Recipe for Raffaello Cake

Cake is a traditional decoration and attributeany family, corporate or children's celebrations. Birthday, wedding or just a home tea drinking is not without this sweet dessert. Needless to say, that types of cakes there is an enormous variety - medoviki, biscuits, waffle cakes, curd cakes, cake "Bird's Milk", meringue cakes and many others. And the design is sometimes so original and effective that you can not immediately believe that before you is a real cake.

Any hostess, cooking a cake at home,tries to decorate it so that it looks not only appetizing and tasty, but also beautiful. The cake "Raffaello" (cake "Raffaello"), also known as "Pincher", "Pancho", has simply an amazing delicate milk taste with notes of coconut and vanilla, and outside resembles a snow-white air cloud. Appearing on the table, this dessert immediately causes a storm of emotions, and everyone becomes interested in how this dish is prepared. The recipe "Raffaello Cake" is famous for its light creamy cream, whole almonds and light coconut shavings, and it tastes very much like the famous Raffaello sweets. Any hostess will be able to cook this great dessert without having special skills. How to prepare Raffaello at home? We only need love for cooking and a great desire to surprise and make guests happy. The recipe "Raffaello Cake" is not at all complicated, it does not take much time, but the result will exceed all expectations. Therefore, it is obligatory to try to prepare this tasty dessert.

Recipe for Raffaello Cake

To prepare this cake, you will need several sets of products.

For the cake: two chicken eggs, 200 grams of sugar, vanilla sugar (add to taste, some like bright vanilla taste, other thin light vanilla flavor), 200 ml of fatty cream, two glasses of white wheat flour, a bag of baking powder.

For cream: a glass of sour cream (not less than 20% fat content), a glass of fatty cream (at least 30% fat content), 150 grams of sugar or sugar powder, vanilla sugar.

For the filling: 200 grams of fresh or frozen berries (strawberries or raspberries, which is more like it), 6-8 shop candies "Rafaello".

For decoration: 10 Raffaello sweets, which should be divided into halves, packing coconut chips (not colored).

First you need to bake the cakes. To do this, you need to whip up steep peaks of chicken eggs, sugar and vanillin. Then add the fatty cream and continue to whip. Slowly add two glasses of flour in batches in order to avoid the formation of lumps, and baking powder, bringing the mass to a uniform consistency. Ready to put the dough in a form, pre-lubricated with butter or laying it with baking paper. Oven to warm up to 170 degrees and bake the cake for half an hour, readiness to check with a toothpick. The color of the cake should be golden, and when it is ready, it must be completely cooled and cut carefully into two roughly identical cakes.

The cream is prepared very simply: sour cream with sugar (powdered sugar), fat cream and vanilla whipped into a lush bulk weight and put in the refrigerator to cool slightly.

You can start assembling the cake. But before that you should wash the berries and allow them to dry (or unfrozen berries from the freezer), prepare the Raffaello sweets - 6-8 pieces finely crumble and 10 pieces to make out halves. Take the first cake and apply abundantly on it cooled in the refrigerator cream about 1 cm. From above on the cream put the berries, slightly pressing them into the cream. On top of the berries, add a little more cream. Sprinkle the crushed candy on the cream and cover with a second crust. Apply the remaining cream evenly to the top and sides of the cake. Take halves of chocolates and decorate the cake evenly around, sprinkle with coconut shavings.

The recipe "Raffaello Cake", of course, can be a littlechange, experiment with the test, cream. Make, for example, sponge cakes and custard.

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