Requisites of PI, bank, accounts - we will understand what is what

With the notion of "requisites" we come across invarious areas of life and business. They are from individual entrepreneurs (IP) and commercial organizations, from banks and accounts in them. In each individual case, this term is understood as a different kind of information. For example, the details of the IP and the bank - absolutely different data about these entities. "Requisites" - this is a fairly broad concept, but its meaning is reduced to one: the identification of the subject in economic and legal relations.

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Who and why do we need the requisites?

Let's consider as an example the requisites of IP. To carry out commercial activities, a person who is an individual entrepreneur must provide information about himself and his activities, register it and use it to enter into economic relations. Absence of requisites makes the activity of the IP illegal and repels potential partners and customers, because this automatically increases the risk of the transaction.

There are requisites of IP, which are mandatory and optional. The following data are mandatory:

  • Name and address (may be the same as the registration address);
  • TIN of a citizen-individual entrepreneur;
  • number, which is indicated in the certificate of registration of IP (OGRN).

In addition to these details, there may be additional:

  • bank account details (p / s) if available;
  • contact phone (also may be part of the requisites);
  • codes OKPO and OKATO.

It is according to the information mentioned above that it is possible to identify and verify the legality of the IP activity.

Optional but extremely important payment details

As already mentioned, the details of the PI include data on his checking account with the bank. So we smoothly go to the bank details.

bank requisites

In order to make mutual settlements with a PI, you need to know the following information about him and his / her account:

  • FULL NAME. an individual entrepreneur;
  • No. p / s is a collection of twenty digits;
  • the name of the bank in which the account is opened (the receiving bank);
  • correspondent account of the bank (also twenty figures);
  • BIC - bank identification account;
  • INN - individual taxpayer number;
  • KPP - code of reason for registration.

Bank requisites for companies and individuals

If the recipient of funds is an enterprise, theninstead of the full name is given its full name. Its details include, by analogy with the IP, the full and short name of the company, the address, the full name of the director and the details of the bank account of the enterprise, contact numbers and other legally important information about the firm.

For individuals with a view to transferring moneymeans the number of the account. If the account is a card account, the additional card number is the card number indicated on the front side.

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Bank requisites

The last five positions in the abovepayment requisites plus the address of the location are the details of the bank. They are unique for each credit institution, and can be used both independently (if the transfer is made in favor of the bank) and in conjunction with the data of a specific account (for crediting funds to accounts opened with the bank). Knowing them, as well as the account number and full name of the recipient, you can make non-cash transfers, payments and other calculations.

When preparing a payment order, it is very important to do this very carefully. Otherwise, your money can simply fall into the wrong account, and it will be extremely difficult to correct the mistake.

We examined what the IP requisites are,enterprises, account details (payment) and the bank itself. Now, when you need to make a money transfer or enter into other economic relations, you will know exactly which requisites are needed for this.

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