjoy your bits!

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